SAP TCNDB (Profile: Database parameters in Project Info System) Table & Fields

TCNDB is a SAP table coming under PS module and SAP_APPL component.View details, Fields & related tables of TCNDB.
  • Table description : Profile: Database parameters in Project Info System
  • Module : PS-IS
  • Parent Module : PS
  • Package : CNIS
  • Software Component : SAP_APPL

TCNDB Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
PROFIDProfile for logical database PSJPS_PROF_DBPS_PROF_DB
PROTECTIndicator: Protected entryPS_PROTECTXFELD
CUSTOMIndicator: Maintenance only allowed from initial menuPS_CUSTOMXFELD
SDORSelect sales documentDB_FLG_SORXFELD
PROJIndicator: Select project definitionsDB_FLG_PROXFELD
PRPSIndicator: Select WBS elementsDB_FLG_PSPXFELD
HIEKZIndicator: WBS element, including hierarchyCN_HIEKZXFELD
SUBPRKZIndicator: Subproject view of WBS hierarchyDB_FLG_TPRXFELD
SUBPRSub-project in work breakdown structurePS_SUBPRPS_SUBPR
PLAFIndicator: Select planned ordersDB_FLG_PLFXFELD
NETZ_PSPIndicator: Select networks/orders for WBSDB_FLG_NPSXFELD
NETZIndicator: Select networks/orders (not those for WBS)DB_FLG_NETXFELD
ACT_PSPIndicator: Select WBS activitiesDB_FLG_APSXFELD
ACTIndicator: Select activities (outside WBS)DB_FLG_ACTXFELD
AOBSelect relationshipsDB_FLG_AOBXFELD
AOBKZKey: View of relationshipsCN_AOBKZAOB_KEY
MLSTIndicator: Select milestonesDB_FLG_MLTXFELD
PSTXIndicator: Select PS texts/documentsDB_FLG_PTXXFELD
KAPAIndicator: Select capacity requirementsDB_FLG_KAPXFELD
KOMPIndicator: Select componentsDB_FLG_MRSXFELD
CONFIndicator: Select confirmationsDB_FLG_CONXFELD
EVAIndicator: Select earned valuesDB_FLG_EVAXFELD
COSTIndicator: Select account assignment data (CO object)DB_FLG_OBJXFELD
EBLSelect Purchasing DataDB_FLG_EBLXFELD
MAXLEVELMaximum display in the Project Info SystemDB_FLG_LEVINT1
DB_VIEWStructure view of Project Info System databasePS_DB_VIEWPS_DB_VIEW
VSNUMMERNumber or description of a versionVSNMRVSNMR
VSGRUPPEGroup for a project versionVSGRUPPETEXT20
PFAD_OBENIndicator: Superior elements are displayedPFAD_OBENXFELD
COREPIndicator: Commercial evaluationDB_FLG_CORXFELD
SHOW_VERSIndicator: Entry from versions allowedDB_FLG_VERXFELD
SHOW_ARCHIndicator: Entry from archives allowedDB_FLG_ARCXFELD
SHOW_STDIndicator: Standard structuresDB_FLG_STDXFELD
INCNTSelection with networks for WBS (Project System)CN_INCNTXFELD
INCVGSelection with network activities for WBS (Project System)CN_INCVGXFELD
INCIHIndicator: Select maintenance orderCN_INCIHXFELD
INCIHVGSelection with act. in WBS maintenance order (Project Syst.)CN_INCIHVGXFELD
INCORSelection with other orders for WBS (obsolete)CN_INCORXFELD
INCORVGSelection with act. of other WBS orders (obsolete)CN_INCORVGXFELD
INCIHSUBSelection with suborders to maintenance order (obsolete)CN_INCIHSBXFELD
INCCOSelection with CO order for WBS (Project System)CN_INCCOXFELD
INCPPSelection with production orders for WBS (Project System)CN_INCPPXFELD
INCPPVGSelect activities from prodn orders for the WBS (Proj.Syst.)CN_INCPPVGXFELD
INCTNIndicator: Select subnetworks/order networks/...CN_INCTNXFELD
HIE_DYNDynamic selections also in hierarchyCN_HIE_DYNXFELD
QUANTIndicator: Select valuated quantitiesCN_QUANTXFELD