SAP PS-IS (Information System  ) Module Tables

PS-IS is a SAP sub-module coming under PS module and SAP_APPL component.Total 59 PS-IS tables are stored in our database.View these tables by sub modules wise coming under SAP PS-IS.You can also refer SAP PS-IS transaction codes from this link
  • Module description : Information System  
  • Parent Module : PS

PS-IS Tables

  • BIWTBUF_CV : Buffer Texts
  • BIWTCSH : Texts: Payment Type Description
  • BIWTCSH_CV : Texts: Payment Characteristics
  • BIWTCSH_DT : Texts: Payment Type Details
  • BIWTDAT_CV : Date Texts
  • BIWTDAT_EV : Event Texts
  • BIWTDAT_SC : Source Texts
  • BIWTDUR_CV : Duration Texts
  • BIW_BUF_CV : Conversion of Buffer into BW Format
  • BIW_BUF_TB : Conversion of Buffer into BW Format
  • BIW_CSH : Value Table for Payment Types
  • BIW_CSH_CV : Conversion Table for Payments
  • BIW_CSH_DT : Value Table for Payment Type Details
  • BIW_DAT_CV : Conversion of Dates into BW Format
  • BIW_DAT_EV : Date Event
  • BIW_DAT_SC : Date Origin
  • BIW_DAT_TB : Conversion of Dates into BW Format
  • BIW_DUR_CV : Conversion of Duration into BW Format
  • BIW_DUR_TB : Conversion of Duration into BW Format
  • BIW_PS_DELTA : Admin. Data for Delta Extraction of Master Data
  • BWCVSYSTAT : Customizing: BW Status Mapping / OLTP System Status
  • BWCVUSSTAT : Customizing: Mapping BW Status / OLTP User Status
  • BWSTT : BW Status Text Table
  • BWSTTSYS0 : Text Table for BW Status: SYS0
  • CNDB : File to save selection versions (INDX)
  • KAP8_TIMEST : BW PS: Time Stamp Tables for Delta Extraction
  • PSERBV_BW : Admin.Table for Inheritance Extraction BW
  • PSINFO_INDX : System Table INDEX: Project Information System
  • PSJGNREP : Assgt of reports generated for LDB PSJ to calling report
  • PSJHIEDATA : Hierarchy data to test LDB PSJ
  • TCNA : Project Information System: Summarization Criteria (Aggr.)
  • TCNAT : Texts for project information system summarization criteria
  • TCNB : Information System Profile: Graphic Options
  • TCNBT : Texts for Information System Profile: Graphic Options
  • TCND : Project Info System: Overview Settings
  • TCNDB : Profile: Database parameters in Project Info System
  • TCNDBT : Texts for profile settings - Database parameters
  • TCNDB_PSJT : Profile: as TCNDB, only for verification of LDB PSJ!!
  • TCNDS : Structure overview - Project Info System
  • TCNDST : Texts for structure overview - Project Info System
  • TCNDT : Texts for Overview Settings in Project Info System
  • TCNE : PS Info System: Object Table for Reporting Structures
  • TCNEG : Project Information System: Field Selecton for Graphic
  • TCNEGT : Texts for Fields Displayed in the Project Info System
  • TCNET : Texts: Object Table for Reporting Structures in PS System
  • TCNF : Project Information System: Displayed Fields
  • TCNFT : Texts for Fields Displayed in the Project Info System
  • TCNP : Project Info System: Grouping Criteria
  • TCNPT : Text for Grouping Criteria in Project Info System
  • TCNRT : Texts for RMCS0F00 (Project Information System)
  • TCNS : Project Info System: Sort Criteria
  • TCNST : Texts for Sort Criteria in Project Info System
  • TCNT : Project Information System: PS Info Profile
  • TCNTT : Texts for Overall Profile in Project Info System
  • TCNTX : Information System: Key Texts for Data Elements
  • TCNU : Project Information System: Unit Conversion
  • TCNUT : Texts for Project Information System Unit Conversion
  • TCNVG : Project Information System: Version Comparison Criteria
  • TCNVGT : Texts for Project Info System Version Comparision Criteria

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FMFDPresettings: Create Commitment Items
COFPDocument Lines (project cash management)
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PSZ_KPP0SFPS CM: Cash Planning: Interface to Applic.-Specific Routines
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CLM_IAOM_EXATExt. Attributes of an Ext. Object (Single Obj.Controlling)
PRCLAIMCodes for Claim Long Texts
CLM_ORD_TYPENotification Type Assignment - Order Type
CLM_IAOM_CSCControlling Scenario for Determining Claim
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CNSE_PRJECT_PROTLog Table for PROJECT Search Application
CNSE_PRPS_PROTLog Table for WBS ELEMENT Search Application
CNSE_AFVG_PROTLog Table for NETWORK ACTIVITY Search Application
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SMPSSpecific PS Data in Monitor
TORS0Customizing Time-Dependent Status: Activate Function
TORS1Statuses Relevant for Key-Date Based Management
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TPI01Interest Profile
TPI03CO Objects: Date of Last Interest Run
TPI04Interest Relevance of Cost Element/Commitment Item Groups
TZIN1Document Header Data from Source Document (PS Int.Calc.)
