SAP PS-ST-OPR (Operative Structures  ) Module Tables

PS-ST-OPR is a SAP sub-module coming under PS module and SAP_APPL component.Total 30 PS-ST-OPR tables are stored in our database.View these tables by sub modules wise coming under SAP PS-ST-OPR.You can also refer SAP PS-ST-OPR transaction codes from this link
  • Module description : Operative Structures  
  • Parent Module : PS

PS-ST-OPR Tables

  • CNSOI_NEW_LOGIC : "New Logic" Used for PS Texts
  • NHAUFK : Number history of network reorganization
  • NHPROJ : Number history - Project definition
  • NHPRPS : Number history for reorganization of WBS elements
  • NPTX : PS Texts (Network)
  • PLTX : PS Texts (Library Network)
  • PRTP : Subprojects
  • PRTX : PS Texts (WBS)
  • PSEXT_ID_CONV : Stores External Ids(Project,WBS) with masks
  • PSSTXH_KEYS : Stores Long text key of PS objects(Project,WBS,Netwrk,Actvt)
  • PSTT : PS texts (description)
  • PSTX : PS Texts (Header)
  • PSTXB : SAPscript: Texts in non-SAPscript format
  • PSTXH : PTXD PS Text File Header
  • T498T : Distribution Function Texts
  • TCJ04 : Person in Responsible for Project
  • TCJ05 : Project applicant
  • TCJ1 : "Project Types"
  • TCJ1T : "Project Types"
  • TCJ41 : Default Values for Work Breakdown Structure
  • TCJ4T : Supplies Texts for Project Profiles
  • TCJET : Texts for Project Number Editing
  • TCN00 : Key Word ID for PS User Fields
  • TCN01 : Key Word Text for PS User Fields
  • TCN03 : PS Text Types
  • TCN04 : PS Text Types
  • TCN07 : Priority
  • TCN7T : Text table for priorities (TCN07)
  • TTXPSFORMAT : PS Text Format
  • TTXPSFORMATT : PS Text Format

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