SAP MM-PUR-PO (Purchase Orders  ) Module Tables

MM-PUR-PO is a SAP sub-module coming under MM module and SAP_APPL component.Total 9 MM-PUR-PO tables are stored in our database.View these tables by sub modules wise coming under SAP MM-PUR-PO.You can also refer SAP MM-PUR-PO transaction codes from this link
  • Module description : Purchase Orders  
  • Parent Module : MM

MM-PUR-PO Tables

  • T6I1 : Document Index: Allowed Condition Types/Tables
  • T6I2 : Document Category WIND Direct Entry
  • T6I2A : Assignment of Table Fields to Document Category
  • T6I2S : Structure of the Variable Fields per Doc. Cat.
  • WBO1 : Log header file for simulative list for load building
  • WBO2 : Log item file for simulative list for load building
  • WBO4 : Log, load building, restriction profile used
  • WBO5 : Calculated Actual Vendor Service Level
  • WIND : Document Index: Conditions for Automatic Document Adjustment

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