SAP T438M (Control Parameter for MRP -Material Level-) Table & Fields

T438M is a SAP table coming under PP module and SAP_APPL component.View details, Fields & related tables of T438M.
  • Table description : Control Parameter for MRP -Material Level-
  • Module : PP-MRP-BD
  • Parent Module : PP
  • Package : MD0C
  • Software Component : SAP_APPL

T438M Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
BANERCreation Indicator for Purchase RequisitionsBANERBANER
DISERCreation Indicator for MRP ListsDISERDISER
UMTHZRescheduling horizonUMTHZNUM03
FIXHZPlanning time fenceFIXHZNUM03
PLAHZPlanning horizonPLAHZNUM03
SBDISShare of safety stock which can be used for planningSBDISNUM03
LIFKZAutomatic Schedule Lines (Scheduling Agreements)LIFKZLIFKZ
GTERMScheduling according to purchasing info record or agreementGTERMXFELD
KZDRBIndicator: direct procurement/production MRPKZDRBKZDRB
XFAT1Firm Only Schedule Lines Transmitted to Vendor by PurchasingXFAT1XFELD
VWVORTolerance value for bringing forward receipt elementsVWVORNUM02
VWVERTolerance value for displacement in the futureVWVERNUM02
PRREGChecking rule for the availability checkPRREGPRREG
VINT1Consumption period: backwardVINT1VRINT
VINT2Consumption period: forwardVINT2VRINT
STRGRPlanning strategy groupSTRGRSTRGR
RESHZRoll forward period for the master planRESHZRESHZ
ANDISNumber of Days After Which the Material Must Be PlannedANDISINT2
AUAR2Order type for process orderAUAR2AUFART
PLSELIssue Storage Location SelectionPLSELPLSEL
RVPKZAdjustment of Planned Independent RequirementsRVPKZRVPKZ
RESVPPeriod of adjustment for planned independent requirementsRESVPRESVP
SHFLGSafety time indicator (with or without safety time)SHFLGSHFLG
SHZETSafety time (in workdays)SHZETNUMC2
MDACHAction control: planned order processingMDACHMDACH
EXSGTDo not explode bulk material itemsEXSGDEXSGD
BESALDetermination of explosion date for BOM and routingBESADBESAD
BSARTMRP:doc.type purchase requisitions for standard purchase ordBBSRT_NBBSART
BARTLMRP: Document type purchase requisition for subcontractingBBSRT_LBBSART
BARTUMRP: purchase requisition for stock transfer - document typeBBSRT_ULBSART
GRRELRelevant for requirements grouping for project stockGRRELXFELD
VERTRStart date of order proposals allowed in the pastVERGRVERGR
FKOBSATP check by full confirmation logicFKOBSXFELD
EVAPREvaluation Profile for Range-of-Coverage DataMD_EVAPRMD_EVAPR