BTCJOBCNT Field in SAP | Job ID Data Element using tables

BTCJOBCNT is a data element in SAP used for storing Job ID data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this BTCJOBCNT field in SAP.

  • Data Element : BTCJOBCNT
  • Description : Job ID
  • Data Type :CHAR

Job ID tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using BTCJOBCNT Field

AFX_ACTVTDOCActivity Log - Archiving Runs
AFX_ACTVTJOBActivity Log Job List
AFX_ACTVTPACActivity Log Package List
AGSDBG_CPSCBACK2To Validate SAP CPS Callback Functionality
AGSRBE_COLL_JOBCollection request of diagnostics data in an Analysis
AGSSISE_TASKSimple Setup: Running Activities
AKB_SCR_JOBSObsolete: BCB Scripting - Active Jobs
ARC_TRANS_ALDOCSTransfer Attachments
ARC_TRANS_RUNSTransfer Archive Administration: Archiving Session Data
BANK_PROCFL_PROCTemporary Process Data
BDLSHDRHeader Data for Conversion of Logical System Names
BKKM4BCA: Job Table for Parallel Processing of Acct. Balancings
BKKMDISPINTERVInterval Data for Parallel Processing
BKKMDISPJOBSJobs Started by Dispatcher
BKKMREPCURRData for End of Day Processing Reports
BKKMREPORTSData for End of Day Processing Reports
BPABAPJOBBackground job table for ABAP jobs
BPJTRGJAPI: Background after job trigger table
BPO_MEASJOBSystem Measurement Jobs Scheduled and Running
BPXCMDJOBBackground job table for external command jobs
BPXPRGJOBBackground job table for external command jobs
BTCEVTJOBList of jobs waiting for events
BTCJOBEPPAssignment: Extended Passport to Background Job
CACS_DOC_LOCKCommission Document Header, Lock Table for Totals Update
CDC_RESULT_HCDC: Comparison Result Headers
CLS_RUNRun directory
CMPWLHCustomizing Comparison: Worklist Header
CNVA_00555_STATEState Table for Run Time Estimation
CNVA_CCD_ANA_CNTCount table for the scanned objects in CNVA_CCD_ANA packag
CNVA_CCD_ANA_STAState Table for CC Deletion Analysis Package
CNVCDMCCA_OBJSCDMC : Customer Objects and SAP Mods for Clearing Analysis
CNVCDMCCA_SRCCDMC: Customer Objects and SAP Mods for Syntax Check
CNVCDMCUCIA_PLCDMC : UCIA - SAP Objects impacted in an Upgrade or Patch
CNVCDMC_REFOBJSCDMC table to store the referred objects of Sol man projects
CNVCMISBACKUP_EXBackup Functionality - Runtime Information
CNVCMIS_A_10_RUNcmis table for tracking execution of the analysis prg
CNVCMIS_A_30_RUNCmis table for tracking execution of the analysis prg
CNVCMIS_POSTPROSCMIS: Status table post-processing
CNVCMIS_U_LANGUCMIS: Store for process language entries
CNVC_JSTATJob status
CNVMBTCHKLOGCHKCheck Framework: Log Check Executions
CNVMBTCHKLOGPROFCheck Framework: Log Profile Executions
CNVMBTDELREFTECHTechnical info about the reorganization like job and log
CNVMBTJOBSCMBT PCL: Batch-related information
CNVMBTPEMSTATEProcess Execution Information
CNVMBTSTATEStatus table for execution of all activities and history
CNVMBTSUBSTATEStatus table for execution of all subactivities and histor
CNVSTATEConversion: Status of programs
CNV_00001_CNDStatus of partitioning analysis
CNV_00001_SIMMONTable for status of selection simulation jobs
CNV_10020_ASTATEStatus of the analysis programs
CNV_10020_STATEStatus of the determination programs
CNV_10020_STATEHStatus of the determination programs - History
CNV_10940_REPTable for Reports
CNV_10940_REPORTReports relevant for analyse variants
CNV_10940_REPVARReports relevant for analyse variants
CNV_20308_CMPHeader Data for Package Comparison
CNV_20551_RESULTFound relevant objects for deletion (statistics)
CNV_ADT_DP_LOGPT. Summary: Data provider execution log (whole package)
CNV_MBT_ACT_RECActivity record - info about DMIS DEL Activities
CNV_MBT_UT_DUMPSUnit test dumps
CNV_NCE_JOBSNCE: Job states and logs
CNV_NCE_OBJ_JOBSJob states and logs
CNV_TDMS_16_DRFCList of RFC destinations - DDIC Comparison report
CNV_TDMS_LOGNUMTable to save the jobs
CRMCHKRUNJTasks/Jobs of a Check Run
CRRRTITCRR runtime information
CRR_TFW_CONF_RDCRR, Test Framework, Log
CRR_TFW_LOGCRR, Test Framework, Log
CRWBD_BATCH_JOBSTable for identification of the job
CVDDHEHS: Report shipping orders
DAAG_RUNHeader Data for Data Agings Runs
DB6PMPROTDB6: Protocol Table for DBA Actions
DFK_JC_CNTRContainer for Related Jobs
DFK_JC_JOBINFOIndividual Job Overview
