SAP BKK_ACCNT (Internal Account Number for Current Account) Data element field

  • Data Element : BKK_ACCNT
  • Description : Internal Account Number for Current Account
  • Data Type :CHAR

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using BKK_ACCNT Field

BCA_US_BKK44ACurrent account master data: Amount-dependent blocks
BCA_US_BKK_TDBCA: Time deposit account data
BCA_US_DEA_ESCHEscheat Accounts Data
BCA_US_MEM_ITEMSMemo item table
BCA_US_OD_PLANAccount master data: Overdraft plan
BCA_US_OD_RELAccounts - US specific overdraft relation details
BCA_US_OD_TRANSTransaction details for Overdraft protection
BKK40Current Account Master Data: General
BKK40_ENQ_HYDummy Block Table for Accounts for Hierarchy Creation
BKK42Current Account Master Data: Operative Data
BKK42_CCBCA Account Master Data: Currency Changeover
BKK42_NTCMaster Data for Notice and Allowances
BKK43BCA: Reference Accounts
BKK44Current Account Master Data: Blocks
BKK45Relationship: Current Account - Business Partner
BKK45_CORRCorrespondence Receiver Administration
BKK45_HISTORYHistory Table for BCA - BP relationship
BKK46Current Account Master Data: Customer Appends
BKK47BCA: Direct Debit Orders
BKK48Control Indicator for Account Balancing
BKK50Account balance
BKK51Subj.Fin.Pay. Balance
BKK54Account Balance of Hierarchies
BKK55Subject to Final Payment Balance of Hierarchies
BKK56Account Resubmission
BKK58Master Data Savings Prod: Fxd-Term Deposit, Installmnt Savgs
BKK610Account Hierarchy: Assignment of Root Account to Tree Number
BKK620Account Hierarchy: Amount Definitions for Cash Concentration
BKK621Cash Concentration: Different Amount Defintions
BKK622Cash Concentration: Balancing Date of Last Execution
BKK625Assign. of Int. No. to Ext. Root Acct. for Change Document
BKK62_CCValue Date Transaction Figures for Cash Concentration
BKK84Bank Account - Individual Condition
BKK84TTexts for Bank Account Individual Condition
BKK85Bank Account - Individual Condition Position
BKK91Value Date Transaction Figures
BKK92Account Balancing (Interest and Charges)
BKK93Oldest Period for Return Posting
BKK94Number of Items
BKK95Account Specific Amount Limits for Graduated Conditions
BKK96Account Balancing Detail Data
BKK97Acct Balancing: Posting Data (Temporary Data)(for Deletion)
BKK98Dispatch Expenses Number of Items
BKK9APosting and Value Date Balances Carried Forward
BKK9ACCInterest Accrual/Deferral (Accounts With No Result)
BKK9AICarryforward of Interest Penalty
BKK9BValue Date Transaction Figures
BKK9B_CCValue Date Transaction Figures for Cash Concentration
BKK9CAcct Balancing (Interest and Charges) Enhancement to BKK92
BKK9IWVariant Condition Fixings
BKK9RKOldest Period for Retroactive Condition Changes
BKKA1Position Manangement: General Data
BKKA4Current Account: Position Types Checks
BKKA6Means of Payt Mgmt: Stack Mgmt - Issued/Blocked Checks
BKKC10Gen. Ledger: Balances in FI per BCA Cust.Acct. / Bal.Sh.Prep
BKKC11Gen. Ledger: BCA Balances per GL Transac. for Bal.Sh.Prep.
BKKC12Gen. Ledger: New Balances for Bal. Sheet Preparation
BKKC13Gen.Ledger: Changes GL Fields in Account Master
BKKC30Gen. Ledger: Log for Transfer Postings (Bal.Sh.Prep., etc.)
BKKCNOITGLTable of Items not Updated on the Account
BKKCORRACCNTAuxiliary Table: Accounts for Adjustments
BKKCORRITEMAuxiliary Table: Payment Items for Adjustments
BKKCVAAdministration Table Individual Value Adjustment
BKKE1Current Account: Limits
BKKI3Turnover Items Not Posted for Last Bank Statement
BKKITPayment Item
BKKITAIInfo Items for Interest Penalty at Balancing
BKKITENQBlocked Payment Items
BKKITNTCNotice: Payment Item with Notice Lock Period > 0
BKKITRELPayment Item
BKKITTMPPlanned Payment Items
BKKITTMP_DELPlanned Payment Items - Completed
BKKM1BCA: Bank Statement Data
BKKM2Account Time Periods
BKKM2_NPnonperiodic runs for periodic applications
BKKM5BCA: Periods of Account Balancing to be Calculated (New)
BKKMBALNOTBCA: Balance Notification Data
BKKM_TS Bank statement time stamp
BKKNTCNotice: Partial Amount and Full Amount Notice
BKKOVR_ACCNTItem Table: Accounts with Tolerated Overdraft
BKKPOITItem in Payment Order
BKKPOIT_TMPItems in Planned Payment Order
BKKPOIT_TMP_DELItems in Planned Payment Order
BKKSOBCA: Standing Orders
BKKSONTPayment Notes of Standing Orders
BKKSO_PACKSaving Packages for Standing Order Posting
BKKSO_PAORNBCA: Payment Orders of a Standing Order
BKKSO_VAR_AMNTStanding Order: Variable Amounts
BKKTERMTerm Agreement for Fixed-Term Deposit and Installmt Savings
BKKTERMPPRCTerm Agreements in Postprocessing Status
BKKVRSAvailable Balance Series
BKK_FA_USEDUtilization of Allowance
BKK_RATEMaster Data for Installment Savings
NIHC_DB_PO_PNTASource Document for Incoming Payment Orders
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