APPLCLASS Field in SAP | Application class for DD objects (not used) Data Element using tables

APPLCLASS is a data element in SAP used for storing Application class for DD objects (not used) data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this APPLCLASS field in SAP.

  • Data Element : APPLCLASS
  • Description : Application class for DD objects (not used)
  • Data Type :CHAR

Application class for DD objects (not used) tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using APPLCLASS Field

AFWCH_DRSF_SAMPSample Customizing for Derivation (Fields for Steps)
AFWCH_DRST_SAMPSample Customizing for Derivation (Texts for Steps)
AFWCH_DRS_SAMPSample Customizing for Derivation (Steps)
BUAVCKEDRENVTTexts for Strategy Environment (CO-PA Derivation Tool)
CD0TBSH001Veri-Struktur mit Suchhilfe-Anbindung
CEFORMACO: Change History for Row/Column Structure
CEFORMCRPT: History of formatting changes to elements
CEFORMETable of descriptions of element structures
CEFORMFCO: Definition of contents of element in row/col.str.
CEFORMSTable for description of structures
CEFORMTTable for Report Painter Row and Column Texts
CEFORMVCO: Variables for row/column structure
CEFORMWCO: Row/Column Structure Variable Texts
CEPRINTTable for description of print statement for CO-PA forms
CESETSSet Administration in the Report Painter
CNVCMIS_A_1_DOMASelection of Object Type Master information
CNVCMIS_A_1_DTELSelection of Object Type Master information
CNVCMIS_A_1_MCIDMCID type Repository Analysis
CNVCMIS_A_1_MCOBMCOB type Repository Analysis
CNVCMIS_A_1_MSAGMessage IDs for T100
CNVCMIS_A_1_TABDSelection of Object Type TABLE (TABD) Master information
CNVCMIS_A_1_VIEWVIEW type Repository Analysis
CNV_20100_CEFORMCEFORMF records with rel. org. units + addit. VALUE field
COVADVariant catalog
COVALLog Management Table
COVATTexts for Variants
DD02LSAP Tables
DD04LData elements
DD06LPool/cluster structures
DD15LR/3 DD: SAP objects
DD20LMatchcode objects
DD23LMatchcode ID
DD25LAggregate Header (Views, MC Objects, Lock Objects)
DOKSHDocumentation Statistics History
DOSSHDocumentation: Short Text Statistics History
FAGL_VAL_COCODEAllocation to company code
FAGL_VAL_GRPSets for the Validation of Account Assignment Combinations
FAGL_VAL_HDRValidation Strategy
FAGL_VAL_HDRTValidation Strategy (Texts)
FAGL_VAL_LEDGRAssignment to Ledger Group
FMDERIVEENVIDAssignment Company Code to Derivation Tool Strategy
FMFG_ABP_HDR_DEFABP Budget Entry Document default attributes
FMREAS_STRATSMaintain Assignment Strategy for FM Area and Fiscal Year
FMTABADRCharacteristic Derivation: Strategies
FMTABADRHCharacteristic Derivation: Header
FMTABADRHFUNDTYPAssign FM Fund Category to Strategy Environment
FMTABADRHTCharacteristic Derivation: Header - Texts
KPP0RCO planning: directory of generated reports
KPP0VCO planning: Assignment layout <-> validation
KPP2DCO planning: directory of generated dumps
KPP2KCO Planning Processor: Context of user configurations
MCSHIERBTree for general hierarchy
MCSHIERBTTexts for general hierarchy tree
MCSHIERKHeader of general hierarchy
RTXCSMaster Data Exits for Report Texts
RTXTFFormat Table for Report Texts
RTXTHHeader Table for Report Texts
RTXTLText Lines for Report Texts
RTXTTText Header for Report Texts
T100AMessage IDs for T100
TABADRCharacteristic Derivation: Strategies
TABADRHCharacteristic Derivation: Header
TABADRSCharacteristic Derivation: Steps
TABADRSFCharacteristic Derivation: Steps, Fields
TABADRSTCharacteristic Derivation: Steps, Texts
TABADRTCharacteristic Derivation: Strategies, Texts
TAPPLR/3-DDIC: Application classes
TFILA_GF_100Assignment of Derivations for Validations/Substitutions
TJBSBase Field Catalog IS-B-PA (Fixed Fields)
TKAFAField catalog: Accounting, table assignment
TKAFA_ONOFFField catalog: Accounting, table assignment
TKAFA_USER_ONOFFField catalog: Accounting, table assignment
TKCHHSAP-EIS: Hierarchy header
TKCHHTSAP-EIS: Texts for hierarchy header
TKCHNSAP-EIS Hierarchy nodes
TKCHNTSAP-EIS: Hierarchy node texts
TKCHWSAP-EIS: Hierarchy data
TKCJJoin (view) tables for CO drill down
TKCKTKey figures, Table assignment (SAP-EIS)
TKCKUKey Figure Assignment Groups
TKCKUKKey figure assignment to groups
TKCODSAP-EIS: Object types in the object list
TKCTABFIEEC-EIS: Table-specific field properties
TKCTULanguage Table: Key Figure Assignment Groups
TKEB1Report Management
TKEB2Report Texts
TKEBFPrograms for form routines: CO text-reader module
TKEBGGraphic settings for hierarchy graphic
TKEBPFLCO-PA Mass Processing: Parameters
TKEBPFMCO-PA Mass Processing: Function Modules