DMC_ACT_RECActivity record - info about the execution of DMC activities
DMC_CU_RUNDETAILRun Execution Details
DMC_JN_TASKSTATEMWB: Schedule Manager Task State
DSWP_MESS_STATCreated Messages/Sessions
DSWP_MESS_STATUSCreated Messages/Sessions
DVM_BOF_RUNSBusiness Objects Footprint runs
EEDMSETTLDOCRUNSettlement Document (Run)
ESH_ADM_STATUSStatus of Search Connectors
ESH_AT_TAGGINGData of last tagging
ESH_BOS_INDEXINGData of last BOS indexing
ESH_BOS_STATUSStatus of BOS Search Connectors
ESH_CRT_INDEXINGData of last CRT indexing
ESH_FILES_STATUSStatus of FILES Search Connectors
ESH_FLS_INDEXINGIndexing Data for File Indexing
ESR_SCHDLAGS ESR: report schedule
ESTOHEHS: WWI generation / print jobs
EWUCLSTATEMU Cnv: Status Table for Conversion with Clusters
EWUPGSTATConversion programs status
FAGL_R_JBDISPTCHReorganization: Dispatching Jobs
FAGL_R_JBLASTLast Dispatching Job
FAGL_R_JBPARTNReorganization: Packages of a Dispatching Job to Be Executed
FAGL_R_JBPROCEEDReorganization: Jobs of a Dispatching Job to Be Executed
FCC_RJ_JOBIDJob Info for Remote Job in Remote Server (non-CPS)
FDM_AR_WRITEOFFSFSCM-DM: Automatic Write-Offs Not Executed
FKKDIHDTMPFI-CA: Distrib. of intervals - temporal copy of header
FKKDIJOBFI-CA: Distrib. of intervals - table of jobs
FOPCDEFICSELMIC: Selection Conditions for Deficiency Analysis
FOPCMTESTERASGNSMass Tester Assignment - Settings
FOPC_BTC_REPORTSBackground Reports in System
FPP_RUNSRun Data for Parallel Processing
GODIRLOCKSynchronization for GODIR Fill Reports
GRACREQRequest Header
GRACROLEJOBRole Mangement Job Log
GRFNDMJOBSParallel Jobs for DataMart Filling
GRPCDEFICSELPC: Selection Conditions for Deficiency Analysis
GRPCJOBLOGJob Log from Scheduler
GRPCMTESTERASGNSObsolete: Mass Tester Assignment - Settings
GRPC_BTC_REPORTSBackground Reports in System
HRFPM_JOB_ADMINHRFPM: Run Administration
HRFPM_RUNADMINSHRFPM: Administration Information for Commitment Runs
INSTCNTLJBackground Jobs During the Installation
INSTLOGSAP Installation
ITAGCYCONTCLOSEData for Closed Containers
IWBREORGKEn: Status of Reorganization
IWCOMP_OBJThe Comparative Objects with Context and Destination
IWEXDONEKEn: Html Export History
IWEXTODOKEn: Html Export Request List
IWP_WP_JOBJobs for the Backgroundprocessing
IWP_WP_LOGLog for Backgroundprocessing
IWR3LFOLDFolders with Context and Destination for Help Links Check
JVSOHIJIS-M/SD: Import Jobs for Shipping Orders
KWDELTA_WLIWB: Worklist for Delta Delivery (Content)
KWD_RETROFITHRetrofit: Header Info
KWH_BGBackground Processes for Knowledge Warehouse
LTR_G_JOBStep job
LTR_JOBSBPL Preselection Jobs
LXE_PPAT_JOBPPAT Background Jobs
MDGD_LOG_HEADERMDG DataLoad Application Log Header
MPDCDMPD: Counter Data for Maintenance Document Items
MPDPSDMPD: Planning & Scheduling data
ODQDAEMONOperationale Delta Queue: Daemon Status for Real-Time
ODQREQQUEOperational Delta Queue: General Queue Request
ODQRESPTask Response
OIUCW_RUN_PARMSUser Input Parameters for the Payment Run
OIUH_PTR_REP_LOGProduction, Tax and Royalty Reporting Execution Log
OIUP_PDM_STATSPDM: Statistical details per table on PDM split jobs
OIUREP_2014_INFOMMS-2014 - Report Executions Start information
OIUREP_2014_RUNSMMS-2014 - Report Executions
OIUREP_RRSTRegulatory Reporting Status Table
OIUREP_RRST_NEWNEW Regulatory Reporting Status Table (with Version Number)
OIUX1_EXEC_STATExecution Statistics for Tax Reporting
OIUX2_EXEC_STATDExecution Statistics for Tax Reporting
OIUX3_MIG_CTRLTax Reporting - Migration Control
OIUX3_RUN_DTLTax Reporting - Run Detail
OIUX3_RUN_HDRTax Reporting - Run Header
OIUX7_RUN_DTLTax 2.0 - WYGP Run Detail
OIUX7_RUN_HDRTax 2.0 - WYGP Run Header
OIUY1_EXEC_STATDExecution Statistics for Royalty Reporting
PAT10BOCS Semaphore Extension for Batch Operation
PFBTCPeriod-End Partner: Log (Batch Information)
PRD_ASSIGNKWSTAT: Assignment of Product Context
RSPSADELDelete PSA request in batch
RSRA_BB_LOGLog-Table for the Batch Runs of the ResultSet Precalculation
RSRA_BC_LOGLog Table for the Batch Runs for Precalculating Template
RSRA_ER_LOGNLog Table for Batch Runs of Exception Reporting
RSRA_JOBDirectory of the Report Agent Jobs
RSRA_MX_LOGLog Table for the Batch Run of MDX Precalculation
RSREQARCHRequest Archiving
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