SAP FDM_LOAD_MIRRORT (Text Table for Table FDM_LOAD_MIRROR) Table & Fields

FDM_LOAD_MIRRORT is a SAP table coming under FIN module and SAP_FIN component.View details, Fields & related tables of FDM_LOAD_MIRRORT.
  • Table description : Text Table for Table FDM_LOAD_MIRROR
  • Module : FIN-FSCM-COL-AR
  • Parent Module : FIN
  • Package : FDM_AR_COLL_MIRROR
  • Software Component : SAP_FIN

FDM_LOAD_MIRRORT Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
LOAD_METHODProcedure for Loading Master and Transaction DataFDM_MIRR_LOAD_METHODCHAR10
DESCRIPTIONText Field of Length 60TEXT60TEXT60