TKEBPSFCO-PA Mass Processing: Screen Fields
TKEBSRow/column structures
TKEBUUse of Fields in Reports
TKEBU_VARWhere-Used List of Variables in Reports
TKEBWDescription of exceptions
TKEBWLGCO-PA Connectn to SAP BW: Status Information for InfoSource
TKEBWLGNCO-PA Connectn to SAP BW: Status Information for InfoSource
TKEBXAdministration of exceptions
TKEBYExceptions (reference to reporting object)
TKEBZExceptions (threshold values, colors)
TKEB_LAYOUTUser-spec. Layout Info. for Drilldown Rep(invalid from 4.6C)
TKEC1Comment management for characteristic attributes
TKEC2Comment management for fields
TKECXExits for Making Release-Independent
TKED1Library of results from data mining processing
TKEDPSAP tables for use when defining characteristics (CO)
TKEDRCharacteristic Derivation: Strategies
TKEDRHCharacteristic Derivation: Header
TKEDRSCharacteristic Derivation: Steps
TKEDRSFCharacteristic Derivation: Steps, Fields
TKEDRSTCharacteristic Derivation: Steps, Texts
TKEDRTCharacteristic Derivation: Strategies, Texts
TKENRNames for CO development objects
TKEP1CO-PA planning table for special fields
TKEP2CO-PA planning of special fields
TKEP7Characteristic group
TKEP8Characteristic group - rows
TKEP9Characteristic group - Text table
TKEPACO-PA: Revaluation
TKEPBCO-PA: Revaluation / Factors
TKEPCCO-PA: Revaluation / Texts
TKEPFIELDSPlanning Scenarios: Relevant Key Figures
TKEPLEXITCustomer Exits for CO-PA Planning
TKEPLEXITTTexts for Customer Exits CO-PA Planning (table TKEPLEXIT)
TKEPPLASOCFCAssignment of OK Code to F Code
TKEPPLCSMFCHCO-PA: Function Codes for Context-Sensitive Menu - Header
TKEPPLCSMFCTCO-PA: Function Codes for Context-Sensitive Menu - Text
TKEPPLDYNPFCO-PA: Planning Interface for Element Attributes
TKEPPLFUNCFunction Modules for Planning Screens
TKEPPLKPPFUNCFunctions Available in Planning Processor
TKEPPLLEVPlanning Level - Header
TKEPPLLEVCPlanning Level - Characteristics
TKEPPLLEVSPlanning Level - Selection Table
TKEPPLLEVTPlanning Level - Text
TKEPPLLOGACO-PA: Control Table Application Log Planning Framework
TKEPPLLOGFCATField Catalog for Displaying Logs in Application Log
TKEPPLLOGSORTField Sort in Application Log
TKEPPLMEPACHPlanning Parameters - Characteristic Selection
TKEPPLMEPAFAPlanning Parameters - Value Field Assignment
TKEPPLMEPAHPlanning Parameters - Header
TKEPPLMEPAIFPlanning Parameters - Internet Functions
TKEPPLMEPARDPlanning Parameters - Reference Data
TKEPPLMEPASACOPPlanning Parameters - Copy
TKEPPLMEPASADELPlanning Parameters - Delete
TKEPPLMEPASADISPlanning Parameters - Distribute
TKEPPLMEPASAEVNPlanning Parameters - Events
TKEPPLMEPASAFORPlanning Parameters - Forecast
TKEPPLMEPASARATPlanning Parameters - Ratios
TKEPPLMEPASAREVPlanning Parameters - Revaluate
TKEPPLMEPASASQPlanning Parameters - Sequence
TKEPPLMEPASATPDPlanning Parameters - Top-Down
TKEPPLMEPASAUEXPlanning Parameters - User Exits
TKEPPLMEPASAVALPlanning Parameters - Valuate
TKEPPLMEPATPlanning Parameters - Text
TKEPPLMEPAVPlanning Parameters - Values
TKEPPLMEPAVFPlanning Parameters - Value Field Selection
TKEPPLMEPAVHPlanning Parameters - Value Assignment - Header
TKEPPLMEPAVIPlanning Parameters - Value Assignment - Items
TKEPPLMETHHPlanning Methods - Header
TKEPPLMETHTPlanning Methods - Text
TKEPPLPPHPlanning Package - Header
TKEPPLPPSPlanning Package - Selection Table
TKEPPLPPTPlanning Package - Text
TKEPPLPROFProfile - Permitted Function Code
TKEPPLPROHProfile - Header Table
TKEPPLPROLEVProfile - Assigned Planning Levels
TKEPPLPROMETProfile - Assigned Methods
TKEPPLPROPARProfile - Assigned Parametrizations
TKEPPLPROPCKProfile - Assigned Planning Packages
TKEPPLPROTProfile - Text Table
TKEPPLPROTOLog Structures for CO-PA Planning
TKEPPLPROTOITYPETable for Information Types for CO-PA Planning Logs
TKEPPLPROTOTREEStorage of Tree Structure for Logs
TKEPPLPROUProfile - User Assignment
TKEPPLSZPlanning Scenarios: Derivation Parameters
TKEPPLTPTree Format: Parameters
TKEPPLVARPlanning Variable
TKEPPLVARTPlanning Variable - Texts
TKEPSCO-PA Plan structures
TKEPSAPlan Structure Attributes
TKEPSSCO-PA Plan structure
TKEPSTCO-PA Plan Structure Text Table
TKEPSVCO-PA: Plan Structure Status Management
TKEPSZKPlanning Aids: Access
TKEPSZKTPlanning Aids: Text Table for Access
TKEPTTexts for SAP tables(entry aid for defining characteristics)
TKEPTRFEvents: Fields
TKEPTRKEvents: Header
TKEPTRPEvents: Item
TKEPTRTEvents: Text Table
TKEQUOTRatios: Texts
TKEQUS1Ratio scheme
TKEQUS1TRatio scheme: Text
TKEQUS2Ratio scheme: entries
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