SAP BETRH_KK (Amount In Local Currency With +/- Signs) Data element field

List of Tables using BETRH_KK Field

DEABPSCustomer change table: Logical view of BB amounts
DFKKBRPOPNOTBalance Reporting: Noticed Contract Account Document Items
DFKKFWKORRCumulation Table for Adjustment and Inverse Postings
DFKKIPBW_ITEMInstallment Plan Items for Business Warehouse
DFKKIPBW_ORIGInstallment Plan Original Items for Business Warehouse
DFKKIP_GRPPayment Specification: Header Data
DFKKIP_GRPHPayment Specification: Payment Data (History)
DFKKMOPItems in contract account document
DFKKMOPKItems in contract account document
DFKKOPItems in contract account document
DFKKOPCOLLCollection: Log of Receivables Submitted
DFKKOPKItems in contract account document
DFKKOPK_SHORTOffsetting Items for FI-CA Document - Extracts
DFKKOP_SHORTPartner Items for FI-CA Document - Extracts
DFKKORDERPOS_SRequest Templates: Items
DFKKQSRIndividual Records for Withholding Tax Report
DFKKRAPClearing/Reversal History (Line Item Level) < 4.62
DFKKRAPTClearing/Reversal History (Line Item Level)
DFKKREP01Data for Sales Lists (Belgium)
DFKKREP02Data for Sales Lists (Belgium)
DFKKREP03Payment History: Posting Totals for Debit Entries
DFKKREP04Payment History: Open Items at End of Period
DFKKRESReserve Postings
DFKKREV06Report for Tax on Sales/Purchases (bill. time or triggered)
DFKKREV07Report on Tax on Sales/Purchases (clearing time)
DFKKRPReturns lot: Data for payment
DFKKRP3Returns: Manual Posting Specifications
DFKKRP3HReturns: History for Manual Posting Items
DFKKSUMPosting totals from FI-CA
DFKKZARepayment Request
DFKKZPPayment lot: Data for payment
DFKK_RECLASSOI - Reclassifications
DIMAPARPAYIO: Alt. Payt Recipient for Ins. Obj.-Partner Relationship
EABPS_CORRSub Budget Billing Plan for Correspondence Print
EPPMDEBTOPBELNRDocuments Transferred to PPM
FKKDEFREVTrigger Table for Deferred Revenue Postings
FKKMAREDUCTDunning Reductions
IBROSTMPISCD: Broker Report - Item Data
IBROSTMPSUMNOPosting Broker Report: Reference Item for Total
ITAGCYCLEARSUMItalian Agency Collections: Clearing Account Totals
ITAGCYCOLLTRTransfer Information
ITAGCYCOMMCLEARTriggerTab Commission to Subagent from Internal Agencies
ITAGCYINSCOMPSHAgency Collections: Shares to Be Transferred to Insurance
VKKVK_PAYAlternative Payment Recipient for Contract Account
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