SAP PPM-PRO (Project Management  ) Module Tables

PPM-PRO is a SAP sub-module coming under PPM module and CPRXRPM component.Total 57 PPM-PRO tables are stored in our database.View these tables by sub modules wise coming under SAP PPM-PRO.You can also refer SAP PPM-PRO transaction codes from this link
  • Module description : Project Management  
  • Parent Module : PPM

PPM-PRO Tables

Related modules & tables

PPM-CF ( View full 70 Tables )
INM_DFM_RFC_CFGConfiguration table for RFC calls in DFM sync framework
INM_NAV_INF_WINM Navigation Information
INM_OBJ_STRUCStructures for synchronization of INM objects
INM_DFM_DPR_ST_IInbound mapping from DFM activity to cPro activity
INM_OBJ_HEADERStores the object header field configurations
PPM-PFM ( View full 396 Tables )
/RPM/ITCT_MAPItem Template to cProject template mapping table
/RPM/COLLECTN_DCollection Persisted Data
RPM_PROJ_CAT_TProject Category
RPM_FES_ALO_DISTDistribution of Resource Assignment
/RPM/RV_STATUS_NReview Status : Next possible statuses
PPM-PRO-BW ( View full 3 Tables )
DPR_BW_DQ_DScProjects BW: Object Cat./DataSource/DataSource Type Assign.
DPR_BW_SYSSTATCustomizing: BW Status Mapping / OLTP System Status
DPR_BW_USERSTATCustomizing: BW Status Mapping / OLTP User Status
PPM-PRO-CPL ( View full 19 Tables )
DPR_CTRLPLAN_HControl Plan: Header
DPR_CP_BADI01_TText Table for DPR_CP_BADI01
DPR_CP_SYSTEM_TTexts: Test Systems in Control Plan
DPR_CP_ITEMMaster Data Table for Control Plan Characteristics
DPR_CP_SAMPLESamples in Control Plan
PPM-PRO-DOC ( View full 4 Tables )
DPR_COLL_LINKDPR Application Object Link - Collaboration
DPR_COLL_RFCDESTRFC Destinations for cFolders Systems
DPR_DOCUMENTProject Management Application Object Link - EDMS Document
PPM-PRO-EVA ( View full 37 Tables )
EVE_ATTRIBUTEApplication Structure: Attributes
DPR_DASHBOARDDashboard Data for Project
EVE_EXTRACT_OBJExtract Layout: Object Types
EVE_VIEW_SECOEvaluation (Layout): Object Types
EVE_APPLICATIONTApplication Description
PPM-PRO-EXT ( View full 11 Tables )
DPR_SRM_PROD_CATable of SRM Product Categories
DPR_FIELD_DETAILField Structure configuration
DPR_OBJLINK_SC_IItems for SRM Shopping Cart
DPR_OBJLINK_SCPOPurchase Order and Purchase Order Item for SRM Shopping Cart
DPR_SRM_PROD_CATLanguage-Dependent Texts of SRM Product Categories
PPM-PRO-EXT-API ( View full 2 Tables )
DPR_BAPI_BUS_TRABusiness Transaction Match BAPI <-> DPR
DPR_BAPI_ACO_ACTMatching Table of Authorization Activities BAPI <-> ACO
PPM-PRO-EXT-FIN ( View full 6 Tables )
DPR_RATESCustomizing: Cost/Revenue Rates for Project Roles
DPR_FIN_GECCO_CUAccounting Integration Using Cost Collector in ERP System
DPR_FIN_INT_SCENScenario for Accounting Integration
DPR_FIN_INT_S_TText Table for Accounting Integration Scenario
DPR_RATES_TCustomizing: Cost/Revenue Rates for Project Roles
PPM-PRO-EXT-OBL ( View full 24 Tables )
DPR_OBL_OBTYPProperties of Object Link to Object Type
OLR3_URL_SRVURL of a Web Server
OLR3_FRAMEASSGAssignment of Fields (OLR3_FIELDS) to Frames (OLR3_FRAMES)
OLR3_PROXY_CLAssignment of Obj. Cat.and Name of Proxy Class in ERP System
OLR3_URL_SRV_PARSystem Parameters for Web Server URL of an SAP Transaction
PPM-PRO-EXT-PMT ( View full 1 Tables )
DPR_XML_TRANSTable for Transporting Templates
PPM-PRO-RES ( View full 32 Tables )
DPR_ENTITY_LINKRole Assignments
RPM_BUPA_LOCATResource assignment to a location
PRP_BUPA_DETCUSTCustomer-Specific Fields for Business Partner (BAdI Control)
PRP_ACTION_TStaffing Actions
DPR_DIST_VALMake Settings for Distribution
PPM-PRO-STR ( View full 27 Tables )
DPR_PRO_CATEG_TTexts for Project Categories
DPR_CLH_TYPEChecklist Type
DPR_PRO_TYPEProject Type
DPR_PRO_CATEGProject Category