CACSTRIMETHTAR Field in SAP | Processing Target of Triggering Method Data Element using tables

CACSTRIMETHTAR is a data element in SAP used for storing Processing Target of Triggering Method data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this CACSTRIMETHTAR field in SAP.

  • Data Element : CACSTRIMETHTAR
  • Description : Processing Target of Triggering Method
  • Data Type :CHAR

Processing Target of Triggering Method tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using CACSTRIMETHTAR Field

CACS00_ACCASAccount Assignment Type/Cost Information for Remuneration
CACS00_ACCSTAccount Assignment Type/Cost Info for Settlement Types
CACS00_B_VAR_CASVariants for Commission Case
CACS00_CASCommission Case
CACS00_DOCHDCommission Document Header
CACS00_OBJHISTChange History of Subobjects That Trigger Commission
CACS42_PSSTAB01Definition of Distribution Ratios
CACSCD_ACRCDAccount Assignments of Remun.Types for FS-CD Stt.System
CACSCD_ACSCDAccount Assignment of Stt.Types for FS-CD Settlement System
CACSFA_ACRFA Account Assignments of Remun.Types for FI-CA settlement
CACSFA_ACSFAAccount Assignment of Stt.Types for FI-CA Settlement System
CACSFI_ACRFIAccount Assignment of Remun.Types for FI Settlement System
CACSFI_ACSFIAccount Assignment of Stt.Types for FI Settlement System
CACSHR_ACRHRAccount Assignment of Remun.Types for HCM Settlement System
CACSHR_ACSHRAccount Assignment of Settlement Types for HCM Stt.System
CACSM2_VAMMAP"Conditions" for Mapped Valuation
CACSNO_NOACT01Account Assignment Table
CACSNO_NOT_ACTNotification: Account Assignment
CACSNO_NO_ACSFIAccount Assignments Notification Rules FI
CACSSE_ACR01Remun.Type Acct. Assignments for Customer Settlement System
CACSSE_ACS01Stt.Type Account Assignments for Customer Settlement System
CACS_AGRROLParticipant Roles in Participation Agreement
CACS_ALLCBDLAssignment of Contract Bundle
CACS_BUCAGRCommission: Agreement Bundle
CACS_CASSGNCombination Assignment for Commission Contract
CACS_CHRETYAccountable Remuneration Types
CACS_COMB_NOTICombination of Noti rule with Remu type and Ret rule
CACS_CTBU_WAWork Regions for Commission Contract
CACS_CTCOREXCorrespondence Enhancement
CACS_CTRTBDLContract Bundle
CACS_CTRTBUCommission Contract
CACS_CTRTCORRICM: Assignment of Correspondence Types to Contract
CACS_CTRTPARIndividual Contract Participation
CACS_CTRTSTStandard Commission Contract
CACS_MAP1Assignment, Administration Subprograms
CACS_NOT_COMBCombination of Noti rule with Remu type and Ret rule
CACS_PRAGRIndiv. Payment Release Agreement for Commission Contract
CACS_PRAGRRUAssignment of Standard Payment Release Agreement
CACS_PS_DSLVAssignment of Separation Rules for Partnership
CACS_PS_PCCharacteristics of Distribution Rules for Partnerships
CACS_PS_SPAssignment of Distribution Rates to Partnership
CACS_PS_SPLAssignment of Distribution Ratio Method to Partnership
CACS_QRULECommission: Quick Rule Engine
CACS_REMARUFlat-Rate Remuneration Rule
CACS_REMSTMRemuneration settlement
CACS_RETAGRIndividual Retention Agreement in Commission Contract
CACS_SEGAGRAgreement for The Assignment of Segments
CACS_SESAGR(Individual) Settlement Schedule Agreement in CommnContract
CACS_SETT_LCKIndividual Contract for Settlement Locks for FT Approval
CACS_STAGASSLink of Standard Agreements to Standard Contracts
CACS_STATASSLinks of Agreement Types to Standard Contracts
CACS_STCAGRStandard agreement for commission contract
CACS_STCAGR_BStandard Agreement for Commission Contract - Backup
CACS_STCRERURule Characteristics for Flat-Rate Agreements in Std Ctrct
CACS_STCWARRURule Characteristics for Guarantee Agreement in Std.Contract
