SAP T437S (Repetitive Manufacturing Profile Table) Table & Fields

T437S is a SAP table coming under PP module and BBPCRM component.View details, Fields & related tables of T437S.
  • Table description : Repetitive Manufacturing Profile Table
  • Module : PP-REM
  • Parent Module : PP
  • Package : MD04
  • Software Component : BBPCRM

T437S Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
SFPRORepetitive manufacturing profileSFEPRSFEPR
BACKFPost goods receipts and goods issuesBACKFBACKF
KSARTCost collector order typeKSAARAUFART
LABORActivity backflush to product cost collectorSA_LABORSA_LABOR
BWAWAMovement type for goods issueSA_BWARTWABWART
BWAWEMovement type for goods receiptSA_BWARTWEBWART
REDSTReducing production quantities in REM backflushingSA_REDSTSA_REDST
REDHZPeriod in which plnd ords. or RS quantities are reducedSA_REDHZDEC03
BAKOROption for correcting backflushing errorsSA_BAKORSA_BAKOR
RRETRIndicator: Backlogs from backflushingSA_RRETRSA_RRETR
REPPTBackflushing with reporting pointsSA_REPPTSA_REPPT
AUTOWEAutomatic GR in backflushing for last reporting pointSA_AUTOWESA_AUTOWE
BWASCMovement type for scrapSA_BWARTSCBWART
BWACOMovement type for by-productSA_BWARTCOBWART
BWAWEMMovement type for GR for individual sales orderSA_BWAWEMBWART
XFAN1Firming logic for repetitive manufacturingFXLOGFXLOG
BWAWAMMovement type for GI - individual stock of sales orderSA_BWAWAMBWART
BWACRMvmt type for GI from plant stock for sales orderSA_BWACRBWART
PLGENPlanned ord. - create for amount of reversal - GR - quantitySA_PLGENSA_PLGEN
BWAWESMovement type for reversing goods receiptSA_BWRTWESBWART
BWAWASMovement type for reversing goods issueSA_BWRTWASBWART
BWASCSMovement type for reversing scrapSA_BWRTSCSBWART
BWACOSMovement type for reversing by-productSA_BWRTCOSBWART
BWAWEMSMovement type for reversing GR of individual sales orderSA_BWAWEMSBWART
BWAWAMSMtype f. reversing GI of individual stock of sales orderSA_BWAWAMSBWART
BWACRSMovmt type for reversing GI from plnt stock for sales orderSA_BWACRSBWART
BCKFLBackflush with cost estimate/standard cost est. for materialSA_BCKFLSA_BCKFL
AGREQAggregated dependent requirementsAGRESAGREQ
NODUMNo requirements for phantom assemblyNODUMXFELD
PRZSTControl confirmation processCO_PRZSTCO_PRZST
CHSMMSearch procedure for batch determinationKALSMA_CHKALSM
RULESStock determination ruleBF_RULESBF_RULES
BWULACTBatch Where-Used List in Repetitive ManufacturingBFBWULBFBWUL
KZTTZBackflush: BOM Explosion by Deadline Technical State LogicBF_TTZBF_TTZ
RP_KANBANReporting Point Confirmation with Kanban CardsSA_RPKANBANSA_RPKANBAN