SAP PPM-PRO-EXT-OBL (Object Links  ) Module Tables

PPM-PRO-EXT-OBL is a SAP sub-module coming under PPM module and CPRXRPM component.Total 24 PPM-PRO-EXT-OBL tables are stored in our database.View these tables by sub modules wise coming under SAP PPM-PRO-EXT-OBL.You can also refer SAP PPM-PRO-EXT-OBL transaction codes from this link
  • Module description : Object Links  
  • Parent Module : PPM


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PPM-PRO ( View full 57 Tables )
DPR_FC_OBJTYPE_TField Control: Object Categories (Text Table)
DPR_FC_FLD_IN_FGAssign Fields to Field Groups in Field Control
DPR_CI_FGRP_FLDcProjects: Assignment of Customer Fields to Field Groups
DPR_CONF_DETProject Management Confirmation: Detail Fields of Tasks
PPM-PRO-EXT ( View full 11 Tables )
DPR_SRM_PROD_CATable of SRM Product Categories
DPR_FIELD_DETAILField Structure configuration
DPR_OBJLINK_SC_IItems for SRM Shopping Cart
DPR_OBJLINK_SCPOPurchase Order and Purchase Order Item for SRM Shopping Cart
DPR_SRM_PROD_CATLanguage-Dependent Texts of SRM Product Categories