AGR_NAME Field in SAP | Role Name Data Element using tables

AGR_NAME is a data element in SAP used for storing Role Name data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this AGR_NAME field in SAP.

  • Data Element : AGR_NAME
  • Description : Role Name
  • Data Type :CHAR

Role Name tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using AGR_NAME Field

AAA_ROLESSAP Authorization Assistant - Roles Managed by Tool
AAA_ROLES2SAP Authorization Assistant - Roles no longer Managed
AAF_ROLESSAP Authorization Assistant - User-Specific Favorites
AAT_ROLESSAP Authorization Assistant - Definition
AGR_1016Name of the activity group profile
AGR_1016BName of the activity group profile
AGR_1250Authorization data for the activity group
AGR_1251Authorization data for the activity group
AGR_1252Organizational elements for authorizations
AGR_1253Authorization Data for Activity Group - Static Objects
AGR_AGRS2Role definition
AGR_ATTSRole attributes
AGR_BUFFIInternet Links for a Role
AGR_BUFFI2Internet links table - Customer version of SAP roles
AGR_BUFFI3Internet links table - SAP versions of SAP roles
AGR_CUSTOMRole Customizing objects
AGR_DEFINERole definition
AGR_FAVOSPersonal settings for PFCG
AGR_FLAGSRole attributes
AGR_FLAGSBRole attributes
AGR_HIERTable for Structure Information for Menu
AGR_HIER2Menu structure information - Customer version of SAP roles
AGR_HIER3Menu structure information - SAP version of SAP roles
AGR_HIERTRole menu texts
AGR_HIERT2Role menu texts - Customer version of SAP objects
AGR_HIERT3Role menu texts - SAP Original
AGR_HIER_BORTable for Object-Oriented Navigation (OBN)
AGR_HPAGERole Home Page
AGR_HPAGETDescription of the Home Page for a Role
AGR_INFOFilter Values from Generation Run
AGR_LOGSYSLogical system
AGR_LSDRole attributes
AGR_MAPPMiniApps in Role
AGR_MINIMiniApps in Role
AGR_MINI2MiniApps in Role
AGR_MINITRole mini-appl texts
AGR_MINIT2Role mini-application texts
AGR_OBJAssignment of Menu Nodes to Role
AGR_PROFProfile name for role
AGR_SELECTAssignment of roles to Tcodes
AGR_TCDTXTAssignment of roles to Tcodes
AGR_TCODE3Assignment of roles to Tcodes
AGR_TCODESAssignment of roles to Tcodes
AGR_TEXTSFile Structure for Hierarchical Menu - Customer
AGR_TIMETime Stamp for Role (Menu, Profile, Authorizations)
AGR_TIMEBTime Stamp for Role (Profile Generation)
AGR_TIMECTime Stamp for Role (User Assignment)
AGR_TIMEDTime Stamp for Role (Profile Comparison, RFC Distribution)
AGR_USERSAssignment of roles to users
AGR_USERTAssignment of roles to users
AGSSISE_USER_ROLSimple Setup: Roles by User
AQRLASSRole Assignment of InfoSet Query Call-up
BBPC_SUS_BP_RLMPSUS/UM: Assignment: SUS Role and CRM Role
BBP_ALLROLES_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Roles (attribute-dependent)
BBP_ATTR_ACCESSAttribute Access Mode
BBP_MENUUser-Specific Start Menu
BBP_PIDNODNode entry of the PID tree
BBP_ROLE_FAVUser-Specific Favorites for Permitted Roles
BCST_ROBCS: Folders for Semantic and Technical SAP Role Keys
CD1016Role Profile Name
CD1251Authorization Data for Role
