SAP BBP_GUID (Globally Unique identifier) Data element field

  • Data Element : BBP_GUID
  • Description : Globally Unique identifier
  • Data Type :RAW

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using BBP_GUID Field

BBPD_AUTH_PERSTable to store authorization data
BBPD_CALL_OFFSRelease order documentation for distributed contracts
BBPD_CTR_TRNSTable to store contracts already uploaded from R/3
BBPD_IMS_MAIL_PRTable for Reprocessing of E-mails in IMS
BBPD_LA_ACTIVITYUser activities log
BBPD_LA_AUCPROMPMap auction profile details to auction
BBPD_LA_CLTOBJClient and auction relationship
BBPD_LA_CLTSTATClient status
BBPD_LA_LASTBIDSRM Live Auction Last Bid
BBPD_LA_PALASTBBidders' best bid
BBPD_LA_PARTNERBBest Bid per Bidder and Auction item
BBPD_LA_PROXYBIDProxy bid status
BBPD_PDMSGIMessages that are to be ignored
BBPD_PD_INDEX_HIndex Table for a Selective First Access in GetList
BBPD_PD_INDEX_IIndex Table for a Selective First Access in GetList
BBPT_EXCEPTIONEvent Framework - persistent exceptions
BBP_IMS_SEND_CTRControl of E-mail Sending for IMS
BBP_OUTPUT_PPFPersistence Output Action and Business Object
BBP_PDACAActual Quantity and Value at Account Assignment Level
BBP_PDACCAccount Assignment
BBP_PDATTDocument Attachment
BBP_PDBEHBackend Specific Header Data
BBP_PDBEIBackend Specific Item Data
BBP_PDBGPPartner Extension Gen. Purchasing Data
BBP_PDBUPBusiness Partner Set
BBP_PDCONPurchase Order Item Confirmation
BBP_PDDEPDB Structure for Factor and Distribution Set
BBP_PDDYNDynamic attributes
BBP_PDDYN_FIXDB Table for Fixed Values with Dynamic Attributes
BBP_PDEXRExchange Rates
BBP_PDFRTShipment Costs
BBP_PDHCFSet for Tabular Customer and Solution Fields on Hdr
BBP_PDHGPBusiness Transaction Purchasing Information
BBP_PDHIERContract Hierarchy Information
BBP_PDHSBBid Invitation
BBP_PDHSCHeader Extension for Customer Fields
BBP_PDHSSHdr Extension for SAP Internal Enhancements (IBUs and so on)
BBP_PDICFSet for Tabluar Customer and Solution Fields on Itm
BBP_PDIGPBusiness transaction item-Purchasing information
BBP_PDISBBid Invitation/Bid-Specific Item Data
BBP_PDISCItem Extension for Customer Fields
BBP_PDISSItem Ext. for SAP Internal Enhancements (IBUs and so on)
BBP_PDLIMValue Limit
BBP_PDORGPurchasing Organizational Unit
BBP_PDPSETFurther Procurement Information
BBP_PDWGTWeighting in Valuation of Bid Invitations
BBP_PD_CLASSTable for Persistent Class CL_PROC_DOC_BBP
BBP_SIG_MAP_DATATables to store digital signature metadata
BBP_SUS_DOCVIEWDSRM-SUS: Overview of Opened Documents
BBP_TIMEOUT_TABDocument table for timeout documents
BBP_TRANS_ARCATBBP: Transient Storage of Archived Attachments
BBP_WLRA_CLUSTERTable for Data Cluster Definitions in Workload
J_1I_CINPRICEPrice data
J_1I_CINTAXTax data
REQREFObject References: Requirement Coverage Request
SRMSOCO_DRFT_HDRDrafts Header Table for SOCO Fiori
/LOCSRM/AUC_DNTMAuctioneer Down Time
/LOCSRM/DNTM_ATAAuctioneer System Downtime Details
/LOCSRM/T_HIS_BRAuction history table for Document Trail
/SAPPSSRM/ANTI_DAnti-Deficiency Output Transfer Table
/SAPPSSRM/ATTACHAttachment table for storing documents selected by the user
/SAPPSSRM/ATTRApplication data of Questionnaire
/SAPPSSRM/BCOMStores Bidder's long comments per Questionnaire i.e. PQQ
/SAPPSSRM/COUNTRContainer table for counting of call off & mod
/SAPPSSRM/C_ATTRCustomizing data of Questionnaire
/SAPPSSRM/C_WEGTWeighting in Valuation of Bid Invitations
/SAPPSSRM/FIXVALDB Table for Fixed Values with Dynamic Attributes
/SAPPSSRM/MCNDOCchanged documents of a mass change/novation object
/SAPPSSRM/MCNOBJchanged objects of a mass change/novation object
/SAPPSSRM/MPQWMapping Question guid and weightage quid.
/SAPPSSRM/MQ_DOCIBU PS: "Maximum Quantity per Period" Documents in Periods
/SAPPSSRM/MQ_PERIBU PS: "Maximum Quantity per Period" Periods
/SAPPSSRM/PYMTPayment Details
/SAPPSSRM/SP_LOGSelective Release Batch Job Log Table
/SAPPSSRM/SYNTSynopsis Temporary Data Table
/SAPPSSRM/TDPDTendering Payment Details of an RFx Responder
/SAPPSSRM/TD_CCollaboration Folder ID
/SAPPSSRM/TEMDTable for EMD Payment
/SAPPSSRM/TGMACCIBU PS: link table between Contract data and earmarked funds
/SAPPSSRM/THRDETThreshold Detail Consumption
/SAPPSSRM/WEGTWeighting in Valuation of Bid Invitations
/SAPSRM/APPLTERRStores Applet Exceptions
/SAPSRM/C_CND_CBClipboard Table for Conditions DO
/SAPSRM/SOCO_DOCTable Containing Follow-on Documents Created in Background
/SAPSRM/SOCO_ITTable for storing workarea items for requirement updates
/SAPSRM/TMP_FILStaging table for documents to be signed
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