SAP T437A (Table for Field Selection: Repetitive Manufacturing) Table & Fields

T437A is a SAP table coming under PP module and BBPCRM component.View details, Fields & related tables of T437A.
  • Table description : Table for Field Selection: Repetitive Manufacturing
  • Module : PP-REM
  • Parent Module : PP
  • Package : MD04
  • Software Component : BBPCRM

T437A Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
LIPL1First aggregation fieldLIPL1LIPL1
LIPL2Second aggregation fieldLIPL2LIPL2
AUFDUInd.: do not display run schedule header numberSA_AUFDUSA_AUFDU
ZTEXTRow text in repetitive manufacturing - version or row textROTXTROTXT
SELHZSelection period for planned order assignmentSA_SELHZDEC03
SELH1Selection period for the planning tableSA_SELH1DEC03
PLFDUIndicator: do not display planned order numberSA_PLFDUSA_PLFDU
ABBEDDisplay requirements rowsABBEDCHAR1
ABVERDisplay availabilityABVERCHAR1
ABANDDisplay other versionsABANDCHAR1
ABNZUDisplay quantities still to be assignedABNZUCHAR1
ABSZUDisplay other receiptsABSZUCHAR1
ABLFPDisplay information from long-term planningABLFPCHAR1
SVIEWView selection for the repetitive mfg planning tableSVIEWSVIEW
SELABNumber of days for calculating start date (statistics)SELABDEC03
SELBSNumber of days for calculating finish date (statistics)SELBSDEC03
PATJNDefine start date of planned orders in the planning tablePATJNPATJN
PRDPLProduction dates or basic dates ?PRDPLPRDPL
ABVPBDisplay planned independent reqmts in the planning tableABVPBCHAR1
ABSUZDisplay total production in the planning tableABSUZCHAR1
ABSUBDisplay total requirments in the planning tableABSBECHAR1
ABUEZDisplay the user exit row in the planning tableABUEZCHAR1
PATVRScheduling strategy in the planning tablePATVRPATVR
TEEKZDetermines the scheduling level in the planning tableTEEKZTEEKZ
KPFLGIndicator: Capacity planning activeKPFLGCHAR1
ABKOMREM-PT: MRP segment aggregationABKOMABKOM
ANZKAOnly display capacity categories relevant to schedulingANZKACHAR1
JVIEWView of dispatched ordersSP_GJVIEWSP_GJVIEW
KMIMAMinimum/maximum number of personnel in REM planning tablePT_KMIMACHAR1
MATDEMaterial display: First material no. or material short textPT_MATDECHAR1
BACLAIndicator: Execute Batch ClassificationBF_BACLABF_BACLA