CD1252Organizational elements for authorizations
CDBC_PRN_CONTROLPrint Control Table for Fact Sheet
CDBD_FACTSHEET_HRequest for Fact Sheets (Header)
CDESK_C_GROUPSCustomizing of User Group for CAD Desktop
CFX_HIST_AUTHSaves all Changes to Authorization Objects
CHIP_PFCG_MAPAssignment of Page to PFCG Menu Entry
COMC_WEC_AGR_DWeb channel: Web Descriptions for web channel UA Roles
COMC_WEC_UA_AGRWeb channel: User Management Possible Activity Groups
CRMC_ACT_PDFAFSCustomising table for Activity Account Fact Sheet
CRMC_CS_OBJTYPObject Type Table for Central Search
CRMC_CS_OBJTYP_TText Table for Object Type Table for Central Search
CRM_PRN_CONTROLPrint Control Table
CRM_PRN_CONTROLCPrint Control Table
DIAGSTC_ROLECCDB: Transactions for Authorization Stores
DMS_PROF02DMS: Allocation Profile - Group/User
DPR_APPL_VIEWApplication Views When Accessing Project Management
DSWP_NWBC_DBGTable to Display Navigation Structure
DSWP_ROLESWork Center Roles
EASYDMS_C_GROUPSUser Groups for Easy Document Management Customizing
ESH_AU_ROL_PRFESH Authorization: Role Profile
ESH_AU_USR_ROLESH Authorization: User Role
FAVO_ROLESFavorites for roles in PFCG
FCC_INST_ITEMAdministration of a Job (Report/Transaction or Workflow)....
FCC_TEMPL_ITEMAdministration of a Job (Report/Transaction or Workflow)
FPM_SAVED_SEARCHFPM Table for saved searches
FPM_SSEARCH_APPLFPM Table for saved searches
GHO_GISCMCONFIDCustomizing Table for Context Menu Configurations
GRACFFIDROLEFire Fighter ID Connector Role Relation
GRACRTROLELOGLog of user reason for profile gen with conflicts
GRFNAGENTSLOTCCustomized Rules for Business Event
GRFNPERSRESPUser Responsible for Entity
GRFNRELROLESRelevant Roles for GRC Authorization
GRFNRELROLESREGRelevant Roles for GRC Authorization
GRFNREPLACEMENTRole replacements (Cuts)
GRFNROLEASSNMTnew DB Table for non-HR object role assignment
GRFNSIDEPANCONFSide Panel Configuration
GRPCROLEMAPRole Mapping for Upgrade and Migration
GRPC_T_FDA_ESIGDB meta data table for GRC FDA E-Sig
GRPC_UPG_HRP1852Backup data
GRRMOBWAGDLoss Event WF: Agent Determination for Statuses
HRP1852DB Table for Infotype 1852
INM_NAV_CTXINM Navigation Context
INM_NAV_CTX_WINM Navigation Context Workcenter
N1DCS_AGR_RANGEDCS: Quick Entry Settings for Roles (Ranges)
N1WPLACE_PG_USZIS-H*MED: Display Variant - User Assignment
NWAT_GIN_ERDEinstellungen für die Anzeige der e-Überweisung
NWPLACE_AD1IS-H: Clinical Process Builder - Personal Settings
NWPLACE_DTMIS-H: Determination of Work Environment at Callup
NWPLACE_DTM_POIS-H*Med: Aspects in Patient Organizer
NWPUSZWork Environment-to-User (Role) Assignment
NWPUSZTWork Environment-to-User (Role) Assignment
NWPVZ_USZIS-H / IS-H*MED: Work Environment-to-Service View Assignment
NWVIEW_W01IS-H: Workplace - View Type W01 - MiniApp Reports
POWL_ACLPOWL Authorization table
POWL_QUERY_ROLQuery - Role assignment
POWL_TYPE_ROLType - Role assignment
PRGN_SSMPermitted menus for the Session Manager for role
RCM_ORG_OPENMODERCM Organizer: Configuration of Open Mode: Change, Display
RCM_ORG_QACT_PRARCM Organizer: Quick Action: Profile <-> Role Assignment