TZIN2Interest Document:Segment Int.Indicator & Valuation Category
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TSR0EStrategy for Automatic Generation of Settlement Rules
TSR0TDescription of Strategy for Autom.Generation of Settmt Rules
TCN08Strategies for determining a settlement rule
TCN8TText table for TCN08
TSR01Automatic Generation of Settlement Rules
PS-COS-PLN ( View full 3 Tables )
CNFOW_TABCustomizing Table for Forecast Workbench
CNFOWWBS_CI_TABCustomer Table for WBS
CNFOWACT_CI_TABCustomer Include for Activity
PS-COS-PLN-CAL ( View full 6 Tables )
PRECP3ECP: Activation per Controlling Area
PRECPNA_TABFlag to indicate if the network planning is active for Proj.
TECPPSCO Versions for Project Preliminary Costing
PRECP0ECP: Default Versions
PRECP1ECP: Top Objects, Storage of Lock Indicator
PS-CRP-WFP ( View full 4 Tables )
TCYMPP_PERIODSPeriod Split for Workforce Planning
TCYMPPTTexts for Workforce Planning Profiles
KPERPeriod Values for Workforce Planning
TCYMPPCustomizing Settings for Workforce Planning
PS-DAT ( View full 3 Tables )
PRTEScheduling Data for Project Item
TCXPSControl parameters for WBS scheduling
TCXPTText table for TCXPS (WBS scheduling)
PS-DOC-DMS ( View full 1 Tables )
OLR3_DMS_OBJLNKDefault Document Types per cProjects System
PS-IS-CON-SUM ( View full 4 Tables )
PSMERKCharacteristics for summarization w/o class., Project System
PSERBVInheritance administration, Project System
PSERBZInheritance run: Object assignments, Project System
PSERBInheritance data, Project System
PS-IS-REP-ACC ( View full 15 Tables )
TCJO1Parameters for Transferring Totals Records
RPSCOProject info database: Costs, revenues, finances
TPIK3Assignment Table: Cost Elements -> Value Categories
TPIS3Assignmnt Table: Statistical Key Figures -> Value Categories
TBP0L_COPYLedger Budget / Planung
PS-IS-REP-LOG ( View full 13 Tables )
TCNVLTVariable overviews: Texts for list variants
TCNVFTVariable overviews: Texts for displayed fields
TCNVOVariable overviews: Objects
TCNVATVariable overviews: Texts for applications
TCNVSTVariable overviews: Texts for sub-applications
PS-MAT ( View full 23 Tables )
GRPGAAssignment of WBS elements to MRP WBS elements
TCNIFPTLanguage Dependent Text for BOM Transfer Profile
TCNMFMaterial flow in the network
PGWILWork item list for static pegging
TPGPRFProfile for static pegging and data distribution
PS-MAT-DLV ( View full 1 Tables )
PSLIReference: Delivery from project
PS-MAT-PRO ( View full 16 Tables )
TPROMANPRTTexts for ProMan Profile
TCNMMPRProfile for ProMan Exceptions
TCNMMPR_QUANSQuantity Overview Exceptions
TCNMMPR_EKESConfirmation Overview
TCNMMPRT_QUANSLanguage-Dependent Exception Description
PS-PRG-TRC ( View full 32 Tables )
TCP_SUBOBJSubitems for Progress Tracking Components
TSTNTExpediting Status Information
TSTNTYStatus Information Type
TCOMPREPSTLanguage-Dependent Description for TCOMPREPS
TCOMPREPSReports for Monitoring Dates Evaluations
PS-REV ( View full 5 Tables )
VPKHEADSales Pricing Header Data
