SAP TWDRD (Profile for Delivery Relationship Determination) Table & Fields

TWDRD is a SAP table coming under MM module and SAP_APPL component.View details, Fields & related tables of TWDRD.
  • Table description : Profile for Delivery Relationship Determination
  • Module : MM-CBP
  • Parent Module : MM
  • Package : WEFF
  • Software Component : SAP_APPL

TWDRD Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
DRDPRFProfile for Determining Delivery RelationshipWDRD_DRDPRFWDRD_DRDPRF
.INCLUDEDelivery Relationship: Control Parameters    
METHD_SMethod for Determining Receiving PlantsWDRD_METHD_SWDRD_METHD
LEVEL_SLevel for Determining the Receiving PlantsWDRD_LEVEL_SWDRD_LEVEL
METHD_CMethod for Determining Receiving CustomersWDRD_METHD_CWDRD_METHD
LEVEL_CLevel for Determining Receiving CustomersWDRD_LEVEL_CWDRD_LEVEL
.INCLUDEDelivery Relationship: Control for Plants Using Method 1    
HORIZ_SDelivery Relationship: Horizon for Document Search by PlantsWDRD_HORIZ_S  
DOCTP_SDelivery Relationship: Document Cats for Doc. Search PlantsWDRD_DOCTP_SWDRD_DOCTP
.INCLUDEDelivery Relationship: Control for Plants Using Method 2    
CHK_WRF3Delivery Relationship: Supplying Plant CheckWDRD_CHK_WRF3WDRD_CHK_WRF3
CHK_EORDDelivery Relationship: Source List CheckWDRD_CHK_EORDWDRD_CHK_EORD
CHK_FRESWDelivery Relationship: Fixed Supply Source CheckWDRD_CHK_FRESWWDRD_CHKBX
CHK_KORDBDelivery Relationship: Source List Requirement CheckWDRD_CHK_KORDBWDRD_CHKBX
.INCLUDEDelivery Relationship: Additional Control for Plants    
CHK_VLFKZDelivery Relationship: Plant Category CheckWDRD_CHK_VLFKZWDRD_CHK_VLFKZ
CHK_SOTDelivery Relationship: Opening Hours CheckWDRD_CHK_SOTWDRD_CHKBX
CHK_WLK1Delivery Relationship: Listing CheckWDRD_CHK_WLK1WDRD_CHKBX
CHK_BWSCLDelivery Relationship: Source of Supply CheckWDRD_CHK_BWSCLWDRD_CHKBX
CHK_MMSTADelivery Relationship: Plant-Specific Material Status CheckWDRD_CHK_MMSTAWDRD_CHKBX
.INCLUDEDelivery Relationship: Control for Customers Using Method 1    
HORIZ_CDelivery Relationship: Horizon for Document Search CustomersWDRD_HORIZ_C  
.INCLUDEDelivery Relationship: Additional Control for Customers    
CHK_WRSZDelivery Relationship: Customer Listing CheckWDRD_CHK_WRSZWDRD_CHKBX