SAP POC_DB_STEP_SIGN (Signature Key: Metadata Signature Process Step) Table & Fields

POC_DB_STEP_SIGN is a SAP table coming under PP module and EA-APPL component.View details, Fields & related tables of POC_DB_STEP_SIGN.
  • Table description : Signature Key: Metadata Signature Process Step
  • Module : PP-PI-PMA-PMC
  • Parent Module : PP
  • Package : CMX_POC
  • Software Component : EA-APPL

POC_DB_STEP_SIGN Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
SIGN_IDDigital Signature: Signature Number as GUID with 22 Chars.SIGN_GUID_22SYSUUID_22
DOCIDDomain Model: Document IdentifierPOC_DOCIDPOC_DOCID
FTNRLine Number of Process InstructionR_FTNRVORNR
FVNRLine Number of Process Instruction CharacteristicR_FVNRVORNR
FTNOSequence number of process instruction in recipeFTNOFTNO
FVNOSequence number of proc.instruction characteristic in recipeFVNONUMC4
TAB_LINETable line in the PI sheetCO_ZEILECO_ZEILE
STEP_IDBFW: Object ID for documents and componentsPOC_OBJ_IDCHAR29
DOCUMENT_RULEDigital Signature: Document Rule for Document ConstructionSIGN_DRULESIGN_DRULE