BI in SAP (Business Intelligence) Quick tutorial

SAP BI stands for NetWeaver Business Intelligence. It also known as SAP BW (Business Warehouse).Now this component always referred to as SAP BI at the end user level. SAP BI is one of the core components of NetWeaver architecture like MDM, EP components. This component is sued for reporting, analysis and interpretation of business data. Organizations can make well-founded decisions and determine target-orientated activities on the basis of this analysis.

Usage of SAP BI in an Organization

  • Create a large set of organization data
  • Create fast business process reports
  • Analyzing the customer data
  • Analyzing the suppliers data
  • Analyzing the internal activities
  • Dynamic Planning
  • Can make fast and effective decisions

The main areas and activities in SAP BI

  • Data warehouse: (Collecting, integrating and managing the entire company data)
  • Analyzing and Planning: (using the data stored in data warehouse)
  • Reporting: (BI provides tools for user friendly reporting in web browser, excel etc)
  • Broadcast Publishing: (To send the information to employees by email, fax etc)
  • Performance
  • Security: (Securing the access like using SAP logon tickets from portal)

Some of the tools for reporting and analyzing in SAP BI

  • SAP Crystal Reports
  • SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for OLAP
  • SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft
  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
  • SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Workbench
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