CHAR4 Field in SAP | Not More Closely Defined Area, Possibly Used for Patchlevels Data Element using tables

CHAR4 is a data element in SAP used for storing Not More Closely Defined Area, Possibly Used for Patchlevels data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this CHAR4 field in SAP.

  • Data Element : CHAR4
  • Description : Not More Closely Defined Area, Possibly Used for Patchlevels
  • Data Type :CHAR

Not More Closely Defined Area, Possibly Used for Patchlevels tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using CHAR4 Field

AEXPMALV Example: Printer Maintenance Personnel
AEXUPALV Example: User Printer Connection
AFRVConfirmation pool
AFRV_DELBackup Copy for Confirmation Pool
AGSRBE_ADDI_ATTRAdditional Parameters
AGSRBE_ATTRIBUTEAdditional Attributes
ALM_ME_SIG_LINKMAM Signature to Order Link
ANST_NOTE_SEA_PTrace Notes Search Item
BBPC_SUS_BP_CUSTBusiness Partner Settings
BBP_CT_LOADSTRUCStructure of Product Catalogs or Classification Schemas
BCSP12_SMService system: Status as in OSS
BWAFDEVTYPWAF: Device Classes for Controlling Installation
CATEGORY_SMCategory of CRM Objects
CAT_DP_FLDExport fields for DataProvider
CCCFLOWClient Copy Control Flow
CMSEFLOWCMS: Execution Flow
CMSEWORKLISTCMS: Execution State of Component Versions
CMSSDEPLOYINFOCMS: Deploy State and Information for Component Version
CNV_00001_STATUSTable with possible statuses
CNV_10940_PARAStoring parameters and select options
CNV_10994_T001YValuation levels for LIFO stock valuation (before conv.)
CNV_LICENCE_HWURequested License Keys
COMC_UI_PAGEDynamic UI: Page
CONTEXTBContext buffer
CPETASKLOGDatabase table with log information for Ad hoc Workflow
CSMBK_SEMCSM_BK: Semantic and Token Definitions
CSMNUDATACSM CEN CCMS Data to be Processed
DIRTREETree administration
DRP_SMTC_HISTDEV Reporting (SE28): Metrics Data
DSVASRECORDSDSVAS: Table for macro recorder steps
DSVASREPNODESDSVAS: Possible objects in report
DSWP_BPM_R_EXTXTTexts for Parameters: Pattern for External ID
DSWP_BPM_R_PATEXPattern for External ID
ECSCR_TFLDeCATT - TCD Data Provider Data DP_FLD Export Data
EDS_VERI_TESTTestdaten für Evaluated Data Service Veri-Test SCSM_EDS_OQT
ERCLASS_LOCALUDDI local system Classifications, client dependent
ERCLASS_NONSAPUDDI Classifications SAP, transportable, client independent
ERCLASS_SAPUDDI Classifications SAP, transportable, client independent
FIAPPTD_RUNIDTable to store the Run ID details of the CBR PT Reporting
FMBKABSTIS-PS: Bestände im Kassennebenbuch
FMFUSEFIFM: Application of Funds from Secondary Sources
FMRESUPDCStatus Table for Conversion Programs
FMRESUPDSTable for Conversions Programs to Run
HBSCMPCommunity Plan Data within Home Building Solution
IDXNOALEDo not request IDoc Adapter exception list acknowledgement
LAWDESTCUSLAW: Customizing Table for RFC Destinations
LISCOMDESLIS: Destination Table
MERGENEGLMerger Exclusion Objects
MERGENEGLXExclusion Objects Merger Central Maintenance Table
MERGEOBJCollection Table of Problem Objects
MKPFHeader: Material Document
MLTTSTLOGPMLT Test Cases: Log Positions
MLTTSTTEM1MLT Test Cases: Template for Small Table
MLTTSTTEM2MLT Test Cases: Template for Medium-Size Tables
MLTTSTTEM3MLT Test Cases: Template for Large Tables
MLTTSTWRK1MLT Test Cases: Work Area for Small Table
MLTTSTWRK2MLT Test Cases: Work Area for Medium-Size Table
MLTTSTWRK3MLT Test Cases: Work Area for Large Table
MPNCL1Dynamic Calls During Processing of Sub-Items
MWMKPFHeader Table for the Interface
N3BA4200V2PMD: N3BGA4200 BG: Erstes Rentengutachten (A4200)
N3BA4500V2PMD: N3BGA4500 BG: Zweites Rentengutachten - Rente auf unb
N3BA4510V2PMD: N3BGA4510 BG: Rentengutachten - Nachprüfung MdE - (A5
N3BF2222V2PMD: N3BGF2222 BG: Mitteilung D- oder H-Arzt: Veränderunge
