SAP T399D (Control Parameters for MRP) Table & Fields

T399D is a SAP table coming under PP module and SAP_APPL component.View details, Fields & related tables of T399D.
  • Table description : Control Parameters for MRP
  • Module : PP-MRP-BD
  • Parent Module : PP
  • Package : MD0C
  • Software Component : SAP_APPL

T399D Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
FIXPAIndicator: take firmed planned orders into accountFIXPAXFELD
FIXBAIndicator: take firmed purchase requisitions into accountFIXBAXFELD
FIXBEInd: take firmed order item/schedule line into accountFIXBEXFELD
UMTHZRescheduling horizonUMTHZNUM03
VWVORTolerance value for bringing forward receipt elementsVWVORNUM02
VWVERTolerance value for displacement in the futureVWVERNUM02
PLAHZPlanning horizonPLAHZNUM03
NKPAFNumber range for planned ordersNKPAFCHAR2
NKBANNumber range for purchase requisitionsNKBANCHAR2
PSBANItem number of purchase requisitionPSBANEBELP
NKDISNumber range for MRP listsNKDISCHAR2
NKRESNumber range for stock transfer reservationsNKRESCHAR2
PSRESItem number of the stock transfer reservationPSRESRSPOS
BZTEKProcessing time required by purchasing departmentBZTEKBZTEK
EREKGSubstitute purchasing group for requirements planningEREKGEKGRP
ERDSGSubstitute MRP contoller/group for requirements planningERDSGDISPO
MXBSTMaximum Number of Purchase Order Proposals per DateMXBSTNUM03
MXPLANumber of planned orders to be readMXPLANUM03
ANZLSDisplay material listANZLSXFELD
MXSTARuntime statistics: frequency of reportingMXSTANUM03
KTAGEPeriod grouping according to daysKTAGECHAR1
KWOCHPeriod grouping according to weeksKWOCHCHAR1
KMONAPeriod grouping according to monthsKMONACHAR1
KFLPRPeriod grouping according to posting periodsKFLPRCHAR1
KMRPPPeriod grouping according to planning calendarKMRPPCHAR1
MRRPPPPC planning calendarMRPPPMRPPP
KRASTPeriod grouping according to individual splitKRASTCHAR1
FIXFAIndicator: take production orders into accountFIXFAXFELD
APLSLSelection ID for routing alternativesAPLSLCP_SEL_ID
LIFKZAutomatic Schedule Lines (Scheduling Agreements)LIFKZLIFKZ
GTERMScheduling according to purchasing info record or agreementGTERMXFELD
KZDRBIndicator: direct procurement/production MRPKZDRBKZDRB
KNTBEAccount assig.type: account for sales order, no special stckKNTBE_DKNTTP
KNTBUAccount assignment category: unknown account assignmentKNTBUKNTTP
KTDBUAccnt asgnmt cat. for direct procuremt: unknown accnt asgnmtKTDBUKNTTP
KZMALIndicator: message desiredKZMALXFLAG
KZUMBIndicator: stock in transfer available for planningKZUMBXFLAG
FIXQMQuality management inspection lot can be given priorityFIXQMXFELD
XFAN1Indicator: blocked stock available for planningXFAN1XFELD
XFAN2AccAssgtCat: acc. assgt according to project, no special stkXFAN2KNTTP
XFAN3Do not initiate the extended purch.ord. rel. strategy searchXFAN3XFELD
PRREGChecking rule for the availability checkPRREGPRREG
FIXLAIndicator: take shipping notification into accountFIXLAXFELD
RPRRGChecking rule for the availability checkPRREGPRREG
SIMPLLong-term planning allowed for a plantSIMPLXFELD
SELFESelection of production orders / process ordersSELFARWKZG
SELBESel.of POs, shpg notifications, sched. lines, dely schedsSELBERWKZG
SELQMSelection of QM inspection lotsSELQMRWKZG
SELBASelection of firmed purchase requisitionsSELBARWKZG
SELPASelection of firmed planned ordersSELPLRWKZG
SELZRSelection of receipt reservationsSELZRRWKZG
NKSBDNumber range for simulative dependent requirementsNKSBDCHAR2
VERTRStart date of order proposals allowed in the pastVERTRXFELD
AUAR2Order type for process orderAUAR2AUFART
NKSAFNumber range of simulative planned orderNKSAFCHAR2
WAKHZPeriod for the promotionWAKHZNUM03
EXSGTDo Not Explode Bulk Material ItemsEXSGTXFLAG
BESALDetermine Explosion Date for BOM and RoutingBESALBESAL
KASTLProcedure with sales order BOM/WBS BOM activeKASTLXFLAG
NKCRQNumber range for total requirementsNKCRQCHAR2
SEREPBOM explosion number make-to-order/engineer-to-order prod.SEREPXFELD
IKDPLIndex sales order/planned orderIKDPLXFLAG
SELSBRange of coverage including/excluding safety stockSELSBSELSB
NFVBCTake restricted-use stock into account (only for batches)NFVBCXFELD
COMPMTransparent storage: MRP listsDECOMPXXFELD
DBEPLActivate MRP areas at plant levelDBEPLXFELD
SELPZSelection of assigned planned ordersSELPZRWKZG
SELLASelection of shipping notificationsSELLARWKZG
SBUFFBOM Buffering in Shared BufferMD_SBUFFXFELD
SELIWMatl ROC incl. dely note with status 'In Plant'SELIWXFELD
DSADAGenerate serial number from APO for requirements?DSADAXFELD
EVAPREvaluation Profile for Range-of-Coverage DataMD_EVAPRMD_EVAPR