SAP T463 (Customizing Table Display Filter - Settings -) Table & Fields

T463 is a SAP table coming under PP module and SAP_APPL component.View details, Fields & related tables of T463.
  • Table description : Customizing Table Display Filter - Settings -
  • Module : PP-MRP-BD
  • Parent Module : PP
  • Package : MD0C
  • Software Component : SAP_APPL

T463 Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
AFIBZName of display filterFILBZCHAR8
.INCLUDESubstructure Selection MRP Elements with the Display Filter    
AVPEBPlanned independent requirement selectionAVPEBANZMOD
AANGBSelection of quotationsAANGBANZMOD
AKDAUSelection of sales documentsALKDAANZMOD
ALIEFSelection of deliveriesALIEFANZMOD
ASKBDSelection of dependent requirementsASKBDANZMOD
AMRESSelection of manual reservationsAIRESANZMOD
ALBEDSelection of subcontractor requirements of material providedALBEDANZMOD
AARESSelection of dependent reservationsAARESANZMOD
AAPLFSelection of delivery schedules for planned ordersAAPLFANZMOD
AABESSelection of delivery schedules for stock transfer ordersAABESANZMOD
AABANSel. of delivery schedules for stock transfer requisitionsAABANANZMOD
AALPESel. of delivery schedules for stock transfer schedule linesAALPEANZMOD
AURESStock transfer reservation selectionAURESANZMOD
AFERTSelection of production ordersAFERTANZMOD
APLAFSelection of planned ordersAPLAFANZMOD
ABESTSelection of purchase ordersABESTANZMOD
ABANFSelection of Purchase RequisitionsABANFANZMOD
ALPETSelection of schedule linesALPETANZMOD
AAVISSelection of shipping notificationsAAVISANZMOD
AQMPRSelection of QM inspection lotsAQMPRANZMOD
.INCLUDESubstructure Filter Selection Segments MD04    
SWEABSel. plant segmentSWEABXFELD
SKDABSelection customer segmentsSKDABXFELD
SPRABSelection project segmentsSPRABXFELD
SBRABGross segment selectionSBRABXFELD
SDIFESelection of direct production/direct procurement segmentsSDIFEXFELD
SLAGOSelection of storage location segmentsSLAGOXFELD
SLOHNSubcontracting segment selectionSLOHBXFELD
SVORPPlanning segment selectionSVORPXFELD
SVDIRSelection of segments for plng direct production/procurementSVDIRXFELD
.INCLUDESubstructure Display Filter Details    
SDFIXSelection of firmed procurement proposalsSDFIXXFELD
.INCLUDESubstructure Time Filtering - Display Horizon    
DTALLDisplay without time limitMD_DTALLXFELD
DTAPPHorizon can be selected by userMD_DTAPPXFELD
DTCUSHorizon using default value in CustomizingMD_DTCUSXFELD
STADTStart date of previous periodMD_STOPTMD_STOPT
SSPANTime interval before todays dateMD_SSPANINT4
ENDDTLast date of subsequent periodMD_ENDDTMD_ENDDT
ESPANPeriod After Today's DateMD_ESPANINT4
.INCLUDESubstructure: Additional Selections Selection Mode    
DZALLAdditional selections: noneMD_DZALLXFELD
DZAPPDefine additional selections in the applicationMD_DZAPPXFELD
DZCUSDefine additional selections in CustomizingMD_DZCUSXFELD
.INCLUDESubstructure - Additional Selections Location    
WRK02Supplying or receiving plantMD_WRK02WERKS
VERIDProduction versionMD_VERIDVERID