SAP BBPCRM Tables list

BBPCRM is a SAP software component.Total 23999 tables are stored in our database.View these tables by main modules coming under BBPCRM component.You can also refer SAP BBPCRM transaction codes from this link

Module wise tables under SAP BBPCRM component

SAP AP Module ( View full 2112 tables )

KOTH031Order Type/Plant/Production Material/Component
PRCC_PRIC_PTTTexts for Customizing Pricing Types (Table STEU)
/BOBF/OBM_NODETBOPF Configuration: Text Table for /BOPF/OBM_NODE
COMM_IL_PRDCTP_HHistorical Data of Relationship Type Content Provider

SAP CO Module ( View full 857 tables )

TKEBWLREVAQuery Data Transfer: Variables
DPR_LOGB_PARAMTable for Activation of Logbook Parameters
CEZPReporting Points Line Items
IAOM_BS_GRPBusiness Scenario Group
IAOM_CRMSRV_CSCCustomizing Controlling Scenario Determination CRM Service

SAP CRM Module ( View full 21587 tables )

NTRCIS-H: Trace Log Messages
CRMC_IREE_FLD_BIInteractive Reporting Easy Enhancement BI Fields
TKKARRule Table for Results Analysis Update
CRMC_ISU_HSS_SOTFree Text Search: Search Object Description
TWPUCPOS interface: currency code conversion

SAP EHS Module ( View full 1333 tables )

/TDAG/RCSC_EMLCNCommunication Definition Description
CCGLC_MPDP_NEWEHS: Manual Print Dialog for User Entry for Print Request
/TDAG/CPC_REA02CP: Response Code/ Result Determination - Priority
CCIHT_WAPTEHS: Assignment of Template to Work Area
TDGA6DG: Labels for dangerous goods check routines

SAP SRM Module ( View full 1630 tables )

T16LLRoutines for List Scope: Purchase Requisitions
BBPD_OR_INVHUBObject Link: Invoice/Invoice Template to Reference Document
BDSLORE19BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information Objects
/SAPSRM/C_SWITCHDefinition of Customizing Switches and their Attributes
BBPC_UM_S00Customizing (UME SPML Connector)

SAP XAP Module ( View full 128 tables )

OSPCT_T_CHK_SPDuet Check Tool SP Pre-requisites
/OSP/T_RAUI_DELTable to Store the Reports Delivery types
/OSP/T_MDR_SCNScenario Details
/OSP/T_RAUI_TRELOSP Triggered Reports Relations Table
/OSP/T_RAUI_CSETOSP Chart Reports Settings Table
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