SAP BWA (Business Warehouse Accelerator) tutorial

BWA in SAP stands for Business Warehouse Accelerator. It called as SAP BWA or SAP BIA or SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator or SAP BW accelerator. It is one of the components in NetWeaver Architecture. It’s a tool used for increasing the performance of NetWeaver BW.

The high volume data and high query frequency will affect the performance of BW. Here comes the BWA component for reducing the query time dramatically and increasing the performance. BWA creates the data as indexes in a compressed format. These data are stored in the BW accelerator server’s file. When we execute a query in first time the corresponding data will be stored in main memory and next time data will be retrieved from this main memory instead of doing the fetch operation in data source.  This data will remain in memory until we delete that using special programs.

BW accelerator sorts each individual column in a table and will add some required entries at beginning. Without BWA the queries needs to search all the data in a table. Instead of that BWA will provide the corresponding data faster by using the created indexed files.

Depending on the maximum table size defined in BWA hardware, the large tables will be divided horizontally into many small tables and will create separate index files and will store it in separate servers. These separate index files will process in parallel and we will get the data faster.

See the main points of BWA activities

  • Creating the index files
  • Divide large tables and creating several index file for parallel processing
  • Sorting each columns in a table
  • Compressing the data
  • Stores the accessed data in main memory for next access

BWA (SAP BIA) architecture

See some points on BWA architecture in NetWeaver

  • It is based on TREX technology
  • The installation is based on 64-bit architecture
  • RFC is the communication method between BW and BWA
  • Only one BW Accelerator server can be used for each BW system (In some cases it won’t work)

BWA Transaction Codes:

  • RSDDB: SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator
  • RSDDTPS: To create BWA indexes
  • RSDDBIAMON2: BW Accelerator Monitor
  • RSRV: Analysis and Repair of BW Objects
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