N3BGA4200PDOK: N3BGA4200 Erstes Rentengutachten
N3BGA4500PDOK: N3BGA4500 Zweites Rentengutachten - Rente auf unbesti
N3BGA4510PDOK: N3BGA4510 Rentengutachten - Nachprüfung MdE - (A5410)
N3BGF2222PDOK: N3BGF2222 BG: Mitteilung D- oder H-Arzt: Veränderunge
NOTESChat Backend
O2PAGRTOxygen: INDX File for Static HTML Pool (Runtime)
OIUH_RV_CW_BATCHCheckwrite Parms for the batch execution process
PAPBSGB_HESA_GRHESA Archive table for NISR Grade table
PAT11_SDAPAT11 for Stand-Alone Patch Disassembler
PDBKURConstruction Industry Social Fund Proced: URMEL Data Records
PIQPROC_PG_DTActivity Document: Progression Details
RSREQICODSMonitor: Saving of the updated IC and ODS per request
RSREQICODS_SAVERequests Deleted from Administration Stored Here
RSREQICODS_SAVE2Monitor: Saving of the updated IC and ODS per request
RSRRENDERERWeb Output Module Directory
RSSDLINITLast Valid Initializations to an OLTP Source
RSSDLINITDELLast Valid Initializations to an OLTP Source
RSTRACTIVEBW CTO Status - Content Can Not Be Changed
RUECKTemp. storage for subsystem confirmations
SALVTMSExpiration, batch
SCGCLASSIFICATONOLD: Consumer group classifications
SCGR_CLASSConsumer group classifications
SCR_LAtest zo
SFSRFW_TIMESTime Measurement
SIXMLCEXML Conformance Tests Entities
SIXMLCTXML Conformance Tests Entities
SKWGURLPRTIndividual Parts for URL Generation
SMBICUBESIZESDB Space Occupied by BI Data Containers (Cache)
SMGENDOC_SETSolution Manager Document Creation: Options
SMOTERATTRIBThis table stores the territory attributes for a territory
SMTR_BLACKLISTBlack List for Solution Manager Project Transport
SPROXCLASSUDDI Classifications SAP, transportable, client independent
SRMSOCO_DRFT_HDRDrafts Header Table for SOCO Fiori
SWELCFSelection Criteria for Selective Logging
T159VText table for T159w
T159WFoundation transactions and corresponding posting keys
T435CConfiguration Information for a Table Control
T530CControl Table for Special Payments
T5B5DMatch Belgium Postal codes to region
T5F99SVDocument status table
T5G35FP35: XML tag structure
T5G35PHR-GB: Checklist fields for P35
T5RSOP_SCHEMEStock Option Scheme
T5RSOP_SCH_ESOWStock Option Scheme for ESOW
T7RUPACKGRPFR Packages group
T7RUSTREETKLADR: Streets (buffer)
T7UNCMT_CONFTConfiguration of Valid Types for CMT Import
T811CAllocations: Cycles
T8J_MODIFDescription of all Modifications
TA23PROTLog for Sabre Interface
TAB1Testtabelle 1 (Euro-Umstellung)
TAB2Testtabelle 2 (Euro-Umstellung)
TABADREXITSDerivation: Internal Exits
TASK_VITA_RUNParameter Table for TW Runtime Environment
TCACS_APPLREGIONRegions Where Application Is Used
TCNONetwork/hierarchy graphics: options profile
TCUAConfiguration: Find Layout for Configuration Result
TDA10Alloc. of to ok-codes and screen overview
TEDCTSAP-EDI: Test table for CPIC
TEST_LOGCMP_MIGRTest Log.Comp. Migration
TFKEQWCENQUEUE Wildcard for Generic Locks
TFMCA_ECMD_DEFDefinition of Template Structure for ECMD
TFMCA_ECMD_ENTTemplates for Simplified Master Data Creation (ECMD)
TKEEXITSCO-PA Internal Exits
TOA_L03SAP ArchiveLink: Log table
TOI0_REL_PLIS-OIL: Relevance customizing for planned orders
TPMB_LAC_INTERVFlexible LAC Calculation
TSOCM_ACTN_MESSSchedule Manager Action Status
TVER1Table for veri reports
TZTF_SELSelection Table for F4 Help (Time Field)
TZV37Activities and their internal status area
USH02Change history for logon data
USH02_ARC_TMPChange History for Logon Data: Last Entries from Archive
VALTAB_MAPPINGStores Value mapping Data for relevant fields and segments
VER01969_MASTERPrinter verification master data
VERS_CONTENT_TABObjects Versioned when Copied
VERS_HEADERObjects Versioned when Copied
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