CACSAPPL Field in SAP | Commission Application (ICM) Data Element using tables

CACSAPPL is a data element in SAP used for storing Commission Application (ICM) data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this CACSAPPL field in SAP.

  • Data Element : CACSAPPL
  • Description : Commission Application (ICM)
  • Data Type :CHAR

Commission Application (ICM) tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using CACSAPPL Field

A197Anwendung/CACS_COM_C/Ind. Sekt./Version/Status
A198Anwendung/Ind. Sekt./Version/Status
CACS00_ACCASAccount Assignment Type/Cost Information for Remuneration
CACS00_ACCSTAccount Assignment Type/Cost Info for Settlement Types
CACSM2_VAMMAP"Conditions" for Mapped Valuation
CACSNO_NOACT01Account Assignment Table
CACS_AGRROLParticipant Roles in Participation Agreement
CACS_ALLCBDLAssignment of Contract Bundle
CACS_ARCHCT1Retention Period of Objects for Archiving
CACS_ARCHCT2Archiving Exit for Date Check
CACS_ARCHCT3Archiving Exit
CACS_ARCHDENYReasons for Rejecting Archiving
CACS_BUCAGRCommission: Agreement Bundle
CACS_BUFFLOGCommissions: Log Table of Commission Objects
CACS_B_VARVariants for BDTI
CACS_CHRETYAccountable Remuneration Types
CACS_CLONEControl Table for Application Cloner
CACS_CLONE_STEPSControl Table for Application Cloner - Steps
CACS_COILOGRecording of the Keys of Records Processed with COI
CACS_COMB_NOTICombination of Noti rule with Remu type and Ret rule
CACS_CPD_REFData Reference for Same FS-ICM Reference Key
CACS_CTBU_WAWork Regions for Commission Contract
CACS_CTCOREXCorrespondence Enhancement
CACS_CTRTBDLContract Bundle
CACS_CTRTBDLTContract Bundle: Text
CACS_CTRTBUCommission Contract
CACS_CTRTCORRICM: Assignment of Correspondence Types to Contract
CACS_CTRTPARIndividual Contract Participation
CACS_CTRTSTStandard Commission Contract
CACS_CTRTSTIElements of Standard Commission Contract
CACS_CTRTSTTStandard Commission Contract: Texts
CACS_DBC_EVENTEvents for Parallel Processing of Database Conversion
CACS_DBC_EVENT_SEvents for Simple Database Conversion
CACS_DBS_EVENTEvents for Parallel Processing of Database Statistics Tool
CACS_DET_VARDATAData for Determination Variants
CACS_DET_VARIANTCharacteristics of Determination Variant
CACS_DOCFI_TData Transfer: FI Document (Tax Item)
CACS_DOCHDExpected Commission (Remuneration)
CACS_DOCREExpected Commission (Remuneration)
CACS_DOC_LOCKCommission Document Header, Lock Table for Totals Update
CACS_DOC_REVHISTCommission Document: Reversal History
CACS_EDTLOGCommissions: Log Table EDT
CACS_EDTPROTCommissions: Log for EDT Interface Supply
CACS_EMCLJOCalculation Information for Clerk
CACS_EMSTMJOSettlement Information for Clerk
CACS_FRM_PRGPFormula Editor: Grouping factor for calculation fields
CACS_FRM_PRGP_TFormula Editor:Text table for parameter grps of formula calc
CACS_LCC_MATCHLCC: Control Table for Matching Programs
CACS_MAP0Assignment, Pool Number Administration
CACS_MAP1Assignment, Administration Subprograms
CACS_MASSLOGLog Table for Mass Processing
CACS_NOT_COMBCombination of Noti rule with Remu type and Ret rule
CACS_NOT_PRCSTATNotification: Processing Status
CACS_PRAGRIndiv. Payment Release Agreement for Commission Contract
CACS_PRAGRRUAssignment of Standard Payment Release Agreement
CACS_PS_DSLVAssignment of Separation Rules for Partnership
CACS_PS_GRPAssignment of Group Contract to Partnership
CACS_PS_PCCharacteristics of Distribution Rules for Partnerships
CACS_PS_SPAssignment of Distribution Rates to Partnership
CACS_PS_SPLAssignment of Distribution Ratio Method to Partnership