VPKSDITEMSales Pricing Header Data (Specific to SD)
VPKDLISales Pricing Dynamic Items
DPBP_PROFDIP Profile: Profile Header Enhancement
VPKUSERDATASales Pricing: User-Specific Data (GUI)
PS-REV-ACT ( View full 4 Tables )
TORB2Incoming Orders: Settings for Key
TORB1Incoming Orders: Cost Element Assignment
EBIICO/SD document flow: billed portions of expense items
TEBCOCO/SD Interface: Product Number Determination from CO
PS-REV-CPR ( View full 18 Tables )
/SAPPCE/TPNV11C Progress Report: Group Characteristics for Cost Elements
/SAPPCE/TPNV07Planned Costs: Assignment BDS Document
/SAPPCE/TPNVConstruction Progress Report
/SAPPCE/TPNV14Constr.Progress Report: Definition Consolidation Account
/SAPPCE/TPNV15Constr.Progress Report/Plan Data: Controlling Consolidation
PS-REV-PLN-CAL ( View full 3 Tables )
TCJO5Transfer of planned data from sales document
COERSales Order Value Revenue
COESCO Object: Sales Order Value Line Items
PS-REV-TRF ( View full 9 Tables )
TKFPATransfer Price Document Types
KFPEWClearing Amounts in Various Currencies
KFPETransfer Price Agreement: Allocation History
KFPPIIndex of Transfer Price Agreements for an Object
KFPSVIndividual Tasks for Collective Agreements
PS-ST ( View full 24 Tables )
PSPR_GRP_INDPurchase requisitaion grouping indicators in PS
PSHLP_FILTER_DBProject Worklist - User Specific Filter Table
PSLA_CONFIG_TBLConfiguration of Commercial Project Inception
PSHLP_ACT_PM_DTTable for tracking whether acty dates are determined by pmcs
PSHLP_CUST_DPROFData Selection Profile
PS-ST-INT ( View full 8 Tables )
PSGUIDGUIDs for Project Definition
RIPROFILESProfiles for the Replication cProject PS
PDGUIDGUIDs for Project Definition
NPGUIDGUIDs for Network Header
RIASSIGNMENTSAssignment Table of Replication cProject PS
PS-ST-OPR ( View full 30 Tables )
PSTTPS texts (description)
PSTXPS Texts (Header)
NPTXPS Texts (Network)
NHPROJNumber history - Project definition
CNSOI_NEW_LOGIC"New Logic" Used for PS Texts
PS-ST-OPR-NET ( View full 37 Tables )
MSETStandard milestone set
TCNTMPRTLanguage Dependent Description of the Profile
TABLOAssignment table-orders to activities
SMGTMilestone group description
TCNTMSCHDSuggestions for Scheduling Events
PS-ST-OPR-ORD ( View full 3 Tables )
COSSPTransfer of the Order COSS Table to the Project
FMSPCopy FMSU table order to project
COSPPTransfer of the Order in the COSP Table to the Project
PS-ST-OPR-PB ( View full 1 Tables )
CNPB_INDXPreview for Project Builder
PS-ST-OPR-PPB ( View full 8 Tables )
TFELDAssignment of Table Fields to Field Selection
TBALKScreen sequence control: paths between processing locations
TCBPTText for settings in Gantt chart
TCBPGantt chart settings
TCTHSettings for hierarchy graphic (schedule maint.)
PS-ST-TMP ( View full 1 Tables )
PRTXSPS texts (standard WBS)
PS-ST-TMP-NET ( View full 4 Tables )
TCA4TLang-dep. text table for profile table TCA41
TCA41Default values for standard networks and profiles
SMLTStandard milestone description
TCA42Sub-object Versions