BBPCRM Tables list

BBPCRM is a SAP software component.Total 23999 tables are stored in our database.View these tables by main modules coming under BBPCRM component.You can also refer SAP BBPCRM transaction codes from this link
  • Component description : BBPCRM
  • Type text : Application Component

Module wise tables under SAP BBPCRM component

AP ( View full 2112 tables )
KOTH031Order Type/Plant/Production Material/Component
PRCC_PRIC_PTTTexts for Customizing Pricing Types (Table STEU)
/BOBF/OBM_NODETBOPF Configuration: Text Table for /BOPF/OBM_NODE
COMM_IL_PRDCTP_HHistorical Data of Relationship Type Content Provider
CO ( View full 857 tables )
TKEBWLREVAQuery Data Transfer: Variables
DPR_LOGB_PARAMTable for Activation of Logbook Parameters
CEZPReporting Points Line Items
IAOM_BS_GRPBusiness Scenario Group
IAOM_CRMSRV_CSCCustomizing Controlling Scenario Determination CRM Service
CRM ( View full 21587 tables )
NTRCIS-H: Trace Log Messages
CRMC_IREE_FLD_BIInteractive Reporting Easy Enhancement BI Fields
TKKARRule Table for Results Analysis Update
CRMC_ISU_HSS_SOTFree Text Search: Search Object Description
TWPUCPOS interface: currency code conversion
EHS ( View full 1333 tables )
/TDAG/RCSC_EMLCNCommunication Definition Description
CCGLC_MPDP_NEWEHS: Manual Print Dialog for User Entry for Print Request
/TDAG/CPC_REA02CP: Response Code/ Result Determination - Priority
CCIHT_WAPTEHS: Assignment of Template to Work Area
TDGA6DG: Labels for dangerous goods check routines
SRM ( View full 1630 tables )
T16LLRoutines for List Scope: Purchase Requisitions
BBPD_OR_INVHUBObject Link: Invoice/Invoice Template to Reference Document
BDSLORE19BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information Objects
/SAPSRM/C_SWITCHDefinition of Customizing Switches and their Attributes
BBPC_UM_S00Customizing (UME SPML Connector)
XAP ( View full 128 tables )
OSPCT_T_CHK_SPDuet Check Tool SP Pre-requisites
/OSP/T_RAUI_DELTable to Store the Reports Delivery types
/OSP/T_MDR_SCNScenario Details
/OSP/T_RAUI_TRELOSP Triggered Reports Relations Table
/OSP/T_RAUI_CSETOSP Chart Reports Settings Table