CACS_STDCTRICM: Standard Contract: Header Data
CACS_STMAGRIndividual Settlement Agreement (Obsolete)
CACS_STMRUIndividual Settlement Rule
CACS_STRERUStandard Ruling for Flat-Rate Remunerations
CACS_STSESRUStandard Settlement Schedule Agreement
CACS_STSTMRUStandard Settlement Ruling
CACS_STTCRUStandard Rules for Commission Case Triggers
CACS_STTGAGRTgt Agmts: Assignment of Target Types to Standard Agreements
CACS_STWARRURule Characteristics for Guarantee Agreement
CACS_S_NOT_COCombination of Noti rule with Remu type and Ret rule
CACS_TGACVTarget Agreements: Indiv. Actual/Correction/Target Values
CACS_TGAGRTarget Agreements: Individual Rules for Target Agreements
CACS_TGRATVTarget Agreements: Generic Actual/Target Values
CACS_TGRCVTarget Agreement: Target Rule Classification Values
CACS_TGRINDTarget Agreements: Individual Target Rules
CACS_TGRIND_AESTarget Agreements: Individual Target Rules for AES
CACS_TGRULETarget Agreements: Generic Target Rules
CACS_TGRULE_AESTarget Agreements: Generic Target Rules for AES
CACS_TRIGCASRule for Cause of Additional Commission Case
CACS_WARAGRIndividual Guarantee Agreement (Obsolete)
CACS_WARRUIndividual Guarantee Agreement
CRD000_AAS01Referencing Credential Assignments
CRD000_AF01Template for Referencing Credential Descriptions
CRD000_AS01Credential Assignments
CRD000_CRD01Template for Credential Descriptions
PFO_GO_00IPBusiness Object Table for BusObj.Category 00IP in PM
PFO_GO_00ISBusiness Object Table for BusObj.Category 00IP in PM
PFO_GO_00IVBusiness Object Table for Bus.Obj.Category "00IV" from PM
PFO_GZOBusiness Object Assignment Table
PFO_SEGSegment Table for Portfolio Assignment
PFO_SZOSegment Assignment Table
PFO_ZO_0000Table for Assignment Objects of Type 00CC
TCACS_ACCASCommissions: Account Assignment Type
TCACS_ACTActivity Types
TCACS_ACTAGR_SGNComn.: Activity Agreement Assignment
TCACS_ACT_CHARComn.: Activity Type Characteristic
TCACS_ASGRLAssignment Role for Segment Assignment
TCACS_ASSGN2Assignment Table - Contract Type <-> Activity Filter
TCACS_BPCTRTAssignment Table for Business Partner and Contract
TCACS_BUSCASValid Business Transactions of Op. System (Incl.BOR Assignt)
TCACS_BUSCLAIMValid Entitlement Categories for Each Bus. Obj. Type/ Trans.
TCACS_BUSINESSAssignment of Business Transactions to Business Objects
TCACS_BUSOBJValid Business Objects of Operational System (incl.BOR Assg)
TCACS_COND_INTFCondition Technique Field Transports
TCACS_CONPOSConstellation Element
TCACS_CTROLAssignment: Commission Contract Types to Participation Roles
TCACS_DETCFGProcess Configuration of Calculating Object Type
TCACS_DETCHKProcess Checks of Calculating Object Type
TCACS_DETETCProcess Checks of Entry Point
TCACS_DOCPOSTSettings for Document Posting
TCACS_ELTDOCREVAutomatic Deactivation of ELT Document
TCACS_ELTNEGENTTransfer Negative Entitlements in ELT
TCACS_ELTPOSTNEGTransfer Reversal Posting in ELT
TCACS_ELTREMELT: Attributes of Remuneration Type
TCACS_ELTRUELT: Rule for Executing Entitlement/Liability Transfer
TCACS_FILTER0Commission System Filter
TCACS_FILTER1Commission System Filter
TCACS_FILTER10Filter: Std Agreements of Performance-Related Remunerations
TCACS_FILTER11Filter: Remuneration Types
TCACS_FILTER2Exception Procedure for Filtering
TCACS_FILTER20Filter: Activity Types
TCACS_FORMULACalculation formula
TCACS_GLOBGlobal Settings of Application for Each Client
TCACS_ICMCRDAssignment of Credentialing Application to ICM Application
TCACS_INPLANComn: Rule for Legal Right to Future Commission (Instllmts)
TCACS_INVRELParticipant Determination for Commission Calculation
TCACS_KOARTCorrespondence Type
TCACS_LOS_OBJECTLogical Service: Objects
