AUART Field in SAP | Sales Document Type Data Element using tables

AUART is a data element in SAP used for storing Sales Document Type data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this AUART field in SAP.

  • Data Element : AUART
  • Description : Sales Document Type
  • Data Type :CHAR

Sales Document Type tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using AUART Field

AD01C_PROFDIP profile: Usage
AD04RELCONRelation between conditions
AUKAIWorklist for Sales Orders (FBG)
AUPOAllocation Table Document Item
B005Sales Organization/Order Type
B007Order Type
B150Doc.Type/Sales Org./Customer
CHBSINTCRE-SCM - "sold to interal party" for canceled sales!
CIF_IMNETWInt. Mod. Reference Table for Networks
CIF_VMISDConfirmation of Sales Area Data and Order Category for VMI
CMP_REASONCustomizing for Complaints Reasons
CMSC_R3_MAP_XNCMS Cutomizing Table for the R3 Doc. and corr. LO Xn Code
CSPCS1SRFQ/Quotation Type for Part Availability Information
CVLC23VELO: Assign Organization Data to VMS Roles
CVLC30VMS calculation sheet profile
DIPCS_POOL1Administration of Serial Numbers in Sales Documents
EDPSTTranslation table EDI Int. Doc. <--> SD item categories
EDSDCAssignment of EDI Partner by Sales Org., Distrib.Ch.,Div.
FIP_C_OLcustomizing table for procurement list
FIP_D_ORDER_LINEOrder lines for FIP
FMFGRODEFDefine Reimbursable Orders
FMFGRODPReimbursable Orders relevant for automatic Downpayment
FMFGROYEReimbursable Orders : Year-End closing
FRE_DOC_SO_SENTRelevant Document Types for Sales Order Data Transferred
FRE_DOC_TY_SORelevant Document Categories and Types for Sales Order Data
JITCIRCBOOKIS-M/SD: Circulation Book with Delivery Quantities
JKSDT_SD_CON_GENIS-M: Table for Generating Contracts
JKSECONTRINDEXIS-M: Index Table for IS-M Contracts
JKSESUBPRICESETOIS-M: Dynamic Price Group - Allowed Order Types
J_1BSDNFXArgument used in automatic creation of NF header texts
J_1BSDNFXTText used in automatic creation of NF header texts
J_1BSDTXCSD Tax code determination
J_3GNUMKAUAssignment of Number Ranges to Order Types for CEM
J_7LC671REA Data Filters: Doc. Flow Evaluation Sales Doc. Type
J_7LV1KREA Document: Header Data
KE1_WU_VBPCA Where-Used List: Sales Documents
LIPSPOLIPS Reference Data Purchase Order
LIPSRFLIPS Reference Data
OIA02Exchange item data - sales side
OIFPBLIndex to point at Business Location
OIH11Defaults for ext. sales functions
OIH11ADefaults for ext. sales functions
OIHLLicense Master Data
OIH_J1B_SALBrazil: Check table for tax codes in sales process
OIH_J1B_SAL_2Brazil: ICMS Deferment
OIISCPSOESCP: Sales order entry default group
OIISOCVB1SOC: Enable tank ID entry by sales doc type
OIKTPIRDTPI: SD doc. - obsolete - but needed for XPRA ROIKXTPIREL
OIRC_LOGDOCDEFHLogistics document definition schema header
OIRIDCPARSSR Invoicing - Document parameters
OIU_RV_CTXPRA Contract Type Cross Reference
PRSC_CATDETMATEngagement mgmt: Determine Materials for Categories
