SAP BBP_VDSYNC_UPD (Global Settings for Vendor Synchronization) Table & Fields

BBP_VDSYNC_UPD is a SAP table coming under SRM module and BBPCRM component.View details, Fields & related tables of BBP_VDSYNC_UPD in SAP.

  • Table description : Global Settings for Vendor Synchronization
  • Module : SRM-EBP
  • Parent Module : SRM
  • Package : BBP_BUPA
  • Software Component : BBPCRM

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What is SAP ?

SAP is the short form of Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. It is one of the largest business process related software. This software focused on business processes on ERP & CRM.

What is table in SAP ?

Like most other software, SAP also using database tables to store the data. In SAP thousands of tables are there to store different data. A table contains several fields and some of the fields will be key fields.

SAP BBP_VDSYNC_UPD Table Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
CHANGEFLAGIndicator of Vendor Synchronization TypeBBP_VDCHANGE_CUSTXFELD
DO_ADDR_CHECKCarry Out Address Comparison to Determine DuplicatesBBP_DADRCHECKXFELD
ROOT_NODEOrganizational Unit in EBP for the VendorBBP_ROOTNODENUM08
NUMBER_ALLOCVendor Number Assignment Type in SynchronizationBBP_BENRBBP_VDNR

BBP_VDSYNC_UPD related tables

ACO000SAP_GP: Communication Data Set Bidder/Vendor/Portal
ACO001Classification 'Is Portal' for Communication Data ACO000
BBP_APP_CUS_F4Customizing for appended customer search helps
BBP_J_1ADOCCLSOfficial Argentinian Document Class
BBP_LOCMAPMapping Table Business Partner --> System --> Location
BBP_LOCMAP_ADMAdmin.Information for BBP_LOCMAP
BBP_MARKETP_INFOInformation for Automatic Download from Marketplace
BBP_NEWVD_LOGList of Newly Created Vendors
BBP_O_TO_VG_OBJConversion Org. Model Ext. Partners (Objects)
BBP_O_TO_VG_RELConversion Org.Model Ext. Partners (Relationships)
BBP_PAYMENT_MAPMapping Table for Terms of Payment (EBP <--> Backend)
BBP_PAYTERMTerms of Payment, Backend-Dependent
BBP_PAYTERM_TEXTTexts for Terms of Payment, Backend-Dependent
BBP_SUPP_MONIVendor Monitor for Changed Data
BBP_T003Document Types
BBP_T008Blocking Reasons for Automatic Payment Transcations
BBP_T042ZPayment Methods for Automatic Payment
BBP_T052Terms of Payment
BBP_T052UOwn Explanations for Terms of Payment
BBP_T074USpecial G/L Indicator Properties

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