SAP ABSTAMP (ABAP Time Stamp) Data element field

  • Data Element : ABSTAMP
  • Description : ABAP Time Stamp
  • Data Type :CHAR

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

List of Tables using ABSTAMP Field

BDL2TRANSlist of tables for data transfer from Sapnet to Customer
BDL2TRANS2list of tables for data transfer from Sapnet to Customer
BDLCOESDefinition of COE names for authority check
BDLCTEXTDefines the available context for each group ID
BDLCTX2EXEMap service contexts to execution environments
BDLDIRFUNCNames of directory functions for add-on services
BDLENDFUNCFunction to be called after successful data transfer
BDLERRORSHelp texts for error messages in the SDCC message log
BDLEXCEPTException docu
BDLFUGRPSLink between GROUPID and the logical function name
BDLFUNCDefinition of Logical Functions
BDLFUNCMAPTables to project logical function names on numbers
BDLFUPDEFInterface data of functions
BDLFUPEXPDefinition of export parameters for one function version
BDLFUPIMPDefinition of import parameters for one function version
BDLFUVERSDefinition of all Versions for one Logical Function
BDLGROUPSTable of group descriptions (reference table)
BDLIBUSDefinition of IBU names
BDLIFCHABDL SDCC: Input/Output Parameters
BDLIFDEFControl table for interface data
BDLIFEXPBDLSDCC: Export Parameters
BDLIFFIELDBDL SDCC: Table's Fields, Data Elements, Domains
BDLIFHEADBDL SDCC: Header Info for Tables/Structures
BDLIFIMPBDL SDCC: Import Parameters
BDLIFTBLBDL SDCC: Export Parameters
BDLMSGLOGMessage log for service data collection or transfer
BDLREFSERVContract types
BDLSADATADefinition of global variables in the Service Assistant
BDLSAIFInterface description for the service assistant
BDLSERGRPSLink between contract type and GROUPID
BDLSERTRANImportant information to functional modules (download)
BDLSERVICEContract types
BDLST14KEYKey figure table for ST14 data download
BDLTESTSESSession for which the last download was a test download
BDLTYPEDEFType pool definitions of Global Variables
BDLVIEWREPlist of download viewer reports for sdcc
BDL_GENERTimestamp of generated report
DDMTTNametab header structure for delayed writing
DDMTT_1Nametab Headerstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben
DDMTT_ISUNametab header structure for delayed writing
DDMTT_SAVNametab Headerstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben
DDREPLINTABHDDD: Nametab Header Structure (for Temporary Storage)
DDXTTNametab header structure for delayed writing
DDXTT_1Nametab Headerstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben
DDXTT_2Nametab Headerstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben
DDXTT_3Nametab Headerstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben
DDXTT_SAVNametab Headerstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben
DDXTT_SHDNametab Headerstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben
DDXTT_STDNametab Headerstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben
DDYTTSubstitution Nametab (Shadow-Shadow-Nametab for DDXTT)
DDYTT_CONV_UCUsed during UCMIG within DMO of SUM
DMDDSA_LOGMessage Log for DMD - DSA Interface Operations
DMDLOGTABLE_DMDMessage Log for Solution Repository Applications
DSVASBDL2TRANSTables for data transfer from SAPNet to customer system
DSVASBDL2TRANS2Tables for data transfer from SAPNet to customer system
DSVASBDLCTEXTDefines the available context for each group ID
DSVASBDLERRORSHelp texts for error messages in the SDCC message log
DSVASBDLEXCEPTHelp texts for exceptions in function module
DSVASBDLFUGRPSLink between GROUPID and the logical function name
DSVASBDLFUNCDefinition of Logical Functions
DSVASBDLFUNCMAPTable to connect logical function names to numbers
DSVASBDLFUPDEFSave Original Interface Parameters
DSVASBDLFUPIMPInterface Version Import Parameter Definition
DSVASBDLFUVERSLogical Function Version Definitions
DSVASBDLGROUPSTable of group descriptions (reference table)
DSVASBDLIFDEFControl Table for Interface Data
DSVASBDLIFFIELDSDWB: Table fields, data elements and domains
DSVASBDLIFHEADSDWB: Header info for tables/structures
DSVASBDLREFSERVAssignment of services to reference services