PRSC_CTRLEngagement mgmt: Process Control
PRSC_MATDETCATEngagement mgmt: Determine Categories for Materials
PRSC_SCRVALEngagement mgmt: Sceen Values
PRSC_SCRVAL_TEngagement mgmt: Sceen Values Texts
PSLA_CONFIG_TBLConfiguration of Commercial Project Inception
S008Communications Table SD -> CO/Projects
S260SD - Sales order
S260BIW1SD - Sales order
S260BIW2SD - Sales order
S264SD- Offer
S264BIW1S264BIW1 * SD - Quotation
S264BIW2S264BIW2 * SD - Quotation
SER02Document Header for Serial Nos for Maint.Contract (SD Order)
SPCGLOBALGlobal constants for SPEC 2000
SUBCONORDERGoods Movement - Reverse Posting per Order Type
T184Sales Documents: Item Category Determination
T350Maintenance Control Parameters: Client/Order Type
T621Item Categories for Allocation Tables
T664ASpecial processing for deliveries for ext.agents
T683CBatch Search Procedure: Determination in Sales Docs
TB2BDTrading Contract: Sales Grouping
TBOS165AConditions Determination Procedure for SD Services
TBOSSC01Subcontracting: Assignment of Conditions (MM, SD)
TBOSSC02Subcontracting: Assignment of Conditions (MM, SD)
TCJO5Transfer of planned data from sales document
TCM_C_SLS_MAPMapping TM Organizational Unit to Sales Organisation
TCONUSEUsage of condition types
TDGB9DG: Assign Dangerous Goods Check Schemas for Sales Documents
TDGD13EHS: Validity Template Processing for Sales Documents
TEEWA_BULKY_CUSTBulk Refuse Order Types
TEWA_EL_007Order Types for Waste Disposal Installations
TJI06IS-M/SD: Basic Audit Report Category Default - Media Product
TJKSD01IS-M/SD: Allowed Item Categories
TJKSD03IS-M: Control Parameters for Purchase Quantity Planning
TJKSDSUSPAUARTIS-M: POS Suspension - Allowed Contract Types/Items
TJKSDUNSOLDQUANIS-M: Exclusion of Order Type for Determining Return Qty
TJKSDWWW10IS-M: Customizing Table for Retail via Internet
TJKSECONTRIS-M: Contract Type for Cont. Items to Be Created from Order
TJKSESUBIS-M: Subscription Item
TJMSD2SDIS-M/SD: Customizing Settings for LES Interface
TJSEORDERDESTIS-M: Control Table for Order Generation
TMDRD_DOCTPDelivery Relationshp: Document Types per Document Category
TMS_C_SLSExt.Transport Manag.: Determination of Transfer Relevance SD
TOGM5Software Maintenance Process: Rejection Codes
TOI0_REL_SDIS-OIL: Relevance customizing for SD Documents
TOIJ_EL_DOC_SDChoose screens for TSW details pop-up in SD contracts
TOIJ_EL_EV_SDDefault events for sales documents
TOIJ_EL_INCOMPIS-OIL TSW: Activate incompletion for sales and purchasing
TOIJ_EL_INC_FIS-OIL TSW: specify incompletion fields
TOIJ_EL_MS_GROUPOil TSW: Assign function groups to movement scenarios
TOIJ_EL_MVSCENTSW: Define Movement scenarios
TOIKGRTYPATPI: Group type assignment
TOIKTPIRTAS - TPI Relevance Definition
TOIKTRVLID TAS relevance determination
TOIKTWSTPI: Time Window Settings
TQ80Notification Types
TVAKSales Document Types
TVAKTSales Document Types: Texts
TVAKZSales Documents: Allowed Order Types per Sales Org.
