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SAP_APPL is a SAP software component.Total 4627 tables are stored in our database.View these tables by main modules coming under SAP_APPL component.You can also refer SAP SAP_APPL transaction codes from this link

Module wise tables under SAP SAP_APPL component

SAP FI Module ( View full 4493 tables )

J_1ISERACCService tax account assignment table
TIVXCJPFLWTYPFlow Type Defined for Service Charge Keys
J_1IEXMPTCODEVAT Exempted Tax code
TA23CTAmadeus Profile
FAGL_BSBW_HISTRYValuation History for Documents

SAP LE Module ( View full 696 tables )

LYRSNTText Table for Reason Codes
/DSD/SL_SLD_FLOWSettlement: Document Flow
VXSIPSPacking Station
/DSD/VC_BUSTRANSDSD: Business Transaction Types for DSD
LAGACAssign Activity to Activity Groups

SAP LO Module ( View full 2046 tables )

MSR_D_UGROUP_TInspection: User Group Description
WRF_MATGRP_MD5Hierarchy Level 5 - Time-Dependent
MCLIOInfo Set Text in LIL
TASSLOCKAGlobal Trade Association Management: Define Lock Reason
TEWGROUPTGrouping of Business Process Steps

SAP MM Module ( View full 587 tables )

OPS_SE_TEST_MODETest Mode for XI interface
TASSIGN_IV_T169BAuxiliary Table for Status Information IV Maintenance View
/BEV2/ED996TLINEText Modules of Excise Duty Texts
WDFR1Requirements Planning for Perishables
WRF_PRCT_WL_ITEMOriginal Table for Worklist Items

SAP PM Module ( View full 1095 tables )

/MRSS/C_WL_F_DATWorklist Attributes: Time Stamp - Reference to Date/Time
AFKO_KALStoring calendar selections for Maintenance Order
/MRSS/C_CAG_PROCProcess Customizing for Planning Node Capacity Calculation
/MRSS/C_SGE_SCACCustomer-scenario attribute of Multi Resource Scheduling
/MRSS/D_RM_ROLERole Details

SAP PP Module ( View full 915 tables )

GHO_MEAS_TMeasurement Text Table
GHO_ALLOC_FACTORAllocation Factor values
BDSPHRE25BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information Objects
CPC_CMX_DB_R_LOGXSteps (Routing): Change Log
DTCTIDDowntime Category ID

SAP PS Module ( View full 408 tables )

TCA4TLang-dep. text table for profile table TCA41
TCNTMSCHDSuggestions for Scheduling Events
TCOFPFORM subscreen for functions in milestone/trigger point
TXPDPRIOTLanguage-Dependent Texts for Event Priorities
CLM_IAOM_CSCControlling Scenario for Determining Claim

SAP QM Module ( View full 195 tables )

S290BIW1S290BIW1 * BW: Inspection Lot/Usage Decision
TQ46Screen Control Key for Physical-Sample Type
QPSHControl chart types
QPCPC_OBJTYPETText Table for Object Type
S162ES162 - Structural information

SAP SCM Module ( View full 213 tables )

CIF_TCO43Enhancements for TCO43 in Plug-In
/SAPAPO/FCSTOUTLOutlier Correction Settings
CIFERRLOGError Recording in Enhanced CIF Error Handling
CIF_IMATPIntegration Model Reference Table for ATP Check

SAP SD Module ( View full 1580 tables )

S264BIW1S264BIW1 * SD - Quotation
/BEV1/EMASVTMaterial Sorting Variant - Texts
/BEV3/CHCVORGEStatus Maintenance: Successful CH Document Transaction
/BEV3/CHOPObject Partner, Generalization of Object Partners
/BEV3/CHCLTLOABRLink type/place for data transfer in settlement record

SAP TR Module ( View full 263 tables )

TW12BAV asset group 501
ATZVOReference Int. Rate Volatilities with Curve Info.
TWX1Class data sec. index numbers
TZUNITCurrency Units - Texts
VTB_MARKETDatafeed: Market data
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