SAP FIP_C_STQTY_DET (Customizing table for stock quantity determination) Table & Fields

FIP_C_STQTY_DET is a SAP table coming under MM module and SAP_APPL component.View details, Fields & related tables of FIP_C_STQTY_DET.
  • Table description : Customizing table for stock quantity determination
  • Module : MM-PUR-FIP
  • Parent Module : MM
  • Package : FIP_DDIC
  • Software Component : SAP_APPL

FIP_C_STQTY_DET Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
LABSTConsideration of Valuated Unrestricted-Use StockFIP_EVAL_LABSTXFELD
INSMEConsideration of Stock in Quality InspectionFIP_EVAL_INSMEXFELD
SPEMEConsideration of blocked stockFIP_EVAL_SPEMEXFELD
KLABSConsideration of unrestricted-use consignment stockFIP_EVAL_KLABSXFELD
UMLMCConsideration of stock in transfer (plant to plant)FIP_EVAL_UMLMCXFELD
TRAMEConsideration of stock in transitFIP_EVAL_TRAMEXFELD