SAP PS-MAT (Material  ) Module Tables

PS-MAT is a SAP sub-module coming under PS module and SAP_APPL component.Total 23 PS-MAT tables are stored in our database.View these tables by sub modules wise coming under SAP PS-MAT.You can also refer SAP PS-MAT transaction codes from this link
  • Module description : Material  
  • Parent Module : PS

PS-MAT Tables

  • GRPGA : Assignment of WBS elements to MRP WBS elements
  • GRPGV : Validity of grouping WBS elements for plant/MRP group
  • LFINF : Delivery information Project System
  • LFINFX : Assignment delivery information to Project System objects
  • PEGOB : Peg (master data of the CO object)
  • PEGQTY : Assigned quantity of pegging objects
  • PGWIL : Work item list for static pegging
  • RCNIP03 : Specification of data fields for reference field
  • RSADD : Additional fields for reservation
  • RSDBS : Index of purchasing documents for individual customer stock
  • RSPSP : Index: Reservations for WBS elements/Sales order items
  • TCNIF : Assembly item/WBS element assignment BOM transfer
  • TCNIFP : Profile for BOM transfer
  • TCNIFPT : Language Dependent Text for BOM Transfer Profile
  • TCNIP : Reference field for PDM-PS allocation
  • TCNIP01 : Control stock/account assignment for interface EBOM/PS
  • TCNIPT : Language-dependent texts for reference field
  • TCNMF : Material flow in the network
  • TCNMFT : Language dependent text table for TCNMF
  • TCNRFP : Reference Point for BOM transfer
  • TCNRFPT : Language Dependent Description of Reference Point
  • TPGPRF : Profile for static pegging and data distribution
  • TPGPRFT : Text table for pegging profile