DSVASBDLSADATAInterface global variables declaration
DSVASBDLSAIFInterface parameters and global variables
DSVASBDLSERGRPSLink between contract type and GROUPID
DSVASBDLSERTRANImportant information for functional modules (download)
DSVASBDLTYPEDEFType pool definitions of global variables
DSVASCHECKGRPDLDownload Profile List
DSVASLOGFUNCACTYActivity and user log for logical functions
DSVASMSGLOGMessage log for service data collection and/or transfer
DSVASPROFILESDownload Profile List
DSVASRESPONSIBLEUser Responsible for Objects in Service Definitions
DSVASSERVICEACTYActivity and user log for logical functions
DSVASSESSDEFDLDownload Profile List of Service
DSWOPSDCCControl and maintain SDCC data
DSWOPSDCC_LOGControl and maintain SDCC data
FAGL_CLOCO_COMNTComments for Closing Cockpit
FAGL_FCC_COMNTComments for Closing Cockpit
FCC_INST_OFFICEOffice Documents
FCC_TEMPL_OFFICEOffice Documents
FPB_EXP_COMMENTExpress Planning: Comments
IUUC_DD_SYNC_NTHSystem synchronization: Nametab header fields
TFC_INST_OFFICEOffice Documents
TFC_TEMPL_OFFICEOffice Documents
TRPUTTable for admin. operations
/BDL/ADDONKEYSAddonkey sequence numbers for requested AddOn download
/BDL/BADHOSTSList of host that have not been transferred for certain dest
/BDL/BDL2TRANSService Definition, TOC
/BDL/BDLCTEXTService Definition, defines the available contexts
/BDL/BDLCTX2EXEService Definition, Map contexts to execution environment
/BDL/BDLDIRFUNCService Definition, Directory functions for add-on collect
/BDL/BDLENDFUNCService Definition, Fnct to be called after successful tra
/BDL/BDLERRORSService Definition, Docu for all SDCC errors
/BDL/BDLEXCEPTService Definition, Exception docu
/BDL/BDLFUGRPSService Definition, Link between GROUPID and Logfunc
/BDL/BDLFUNCService Definition, Definition of Logical Functions
/BDL/BDLFUNCMAPService Definition, map Logfuncs to numbers
/BDL/BDLFUPDEFService Definition, Interface data of functions
/BDL/BDLFUPEXPService Definition, export parameters for interface
/BDL/BDLFUPIMPService Definition, import parameters for interface
/BDL/BDLFUVER2Service Definition, Extension of BDLFUVERS
/BDL/BDLFUVER3Service Definition, Filter
/BDL/BDLFUVERSService Definition, Definition of all versions of a Logfun
/BDL/BDLGROUPSService Definition, Table of group descriptions
/BDL/BDLREFSERVService Definition, Contract types
/BDL/BDLSADATAService Definition, Definition of global variables
/BDL/BDLSAIFService Definition, Interface description
/BDL/BDLSERGRPSService Definition, Link between contract type and GROUPID
/BDL/BDLSERTRANService Definition, Important information to functions
/BDL/BDLSERVICEService Definition, Contract types
/BDL/BDLST14KEYService Definition, Key figure table for ST14 data downloa
/BDL/CLIENTSClients where data is to be collected explicitly
/BDL/CUST_TREEControl Table of Task Manager
/BDL/IBUSDefinition of IBU names
/BDL/IFCHA/BDL/SDCC: In/Out-Parameter
/BDL/IFDEFsteering table for interface data
/BDL/IFEXP/bdl/sdcc: export-parameter
/BDL/IFFIELD/BDL/SDCC: fiels, dataelements and domains of table
/BDL/IFHEAD/BDL/SDCC: Headerinfo for Tables/Structures
/BDL/IFIMP/BDL/SDCC: Import-Parameter
/BDL/IFTBL/BDL/SDCC: Export-Parameter
/BDL/MAINTAINControl Table: Session refresh / service defintion resfres
/BDL/MSGLOGMessage log for service data collection or transfer
/BDL/RFCDESTMultiple RFC-destinations
/BDL/SDCCLOGMessage log for service data collection or transfer
/BDL/SERVCUSTContract types
/BDL/SESSMAPControl table for SDCC sessions
/BDL/STAMPLast task runs (service def refresh/session refresh)
/BDL/TASKREPMapping of Task-Action to called report
/BDL/TASKSControl Table of Task Manager
/BDL/TASK_ATTRMapping: Tasktype to Attributes of Job
/BDL/TASK_LOGMessageLog of SDCC task manager
/BDL/TESTSESSession for which the last download was a test download
/BDL/VIEWREPlist of download viewer reports for sdcc
/BDL/_GENERTimestamp of generated report
/BDL/_GENER_2Timestamp of generated reimport includes
/SDF/BDLSERVICEContract types
/SDF/PERIODICJOBPlanned Periodic Jobs to be analyzed
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