RCM_REC_TAFPRCM Record: Function Profile <-> Role Assignment
RSZW_MINI_URLConversion: URLs for MiniApps
RSZW_ROLE_URLConversion: URLs for Roles
SALRTAROLEAlert: Roles and Categories (for Authorization Check)
SALRTTROLEAlert Recipients Via User Roles
SIAROLEIA: Role for Roadmap
SIAROLEWPIA: Role for Roadmap
SIAROLRASAP Role for SAP Review Program
SMI_ROLE_SGASSGNRole Search Group Assignment
SRMORGRL2BC-RM : Roles (new)
SRMORGRL2TText Table: View Elements
SRMORGROLSRM View Generator : Role Definition
SRMORGROLTText Table for View Definition
SRM_VE_CNTL_WEBSQuestionnaire Determination for Vendor Evaluation in BW
SWLIAGWorkflow Inbox Setting for Role
TFC_INST_ITEMAdministration of a Job (Report/Transaction or Workflow)
TFC_TEMPL_ITEMAdministration of a Job (Report/Transaction or Workflow)
TN2STATUS_SWITCHDocuments: Control of Status Updating
TPR_EXCLBerechtigungsobjektausschlusstabelle für generierte Rollen
TUTYHLPMass Maintain Price Categories
UCUM020Assignment of Cutoff Tasks to User Role
UCUW001SAP Cons.: Personalization Workbench: Object Lists
UCUW011SAP Cons.: Personalization Workbench: Object Lists
UGWB1101FIN Workbench: Personalization - General Settings
UGWB1201FIN Workbench: Personalization - General Settings
USMD2001Personalization: Default Data Model
USMD2003Personalization: Default UI Model for Each Data Model
USMD2005Personalization: Role-depend. Personalization per Data Model
VFPRCC_VIEW_DETPricing View Determination
/BCV/C_PRVIEWROverview Default Role Assignment
/CRYSTAL/CA_JOBPublishing job details
/CRYSTAL/CA_ROLERole to target system mappings
/GRCPI/GRIA_ROLDRisk Terminator Role Old image
/ISDFPS/AGR_DEFRole Definitions for the Role Generator
/ISDFPS/AGR_TIMECycle Control Table for the Role Generator
/ISDFPS/AUTH_BCKOriginal Data of the Deactivated Authorizations for Roles
/ISDFPS/DIST_AGRUser Distribution Additional Roles
/ISDFPS/SYS_LSCPSystem Landscape for the Distribution of Users
/IWBEP/D_MGW_SUBOData Channel Subscriptions
/KYK/SCOPEGRPTransaction groups relevant for scope (simplified/generic)
/KYK/TAGGRPTransaction tag groups
/KYK/TA_TAGGING1Scope tagging and grouping of transactions in role menu
/KYK/TA_TAGGING2Tag assignment to transactions in role menu
/KYK/TA_TAGGING3Scenario categorization of transactions in role menu
/RPM/DASH_ROLEDashboard Attributes Override Table
/RPM/DSH_MET_ROLDashboard Metric Attributes
/RPM/DSH_PRS_ROLDashboard Customization Override Table
/RPM/OBJ_GRPLINKObject type- Group link definition
/RPM/PORTAL_ROLEPortal Roles definition
/RPM/PORT_ROLE_TPortal Role text
/SAPTRX/SCROLEScenario role mapping table
/VIRSA/DTCWKFLOWMitigation Work flow Table
/VIRSA/MGMTRISKDUser & Role analysis Risk details
/VIRSA/MITWKFLOWMitigation Work flow Table
/VIRSA/RTROLELCKRisk Terminator Role Lock
/VIRSA/RTROLELOGLog of user reason for profile gen with conflicts
/VIRSA/RTROLEOLDRisk Terminator Role Old image
/VIRSA/ZFFREALOGFirefighter Notification Data
/VIRSA/ZFFTNSLOGFirefighter Transaction Log
/VIRSA/ZVIRFFLOGFirefighter Action Log
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