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FMFDPresettings: Create Commitment Items
COFPDocument Lines (project cash management)
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PSZ_KPP0SFPS CM: Cash Planning: Interface to Applic.-Specific Routines
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CLM_IAOM_EXATExt. Attributes of an Ext. Object (Single Obj.Controlling)
PRCLAIMCodes for Claim Long Texts
CLM_ORD_TYPENotification Type Assignment - Order Type
CLM_IAOM_CSCControlling Scenario for Determining Claim
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CNSE_PRJECT_PROTLog Table for PROJECT Search Application
CNSE_PRPS_PROTLog Table for WBS ELEMENT Search Application
CNSE_AFVG_PROTLog Table for NETWORK ACTIVITY Search Application
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SMPSSpecific PS Data in Monitor
TORS0Customizing Time-Dependent Status: Activate Function
TORS1Statuses Relevant for Key-Date Based Management
PS-COS-PER-IC ( View full 9 Tables )
TPI01Interest Profile
TPI03CO Objects: Date of Last Interest Run
TPI04Interest Relevance of Cost Element/Commitment Item Groups
TZIN1Document Header Data from Source Document (PS Int.Calc.)
TZIN2Interest Document:Segment Int.Indicator & Valuation Category
PS-COS-PER-SE ( View full 5 Tables )
TSR0EStrategy for Automatic Generation of Settlement Rules
TSR0TDescription of Strategy for Autom.Generation of Settmt Rules
TCN08Strategies for determining a settlement rule
TCN8TText table for TCN08
TSR01Automatic Generation of Settlement Rules
PS-COS-PLN ( View full 3 Tables )
CNFOW_TABCustomizing Table for Forecast Workbench
CNFOWWBS_CI_TABCustomer Table for WBS
CNFOWACT_CI_TABCustomer Include for Activity
PS-COS-PLN-CAL ( View full 6 Tables )
PRECP3ECP: Activation per Controlling Area
PRECPNA_TABFlag to indicate if the network planning is active for Proj.
TECPPSCO Versions for Project Preliminary Costing
PRECP0ECP: Default Versions
PRECP1ECP: Top Objects, Storage of Lock Indicator
PS-CRP-WFP ( View full 4 Tables )
TCYMPP_PERIODSPeriod Split for Workforce Planning
TCYMPPTTexts for Workforce Planning Profiles
KPERPeriod Values for Workforce Planning
TCYMPPCustomizing Settings for Workforce Planning
PS-DAT ( View full 3 Tables )
PRTEScheduling Data for Project Item
TCXPSControl parameters for WBS scheduling
TCXPTText table for TCXPS (WBS scheduling)
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OLR3_DMS_OBJLNKDefault Document Types per cProjects System
PS-IS ( View full 59 Tables )
TCNUTTexts for Project Information System Unit Conversion
TCNVGTTexts for Project Info System Version Comparision Criteria
TCNFTTexts for Fields Displayed in the Project Info System
BIW_DAT_SCDate Origin
TCNTTTexts for Overall Profile in Project Info System
PS-IS-CON-SUM ( View full 4 Tables )
PSMERKCharacteristics for summarization w/o class., Project System
PSERBVInheritance administration, Project System
PSERBZInheritance run: Object assignments, Project System
PSERBInheritance data, Project System
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TCJO1Parameters for Transferring Totals Records
RPSCOProject info database: Costs, revenues, finances
TPIK3Assignment Table: Cost Elements -> Value Categories
TPIS3Assignmnt Table: Statistical Key Figures -> Value Categories
TBP0L_COPYLedger Budget / Planung
PS-IS-REP-LOG ( View full 13 Tables )
TCNVLTVariable overviews: Texts for list variants
TCNVFTVariable overviews: Texts for displayed fields
TCNVOVariable overviews: Objects
TCNVATVariable overviews: Texts for applications
TCNVSTVariable overviews: Texts for sub-applications
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PSLIReference: Delivery from project
PS-MAT-PRO ( View full 16 Tables )
TPROMANPRTTexts for ProMan Profile
TCNMMPRProfile for ProMan Exceptions
TCNMMPR_QUANSQuantity Overview Exceptions
TCNMMPR_EKESConfirmation Overview
TCNMMPRT_QUANSLanguage-Dependent Exception Description
PS-PRG-TRC ( View full 32 Tables )
TCP_SUBOBJSubitems for Progress Tracking Components
TSTNTExpediting Status Information
TSTNTYStatus Information Type
TCOMPREPSTLanguage-Dependent Description for TCOMPREPS
TCOMPREPSReports for Monitoring Dates Evaluations
PS-REV ( View full 5 Tables )
VPKHEADSales Pricing Header Data
VPKSDITEMSales Pricing Header Data (Specific to SD)
VPKDLISales Pricing Dynamic Items
DPBP_PROFDIP Profile: Profile Header Enhancement
VPKUSERDATASales Pricing: User-Specific Data (GUI)
PS-REV-ACT ( View full 4 Tables )
TORB2Incoming Orders: Settings for Key
TORB1Incoming Orders: Cost Element Assignment
EBIICO/SD document flow: billed portions of expense items
TEBCOCO/SD Interface: Product Number Determination from CO
PS-REV-CPR ( View full 18 Tables )
/SAPPCE/TPNV11C Progress Report: Group Characteristics for Cost Elements
/SAPPCE/TPNV07Planned Costs: Assignment BDS Document
/SAPPCE/TPNVConstruction Progress Report
/SAPPCE/TPNV14Constr.Progress Report: Definition Consolidation Account
/SAPPCE/TPNV15Constr.Progress Report/Plan Data: Controlling Consolidation
PS-REV-PLN-CAL ( View full 3 Tables )
TCJO5Transfer of planned data from sales document
COERSales Order Value Revenue
COESCO Object: Sales Order Value Line Items
PS-REV-TRF ( View full 9 Tables )
TKFPATransfer Price Document Types
KFPEWClearing Amounts in Various Currencies
KFPETransfer Price Agreement: Allocation History
KFPPIIndex of Transfer Price Agreements for an Object
KFPSVIndividual Tasks for Collective Agreements
PS-ST ( View full 24 Tables )
PSPR_GRP_INDPurchase requisitaion grouping indicators in PS
PSHLP_FILTER_DBProject Worklist - User Specific Filter Table
PSLA_CONFIG_TBLConfiguration of Commercial Project Inception
PSHLP_ACT_PM_DTTable for tracking whether acty dates are determined by pmcs
PSHLP_CUST_DPROFData Selection Profile
PS-ST-INT ( View full 8 Tables )
PSGUIDGUIDs for Project Definition
RIPROFILESProfiles for the Replication cProject PS
PDGUIDGUIDs for Project Definition
NPGUIDGUIDs for Network Header
RIASSIGNMENTSAssignment Table of Replication cProject PS
PS-ST-OPR ( View full 30 Tables )
PSTTPS texts (description)
PSTXPS Texts (Header)
NPTXPS Texts (Network)
NHPROJNumber history - Project definition
CNSOI_NEW_LOGIC"New Logic" Used for PS Texts
PS-ST-OPR-NET ( View full 37 Tables )
MSETStandard milestone set
TCNTMPRTLanguage Dependent Description of the Profile
TABLOAssignment table-orders to activities
SMGTMilestone group description
TCNTMSCHDSuggestions for Scheduling Events
PS-ST-OPR-ORD ( View full 3 Tables )
COSSPTransfer of the Order COSS Table to the Project
FMSPCopy FMSU table order to project
COSPPTransfer of the Order in the COSP Table to the Project
PS-ST-OPR-PB ( View full 1 Tables )
CNPB_INDXPreview for Project Builder
PS-ST-OPR-PPB ( View full 8 Tables )
TFELDAssignment of Table Fields to Field Selection
TBALKScreen sequence control: paths between processing locations
TCBPTText for settings in Gantt chart
TCBPGantt chart settings
TCTHSettings for hierarchy graphic (schedule maint.)
PS-ST-TMP ( View full 1 Tables )
PRTXSPS texts (standard WBS)
PS-ST-TMP-NET ( View full 4 Tables )
TCA4TLang-dep. text table for profile table TCA41
TCA41Default values for standard networks and profiles
SMLTStandard milestone description
TCA42Sub-object Versions