CACS_QRULECommission: Quick Rule Engine
CACS_REMAJOFlat-Rate Remuneration: Calculation Log
CACS_REMARUFlat-Rate Remuneration Rule
CACS_REMSTMRemuneration settlement
CACS_RETAGRIndividual Retention Agreement in Commission Contract
CACS_RET_ATIMERetention: Last access time-spot in process
CACS_RI_HDRun Administration Header
CACS_RI_ITRun Administration Items
CACS_RI_IT_PCTable defining relation between gen_rule 1, 2 and gen type
CACS_RI_IT_PRDRun Administration Detail with Period
CACS_SEGAGRAgreement for The Assignment of Segments
CACS_SESAGR(Individual) Settlement Schedule Agreement in CommnContract
CACS_SESJOSettlement Schedule Run Log
CACS_SETTL_LOCKLocked Business Partners for Contracts
CACS_SETT_LCKIndividual Contract for Settlement Locks for FT Approval
CACS_STAGASSLink of Standard Agreements to Standard Contracts
CACS_STATASSLinks of Agreement Types to Standard Contracts
CACS_STCAGRStandard agreement for commission contract
CACS_STCAGRTName: Standard Agreement for Commission Contract
CACS_STCAGR_BStandard Agreement for Commission Contract - Backup
CACS_STCRERURule Characteristics for Flat-Rate Agreements in Std Ctrct
CACS_STCWARRURule Characteristics for Guarantee Agreement in Std.Contract
CACS_STDCTRICM: Standard Contract: Header Data
CACS_STL_CLSNext Open Period
CACS_STL_REF_DSettlement Document Reference - Detail
CACS_STL_REF_HSettlement Document Reference - Header
CACS_STL_REF_PSettlement Document Reference - Splitting
CACS_STMAGRIndividual Settlement Agreement (Obsolete)
CACS_STMRNJOCalculation and Settlement Log
CACS_STMRNJOD1Calculation and Settlement Log
CACS_STMRUIndividual Settlement Rule
CACS_STMTJOSettlement run log
CACS_STRERUStandard Ruling for Flat-Rate Remunerations
CACS_STRERUTName: Standard Ruling for Flat-Rate Remunerations
CACS_STSESRUStandard Settlement Schedule Agreement
CACS_STSESRUTName of Standard Settlement Schedule Agreement
CACS_STSTMRUStandard Settlement Ruling
CACS_STSTMTName: Standard Settlment Ruling
CACS_STTCRUStandard Rules for Commission Case Triggers
CACS_STTCRUTName: Standard Rules for Commission Case Triggers
CACS_STTGAGRTgt Agmts: Assignment of Target Types to Standard Agreements
CACS_STWARRURule Characteristics for Guarantee Agreement
CACS_STWARTName: Rule Characteristics for Guarantee Agreement
CACS_S_NOT_COCombination of Noti rule with Remu type and Ret rule
CACS_TGACVTarget Agreements: Indiv. Actual/Correction/Target Values
CACS_TGAGRTarget Agreements: Individual Rules for Target Agreements
CACS_TGLOGObsolete (Target Agreements: Log)
CACS_TGRATVTarget Agreements: Generic Actual/Target Values
CACS_TGRCVTarget Agreement: Target Rule Classification Values
CACS_TGRINDTarget Agreements: Individual Target Rules
CACS_TGRIND_AESTarget Agreements: Individual Target Rules for AES
CACS_TGRULETarget Agreements: Generic Target Rules
CACS_TGRULE_AESTarget Agreements: Generic Target Rules for AES
CACS_TGTRNJOObsolete (Target Agreements: Log for Mass Run)
CACS_TRICAJOCommission Case Trigger: Log
CACS_TRIGCASRule for Cause of Additional Commission Case
CACS_WARAGRIndividual Guarantee Agreement (Obsolete)
CACS_WARJOGuarantee Calculation Log
CACS_WARRUIndividual Guarantee Agreement
CACS_WFCASCommission Case: Workflow Characteristics for Pending Cases
CACS_WFPFNRExternal Commission Case: WF Characteristics for Rejections
PFO_SEGSegment Table for Portfolio Assignment
PFO_ZO_0000Table for Assignment Objects of Type 00CC
TCACSFCommissions: Field Catalog Search
TCACSFACommissions: Field Catalog Search, Table Assignment