TCACS_LOS_ST_ODLogical Service: Parameters for Std Tool (Object-Dependent)
TCACS_LOS_ST_ODTLogical Service: Parameters for Std Tool (for All Functions)
TCACS_LS_METHODComn: Assignment of Logical Services to Object Methods
TCACS_LS_SERVICEComn: Logical Service for Object Methods
TCACS_LS_TOOLComn: Tools for Logical Services
TCACS_MAP20Assignment, Management
TCACS_MAP21Field Assignment
TCACS_NOTREMAssignment: Notification Rule - Remuneration Type
TCACS_NOTRETAssignment: Notification Rule - Retention Rule
TCACS_NOTRUNotification Rule
TCACS_NOTTRIGNotification: Target System
TCACS_OARUAFOA Connection: Attributes of Assignment Rule in ICM
TCACS_OFFCLCRULEComn: Calculation Rules in Remuneration Clearing
TCACS_OFFGRPFLDSComn: Grouping Characteristics
TCACS_OFFGRPRULEComn: Grouping Rule in Remuneration Clearing
TCACS_OFFRULEComn: Remuneration Clearing Rule
TCACS_OFFRULINGComn: Remuneration Clearing Regulation
TCACS_OFFRULIN_BComn: Remuneration Clearing Regulation
TCACS_OFFSComn: Offsetting
TCACS_OFFSELRULEComn: Selection Rule in Remunation Clearing
TCACS_ORGEvaluation Views and Function Modules for Authorization
TCACS_OTC02_BRTool level param of log. service tool : Busines Rule Editor
TCACS_OTC02_FEFormula Editor: Tool level parameters for valuation process
TCACS_OTC03_ODOTC 03 (Liability), Object-Specific Parameters
TCACS_OTC03_OFOTC 03 (Liability), Obj.- And Function-Dependent Parameters
TCACS_OTC25_ODOTC 25 (Stt. Schedule), Object-Dependent Parameters
TCACS_OTC27_ODOTC 27 (Settlement Schedule), Object-Dependent Parameters
TCACS_OTC2A_CRDObject-Specific Parameters for Credentialing
TCACS_PARCONGlobal Settings for Participation Construction
TCACS_PCACTParticipation Construction: Activities Template
TCACS_PCINVParticipation Construction: Participants Template
TCACS_PCMETParticipation Construction: Construction Methods
TCACS_PERIODRULEPeriod Rules (Obsolete)
TCACS_PRCAssignment of Process Type and Process Method
TCACS_PROAFOA Connection: Process Rule for Object Assignment
TCACS_PROCSUResults Types of Remuneration from Commission Case
TCACS_PS_CU1Settings for Partnership Types
TCACS_PS_D4PDetermination for Partnerships
TCACS_PS_DETAssign Characteristic Combination Type to Partnership Type
TCACS_PS_DSPartnerships: Separation Rules
TCACS_PS_DSPAssign Separation Rules to Partnership Type
TCACS_PS_PCCharacteristics of Distribution Rules for Participations
TCACS_PS_SPCDistribution Ratios for Participations
TCACS_PS_SPLAssignment of Split Rate Method to Participations
TCACS_RCP_STATUSRCP: Permitted Statuses of Commission Cases
TCACS_RELGLBGlobal Determination Configuration for Release Systems
TCACS_REMCommission Remuneration Types
TCACS_REMNALIndicator for Commission Remuneration
TCACS_RESPComn.: Liability Types
TCACS_RETREMAssignment of Remun.Type to Retention Rule Characteristics
TCACS_RETRURetention Rule
TCACS_RGOAFOA Connection: Rule Group for Object Assignment
TCACS_ROLEPossible Roles of Commission Contract Partner in Comn Case
TCACS_RULESERVAgreement Rules Services
TCACS_RULES_KITComn.: Service Tools
TCACS_SD01Parameter Condition Technique by Category (Application)
TCACS_SD02Parameter Condition Technique by Cat. and ID (Calc. Proced.)
TCACS_SESRUScheduling Rule
TCACS_SESRU_CGlobal Determination Configuration for Scheduling Rules
TCACS_SETT_LCKConfiguration Table for Settlement Locks for FT Approval
TCACS_STL_TRGTarget System for Process Type and Process Method
TCACS_STMTYSettlement Type
TCACS_STRETRUCharacteristic Attributes of Retention Rule
TCACS_TGATgt Agrmts: Assign Elementary to Complex Target Types
TCACS_TGCTarget Agreement: Target Category
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