SAP CHAR100 (Character 100) Data element field

  • Data Element : CHAR100
  • Description : Character 100
  • Data Type :CHAR

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using CHAR100 Field

ADMI_BUFFCBuffer table
AGSRBE_2CS_SQL_SCheckStep SQL statement. Field select options.
AGSRBE_2SQL_DAT2Results: SQL CheckStep. Field Value Table
AGSRBE_CS_SQL_SCheckStep SQL statement. Field select options.
AGSRBE_OBJ_ATCheck step object attributes
AGSRBE_WRKOBJ_ATWorkload Object Attributes
AGSWK_REP_PMFUNCDon't delete, it is reused in Solman SP23
AGS_SMT_PLD_OBSTest plan/package - Planned data obsolete
APB_LPD_SEARCHSearch over Launchpads
AQPROTQuery Logging
BBP_MENUTEXTTexts for Menu Entries
BDLERRORSHelp texts for error messages in the SDCC message log
BDLMSGLOGMessage log for service data collection or transfer
BLEND1checked combinations opsys and blended codepage
BOSPS_CLUSTERBOSPS Data Cluster for variants etc
CDBD_PRODIMAGETo Maintain the Product Images required
CMSD_LO_CHG_LOGCMS RO: Change Logs for Hitech applicaitons
CMS_REASON_CODETReason Codes Text for Revenue Recognition
CNV_20306_TKA0CTable for backup of TKA00
CNV_LICENCE_HWURequested License Keys
CPETASKLOGDatabase table with log information for Ad hoc Workflow
CRMC_EVT_EX_CEXISSE: BRF Expression "Case Exists Check"
DFK_JC_JOBINFOIndividual Job Overview
DSVASBDLERRORSHelp texts for error messages in the SDCC message log
DSVASMSGLOGMessage log for service data collection and/or transfer
DSWP_FILE_UPLOADUploaded files for descriptions
DSWP_LINK_UPLOADUploaded hyperlinks for descriptions
DSWP_NWBC_DBGTable to Display Navigation Structure
DSWP_TM_DOCUMENTDocuments for Tasks in Task Management
DVM_BI_AGGREGATEDVM: Data extraction of top objects
DVM_BOF_STATSBusiness Objects Footprint statistics
ECLOG_HEADTable for Log Header
ECLOG_HYDRASeveral Header Entries for Log
ECRM_REPL_KEYNew Key Object for IS-U Sales Replication Error Handling
ERREGISTRY_DATAUDDI Registry Data, not transported, client dependent
ESH_OM_IE_IMPLOGLog of SNOTE Software Component / Model Import
ESR_SCHDLAGS ESR: report schedule
EVER_CRMQ_KEYNew Keys Tab from MDG
FAGL_BW_LOG_HEADFI-GL: Log for BW Extraction: Control Data
FDT_TRACE_0201FDT: Lean Trace Records (JSON)
FDT_TRACE_TC0201FDT: Lean Trace Records (JSON) - Test Cases
GRFNPLCDOCMAPrelations of external policy document
ISSR_OUT_BUFFERISSR: var. Plazierung der Felder auf SF mit Hilfe Methoden
J_1SPTTLOGIS-PSD CH/S: Logging Table for Stock/Conversion Program
MEORDERSMobile Engine: Online Offline Demo
PAT05OCS Tool Settings
PAT13_SDADescription of OCS File Sections - TOOLIMPORT
QBL_EXTNQblocker Extension for Info Agents
RSRVCHECKLOGCross Table Check name/Log handle
SCWB_RFC_GEN_EXCSIDs where automatic RFC destination generation is disabled
SEOREFPROTRefactoring log for changes to classes/interfaces
SIXMLCTXML Conformance Tests Entities
SLS_BLOGPAW - logging table for BAPIs
SLS_LOGPAW - Logging Table (remake)
SLS_LOG2PAW - Logging Table (remake)
SMBI_PNCritical Problems (Overview)
SMENLONGFile Structure for Hierarchical Menu - SAP
SMEN_BUFFBuffer table
SMOATTRIBTXTThis is the Description table for Attribute texts
SMTR_BLACKLISTBlack List for Solution Manager Project Transport
SMW0_TMXMLXML Storage for BDoc Messages
SUBST_UPGEV_POSUpgrade Evaluation (Customer Side) Position Table
T52SPCEProcess Manager: Counterevent Scheduling
T52SPEProcess Manager: Scheduling Processes / Steps
T52SPEVProcess Manager: Counterevents
T5FDATSTRReplicate of the PB2ADATSTR table
T5VTPAltinn authentication response
T7PIQLAYOUTVALUELayout Settings (Values, URLs)
T7TWABAbsence Split Assignment
TBVIEWERTable for locking with table indicator
TBZ6SBDT: VCT Usages (Shadow Table)
TCUSDATColl. table for system data
TISSR_OUT_BUFFERISSR: var. Plazierung der Felder auf SF mit Hilfe Methoden
TTPDACARRIERIDTtpda: System Settings - Container Screens - Texts
UPC_DARK2Control for Hidden Functions
UPWB_DEBUG_LOGLog DB for Debugging at Runtime
/BDL/BDLERRORSService Definition, Docu for all SDCC errors
/BDL/MSGLOGMessage log for service data collection or transfer
/BDL/SDCCLOGMessage log for service data collection or transfer
/DSD/PE_CNDRDHPricing: Retrieved Condition Records - Control Info.
/RPM/OBJ_MIGRDocuments, which xRPM 2.0 objects were migrated
/SAPPSSRM/SP_LOGSelective Release Batch Job Log Table
/SDF/CMO_T_62CCCMC Service: Application component
/SDF/CMO_T_62DCCMC Service: Transactions and reports
/SDF/HDB_MON_CFGConfiguration for Monitoring
/SDF/RBE_CS3_ERRSQL Check Step Errors in SDA Analysis
/SDF/RBE_CS3_SSQL Check Step Select Options in SDA Analysis
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