ACC_DATABASIS Field in SAP | Data Basis Data Element using tables

ACC_DATABASIS is a data element in SAP used for storing Data Basis data in table fields. Here is it basic details and list of tables using this ACC_DATABASIS field in SAP.

  • Data Element : ACC_DATABASIS
  • Description : Data Basis
  • Data Type :CHAR

Data Basis tables in SAP

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using ACC_DATABASIS Field

ACCAREAIDCOMPArea ID of a Technical Component
ACCASSTYPE00Account Assignment Category
ACCASSTYPE0CAccount Assignment Category
ACCASSTYPE0TAccount Assignment Category
ACCDBS01Data Basis <-> Business Domain Assignment
ACCDBS02Assignment Data Basis - Generated ALV Reference Structure
ACCDBS0CData Basis
ACCDBS0TData Basis Name
ACCENTCONF01Entities: Local Storage of Configuration
ACCLOGOBJCAT01Assignment of Attributes as Chars and Log. Obj. Category
ACCLOGOBJCAT02Activation Status of a Logistical Object Type
ACCQNTTYPE0CData Elements of Quantity Type
ACCROLE11Application Role Registration: Classes
ACCROLE21Application Role Registration: FieldNames and FinObjectTypes
ACCSTRU0CStructure IDs
ACCSYS06Settings for Reference Valuation
ACCSYS07Reference Accounting Systems
ACCSYS0CAccounting System
ACCSYSTEM0CAccounting Systems
FINBSCMIDRFC0CRFC Data for Object Navigation
FINB_ATTRIBUTESAttributes of Field on Data Basis
FINB_FIELDSFields on the Data Basis
FINB_FUNCTIONSFunction Builder
FINB_FUNCTIONS_TFunction Builder
FINB_SIGNATUREFunction Builder
FINPRCTABDERIVAssignment Table for Table Type of Prices
FINPRICELABEL01Price Type Controls
FINPRICELABEL0CMaster Data for Price Types
FINPRICELABEL0TText Table for Price Types
FINVALFUNC0CMaster Data for Strategy Functions
FINVALFUNC0TTexts for Strategy Functions
FINVALMETHOD0CValuation Functions for Strategy Formulas
FINVALMETHOD0TTexts for Valuation Functions for Strategy Formulas
FINVALSTRAT0CMaster Data for Valuation Strategy
FINVALSTRAT0TTexts for Valuation Strategies
FINVALSTRATDERIVDerivation Table: Valuation Strategy for Business Transactio
TCOCOMAPMapping Fields: Remote <--> SEM
TCOCOMAP2Mapping Fields: Remote <--> SEM
TCOCOMAPTYPESMapping: Type Remote System <--> Object Type SEM
TIPPE_EDGEFIELDSImport iPPE: Assignment Link Fields
TIPPE_EDGESImport iPPE: Assignment Links
TIPPE_EDGES2Import iPPE: Assignment Links
TIPPE_TYPEFIELD2Import iPPE: Assignment Type Fields
TIPPE_TYPEFIELDSImport iPPE: Assignment Type Fields
TIPPE_TYPESImport iPPE: Assignment Types
TIPPE_TYPES2Import iPPE: Assignment Types
UABWEDGCALCFLATBW Extraction: Extracted Replacement Links for Costing
UABWMDEXTBW Objects for Master Data Extraction
UABWTDEXTBW Objects for Transaction Data Extraction
UAB_ARCH_LOCKPersistent Locking for Archived Objects
UACOSTCOMPGROUPTCost Component Split Element Groups: Texts
UACOSTCOMPONENTCost Component Split Elements
UACOSTCOMPONENTTCost Component Split Element Texts
UACOSTCOMPSPLITTCost Component Split Texts
UACRCRUNCosting Run: Costing Run
UACRCRUNTCosting Run: Costing Run/Texts
UACRCVARCosting Run: Costing Variant
UACRCVARTCosting Run: Costing Variant/Text
UACRENVCosting Run: Environment
UAGRPCOMPASSIGNCost Comp. Split Element Groups: Assignment Group-Element
UAGRPCOMPASSIGNTCComp. Split Element Groups: Texts Assignmnt Groups-Elements
UAINVDEBCRHDocument for Revaluation Through Material Debit/Credit
UAINVREVALHDocument for INV Price Change and Inventory Revaluation
UAINVT3020Aspect for Mapping Table New Accounting <-> R/3 Functions
UAINVTMAPPINGMapping Table New Accounting <-> R/3 Functions
UAMDF4CHEException Table for Field Checks and F4
UANRGRNumber Range Groups Costing Platform
UAPRICETABLEPrice Table Assignment
UATPLMAPField Assignment during Template Call
UATPLTPLTemplate Selection for Template Call
UATUBD_LIGHTBDLib Light: Generated Methods (Data Basis-Dependent)
UAUPLCMDActions During Upload
UAUPLMAPField Assignment During Upload
URREALIGNERRealigner Entity Table
/EACA/GLCONFIG1GL Configuration: Active Subcomponents
/EACA/TBTPROCONFConfigurations in Component BTA Profit
/EACA/TBTPROFLDSActive Configuration in Component BTA Profit
/EACA/TGLMPCONDBConfiguration of Manual Posting Transaction for Data Basis
/EACA/TGLPRIMANCConfiguration Information for Source Document - PLIMA GUID
/EACA/TGLPRIMANOConfiguration Information for the Source Document
/EACA/TPMINSTANCProfitability Analysis Instance
/EACC/CHARNAMESCharacteristic Names for Fixed Fields
/EACC/DM_COUNTERCounter Readings in Tranche Management
/EACC/DM_DTRANCHDefault Tranche
/EACC/TBTA3000Characteristic Assignment Table Entry Data Temp 0001
/EACC/TBTA3001Characteristics to Log. Structure Names w/o Log Obj. Refrnce
/EACC/TBTA3002Logical Process Steps for BTA Processing by Groups
/EACC/TBTA4000Configuration Status of the Generic BTA per Data Basis
/EACC/TBTA4001Activation Status of Generated BTA w. Ref. to Assd BTA Cats
/EACC/TBTA4002Assignment of Generated Structures to Log. Object Types
/EACC/TBTA4003Information for Process Control of Derivations
/EACC/TBTA4004Source Characteristics for Filling Derivation Tables
/EACC/TBTA4005Assignment of Generated Structures for Derivations
/EACC/TCATA_USEDData Basis: Catalogs Used
/EACC/TDR_STEPSDerivation Steps
/EACC/T_BTARegistered Business Transactions
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