TCACSFDCommissions: Field Catalog Search, Feature Dependencies
TCACS_002CLanguages Used For Each Commission Application
TCACS_070FCorrespondence Types - Client-Specific Customizing
TCACS_ACCASCommissions: Account Assignment Type
TCACS_ACCASTCommissions: Account Assignment Type - Texts
TCACS_ACTActivity Types
TCACS_ACTAGR_SGNComn.: Activity Agreement Assignment
TCACS_ACTGRP_TActivity Groups Text
TCACS_ACTTActivity: Text
TCACS_ACT_CHARComn.: Activity Type Characteristic
TCACS_ACT_TName of Activity Types
TCACS_ADDAdditional Indicator
TCACS_ADDTAdditional Indicator Text
TCACS_AGRTYPAgreement Types for Each Application
TCACS_APPLCLAssignment of Commission Applications to Clients
TCACS_APPLCOMPAssignment Application <-> Components
TCACS_APPLDEFAll Commission Applications
TCACS_APPLGENGeneration Data from Commission Applications
TCACS_APPLGENCMPPatch Status of Components at Time of Generation
TCACS_APPLINDUAssignment Application <-> Processes
TCACS_APPLMAPBijective Display of APPL to Other IDs
TCACS_APPLNAMINGNaming of Applications
TCACS_APPLPACKPackages from a Commission Application
TCACS_APPLPROCAssignment Application <-> Processes
TCACS_APPLREGIONRegions Where Application Is Used
TCACS_APPL_TName of Commission Applications
TCACS_ARCH_AGEMin. Retention Period Since Last Change (CHG_DATE) per Obj.
TCACS_ARCH_CASCommission Case Archiving: Min. Retention Period in System
TCACS_ARCH_DOCCommission Doc Archiving: Min. Retention Period in System
TCACS_ASGRLAssignment Role for Segment Assignment
TCACS_ASGRLTAssignment Role for Segment Assignment: Texts
TCACS_ASSGN1Assignment Table - Commission Application <-> BDT Subobjects
TCACS_ASSGN2Assignment Table - Contract Type <-> Activity Filter
TCACS_AUT04Commissions: Existing Authorization Groups
TCACS_AUT04TCommissions: Information on Authorization Groups
TCACS_AUT05Commissions: Assignment of Users to Authorization Group
TCACS_AUT08ATable with Quantifying Authorizations for Amount Fields
TCACS_AUT08BTable with Quantifying Authorizations for Volume Fields
TCACS_AUT08CTable with Quantifying Authorizations for Free Fields
TCACS_AUT08DTable with Quantifying Authorizations for Conditions
TCACS_BDLSETCommissions: Store Various Settings for Contract Bundle
TCACS_BDLTPSettings for Contract Bundle Type
TCACS_BDLTPTContract Bundle Type: Texts
TCACS_BDRCHReason for Change to Contract Bundle
TCACS_BDRCHTReason for Change to Contract Bundle
TCACS_BPCTRTAssignment Table for Business Partner and Contract
TCACS_BR_FLDSBusiness Rule Editor: Fields used for a particular ICM appl
TCACS_BR_SELBusiness Rule Editor: Selection Criteria for fields
TCACS_BUSCASValid Business Transactions of Op. System (Incl.BOR Assignt)
TCACS_BUSCAS_TValid Business Transactions of Op. System (Incl.BOR Assignt)
TCACS_BUSCLAIMValid Entitlement Categories for Each Bus. Obj. Type/ Trans.
TCACS_BUSINESSAssignment of Business Transactions to Business Objects
TCACS_BUSOBJValid Business Objects of Operational System (incl.BOR Assg)
TCACS_BUSOBJ1Permitted Categories of Business Objects
TCACS_BUSOBJ1_TNames of Business Objects
TCACS_BUSOBJ2Construction-Relevant Elements of A Business Object
TCACS_BUSOBJ_TAllowed Business Objects Operational System (incl.BOR Assg)
TCACS_CALCTOOLSettings for Calculation Tool
TCACS_CASE_BUFInformation if buffer should be used in Commission Case
TCACS_CAS_RANGESCommissions: Number Ranges for Commission Cases
TCACS_CATT00Test Group Directory
TCACS_CATT00TTest Group Directory (Names)
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