TVARASales Document Archiving Control
TVASPSales Documents: Blocking Reasons
TVLKAIPDetermine Delivery Type for Delivery Creation Using BAPI
TVSTATDisplay/Maintain Status in Sales Overview
TWDRD_DOCTPDelivery Relationshp: Document Types per Document Category
TWIC0501Store Retail Store: Order Entry, Allowed Order Types
TWPIOStore order control
TWTCTRLControl table for procedures for additionals
TXW_S_VBAKRetrieve VBAK from archive
VAKGUSales Index: Quotation Validity
VAKPASales Index: Orders by Partner Function
VAPMASales Index: Order Items by Material
VAPPE_ASGNAssignment of Predefined Price Element to Sales Doc. Type
VBAKSales Document: Header Data
VBBESales Requirements: Individual Records
VBREVKRevenue Recognition: Control Lines
VEPVGDelivery Due Index
VLCBATCHACTVELO: Variant for Action Execution in Batch
VLCGPRICEORGVELO : Organization Data for Gross List Price Determination
VLPKMScheduling agreements by customer material
VPKHEADSales Pricing Header Data
VSBPLGProcessing Log: Self-Billing Procedure w. Autom. Postings
VSVBAK_CNVersion: Sales document: Header data
WBHKTrading Contract: Header Data
WLF_C_AU2WRARTAssign Payment Types to Returns Order Types
WTYSCC_CLAIM_MAPClaim and sales order mapping
WTYSCC_MAPPINGMap Claim Control indicators to Order Type
WVFBDRS Interface, Intermediate Buffer, Order Item FM
/BEV1/CAZAAAdditional Field for Order Processing
/BEV1/CAZAPDialog Box w. Address Data Partner Function in Order Entry
/BEV1/CLT999Table for Order Types Allowed in CL
/BEV1/LAAUARTCustomizing Shipping: Loading Agenda for Order Type Y/N
/BEV1/LUTALU: Permitted Document Types Order
/BEV1/RBVBAKSales Document: Header Data
/BEV1/RBZBEATZMaintain Doc. Type for Doc. Type Change for Virtual Docs
/BEV1/REAUARTOrder Types for Rental Items
/BEV1/REKONDParameter to Calculate the Rental Duration
/BEV1/REMIETERental Items: Shadow Table for VBAK/VBAP/VBEP
/BEV1/REVISIRental Items: Hide Fields
/BEV1/REWARTRental Items: Delivery Schedule Items
/BEV1/RPDBLARTPermissible Delivery and Order Types for Dynamic Dispatch
/BEV1/RSAUAOrder Types for Route Settlement
/BEV1/TSAUARTOrder Types (Target) for Part Load Lift Orders
/BEV1/TSSSPBFEIndiv.Doc.- Permiss.Doc.Types - Column Dtld Defntn TS Stats
/BEV1/TSSVBELPart Load Lift Orders: Customizing Selection Sales Documents
/BEV1/TSSVBEL2Part Load Lift Orders: Customizing Selection Sales Documents
/BEV1/TSSVBZBPart Load Lift Orders: Permitted Order Types Target Doc.
/BEV1/TSZKKCyclical Customer Sales Activities for Telephone Sales
/BEV2/CS_C_ORDEROrder Types for EMCS Control
/BEV3/CHCI_AUARTCI: Allowed Order Types
/BEV3/CHCI_VORGCustomizing Business Processes Header Data
/BEV4/PLDANFBELMaintenance of Document Types for Indirect Orders
/DSD/C_OC_PRCDEFDef. of Sales Doc. Type & Item Usage for Price Determination
/DSD/ME_CNDLEDSD Connector: Table Listing/Exclusion Conditions
/DSD/ME_ORD_AUTDSD CN: Assignm. of Sales Doc. Types to DSD Order Scenarios
/DSD/SL_DIFIACDSD Settlement: Interim Accounts
/DSD/SL_DP_CTRLDefine Difference Processing with Interim Account
/DSD/SL_TCSTAMAPDSD Route Settlement:Document Ctrl.Customer Sales Trans.Type
/DSD/SV_RLD_ORDDSD SV: Reload Order Type Determination
/DSD/VC_ORDERDSD: Sales Document Types for DSD
/SAPBOQ/TBOS02Assign Service entry sheet type to the sales document type
/SAPHT/DRMAGRDEFAgreement : Default data
/SAPHT/DRMCSDXNDetermination of DRM Transaction Code for SD application
/SAPHT/DRMCTVAKDRM relevant settings for Sales order types
/SPE/IBGI_INDCustomizing for Invoice Before Goods Issue relevance
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