ACC_SYSTEM Field in SAP | Accounting System Data Element using tables

ACC_SYSTEM is a data element in SAP used for storing Accounting System data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this ACC_SYSTEM field in SAP.

  • Data Element : ACC_SYSTEM
  • Description : Accounting System
  • Data Type :CHAR

Accounting System tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using ACC_SYSTEM Field

ACCAREAIDCOMPArea ID of a Technical Component
ACCCLSSTEP_ASGNAssignment of Period Rules for the Closing Phases
ACCCLSSTPPERSetting for Period Lock
ACCPERSEL2Specify Selction Conditions for the Period Lock
ACCROLE21Application Role Registration: FieldNames and FinObjectTypes
ACCSYS02Accounting System: Assignment to Selection Condition
ACCSYS04Customizing for Accounting System
ACCSYS05Setting for Currency Translation
ACCSYS07Reference Accounting Systems
ACCSYS08Currency IDs per Accounting System
ACCSYS0CAccounting System
ACCSYS0TName of Accounting System
ACCSYSTEM01Settings for Company on Accounting System
ACCSYSTEM02Number Range Object for Accounting System and Company
ACCSYSTEM03Derivations for Accounting System
ACCSYSTEM0CAccounting Systems
ACCSYSTEM0TTexts of Accounting Systems
FAIBSV01Incoming/Outgoing Invoices
FAIBSV01CRule for Balance Sheet Valuation
FAIBSV02Valuated Receipts
FAIBSV03Logistical Goods Movements
FINACHDAccounting Document Header
FINB_TNOASS_NROAssignment of Accounting System to Number Range Object
FINB_TPRFL_ATable for Result Elements (Amounts Only)
FINB_TPRFL_QTable for Result Elements (Quantities Only)
FINB_TPROFELTable for Result Elements
FINGLACCTCOMP0CG/L Account on Accounting System/Company Level
FINVALSTRATDERIVDerivation Table: Valuation Strategy for Business Transactio
FINXCOSTCTR0CLocal Values for FIN_COSTCTR (Not Used in Live System)
FINXPROFITCTR0CLocal Values for FIN_PROFITCTR (Not Used in Live System)
FINXPROFITCTR0TLocal Texts for FIN_PROFITCTR (Not Used in Live System)
UAINVDEBCRHDocument for Revaluation Through Material Debit/Credit
UAINVREVALHDocument for INV Price Change and Inventory Revaluation
UAINVT4000Configuration Status of Inventory/WIP for Accounting Systems
UAV0PRICE001Price Table with Period Dependency
UAV0PRICE001HPrice History Table with Period Dependency
UAV0PRICE002Price Table with Date Dependency
UAV0PRICE002HPrice History Table with Date Dependency
UAV0PRICE003Price Table with Period Dependency
UAV0PRICE003HPrice History Table with Period Dependency
UAV0PRICE004Price Table with Date Dependency
UAV0PRICE004HPrice History Table with Date Dependency
/EACA/GL_DOCNR_TInverse Value Table for GL Number Range Subobject
/EACA/TGLBALREPConfiguration for G/L Balance Reporting
/EACA/TGLBAS_BSettings for Balance Tool
/EACA/TGLBWINFOInformation for BW Objects
/EACA/TGLCONTROLPosting Logic Control for Account Determination Fields
/EACA/TGLMPCONASConfiguration of Manual Posting Transaction for Acc. System
/EACA/TGLREADERAdministration of the GUIDs for the Reader Modules
/EACA/TGLSYS01General Ledger Configuration in Accounting System
/EACA/TPMACCSYSAssignment of Accounting Systems
/EACC/ACCRMETH0CConfigured Methods for Accrual
/EACC/ACCRMETH0TDescription of an Accrual Method
/EACC/BT_ACTIVActivate Configurations of the Business Transactions
/EACC/BT_CNF_AAll Configurations by the Business Transactions
/EACC/CHARNAMESCharacteristic Names for Fixed Fields
/EACC/COND_PRConditions for Generated Programs
/EACC/CONF_DELEGDelegation of Line Item Processing
/EACC/DERIVCHARSTarget Characteristics in Derivation Steps
/EACC/DERIV_CONDConditions for Derivation Steps
/EACC/DERIV_EXITMethods for Derviation Exits
/EACC/DOC_PROGSGenerated Programs
/EACC/GEN_PROGSGenerated Programs
/EACC/HEAD_TBLSList of Document Header Tables
/EACC/JOURNALSJournals in E-Accounting
/EACC/JRNL_ACTIVActive Journal Configurations
/EACC/JRNL_CNF_AAll Journal Configurations
/EACC/JRNL_CURTPAll Journal Configurations
/EACC/JRNL_DERIVDerivation Configuration for the Journal
/EACC/JRNL_QNTTPAll Journal Configurations
/EACC/JRNL_TOTLSJournal Totals
/EACC/JRNL_TRANSTransported Master Objects
/EACC/JRNL_TRMAPImport Mapping
/EACC/LASTPSTDATLest Posting Date Posted to
/EACC/PROGCONDConditions for Generated Programs
/EACC/TAR_OBJArchiving Objects
/EACC/TAR_SELSelection Characteristics for Archiving
/EACC/TBTA3003Transient Journal Characteristics for Generic BTA
/EACC/TBTA3004Characteristics to Display Simulated Documents
/EACC/TDOCJRCONFConfiguration of the Document Journal Component
/EACC/TOT_DELEGDelegation of Totals Administration
/EACC/T_DCCHECKCharacteristics to Display Simulated Documents
/EACC/T_DCSEQProcess Step Sequences per Accounting System
/EACC/VIEWDCHARSSource Characteristics in Derivation Steps
/EACC/VIEW_ACTIVActive View Configurations
/EACC/VIEW_CNF_AAll View Configurations
/EACC/VIEW_CURTPAll View Configurations
/EACC/VIEW_DERIVDerivation Configuration Requirements in a View
/EACC/VIEW_QNTTPQuantity Types
/EACC/VIEW_TOT_AAll View Configurations
/EACC/V_CONDDerivation Steps Condition
/EACC/V_CURCurrency Types
/EACC/V_CUR_SUBNames of Views for Currency Types
/EACC/V_DERIVDerivation Steps
/EACC/V_DER_NAMEDerivation Steps - Name
/EACC/V_HEAD_CHeader Data
/EACC/V_HEAD_NHeader Data - View Name
/EACC/V_QUANT_NQuantity Types
/EACC/V_QUANT_TQuantity Types
/EACC/V_TABLES_IJournal Tables - Indexes
/EACC/V_TABLES_JJournal Tables
/EACC/V_TABLES_TJournal Tables - Tables
/EACC/V_TAB_I_IJournal Tables - Indexes - Index
/EACC/V_TOTALS_FJournal Totals - Field List
/EACC/V_TOTALS_IJournal Totals - Database Indexes
/EACC/V_TOTALS_JJournal Totals
/EACC/V_TOTALS_TJournal Totals - Texts
/EACC/V_TOTAL_IIJournal Totals - Database Indexes - Index
/EACC/V_TOTAL_ITJournal Totals - Database Indexes - Texts
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