SAP T462 (Customizing Table Selection Rule / Display Filter) Table & Fields

T462 is a SAP table coming under PP module and SAP_APPL component.View details, Fields & related tables of T462.
  • Table description : Customizing Table Selection Rule / Display Filter
  • Module : PP-MRP-BD
  • Parent Module : PP
  • Package : MD0C
  • Software Component : SAP_APPL

T462 Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
.INCLUDESubstructure Selection Of MRP Element Groups MD04 Filter    
SVPEBPlanned independent requirement selectionSVPEBVFMOD
SANGBSelection of quotationsSANGBVFMOD
SKDAUSales document selectionSLKDAVFMOD
SLIEFDelivery selectionSLIEFVFMOD
SSKBDDependent requirement selectionSSKBDVFMOD
SMRESSelection of manual reservationsSIRESVFMOD
SLBEDSelection of subcontractor requirements of material providedSLBEDVFMOD
SARESSelection of dependent reservationsSARESVFMOD
SAPLFSelection of delivery schedules for planned ordersSAPLFVFMOD
SABESSelection of delivery schedules for stock transfer ordersSABESVFMOD
SABANSel. of delivery schedules for stock transfer requisitionsSABANVFMOD
SALPESel. of delivery schedules for stock transfer schedule linesSALPEVFMOD
SURESStock transfer reservation selectionSURESVFMOD
SFERTSelection of production ordersSFERTVFMOD
SPLAFPlanned order selectionSPLAFVFMOD
SBESTSelection of purchase ordersSBESTVFMOD
SBANFSelection of Purchase RequisitionsSBANFVFMOD
SLPETSelection of schedule linesSLPETVFMOD
SAVISSelection of shipping notificationsSAVISVFMOD
SQMPRSelection of QM inspection lotsSQMPRVFMOD
.INCLUDESubstructure Sel. Stocks For Filter    
SBWRKSelection of unrestricted-use stockSBWRKXFELD
SBSICSafety stock selectionSBSICXFELD
SBNFRSelection of restricted-use stockSBNFRXFELD
SBGSPBlocked stock selectionSBGSPXFELD
SBUMLSelection of stock in transferSBUMLXFELD
SBKON_EDLSelection ESP Consignment StockSBKON_EDLXFELD
.INCLUDEDetails For Selection Rule    
SRABRReplace schedule lines by delivery schedulesSRABRXFELD
SSGUTDependent requirements for bulk goodsSSGUTXFELD
.INCLUDESubstructure Time Filtering - Display Horizon    
DTALLDisplay without time limitMD_DTALLXFELD
DTAPPHorizon can be selected by userMD_DTAPPXFELD
DTCUSHorizon using default value in CustomizingMD_DTCUSXFELD
STADTStart date of the import transactionMD_STOPT_ERMD_STOPT
SSPANTime interval before todays dateMD_SSPAN_ERINT4
ENDDTEnd date of the selection processMD_ENDDT_ERMD_ENDDT
ESPANPeriod After Today's DateMD_ESPAN_ERINT4