CPRXRPM Tables list

CPRXRPM is a SAP software component.Total 798 tables are stored in our database.View these tables by main modules coming under CPRXRPM component.You can also refer SAP CPRXRPM transaction codes from this link
  • Component description : Business Intelligence Content for Bobj I
  • Type text : Netweaver Add-On

Module wise tables under SAP CPRXRPM component

PLM ( View full 508 tables )
DIACL_CNTR_TYPESValue table for counter types in aircraft logbook
RMSAT_POSVTXRMS-ATL: Short Texts for iPPE Variant
RMSLA_HDHeader Data of Label Set
FRMLC37RMGMT Key Figures: Group Assignment
RMSLA_INITItems of Ingredient Label List
PPM ( View full 695 tables )
INM_DFM_RFC_CFGConfiguration table for RFC calls in DFM sync framework
RPM_PROJECT_CUSTRPM Project: Customer data
RPM_ITEM_DER_CDProject data
RPM_CUST_STRUCTSxRPM Custom Structures Definition
DPR_CHECKLIST_RChecklist References