SAP Process Integration (PI) adapters

In PI adapters are used for the connection between legacy ( or external ) systems with the  SAP PI engine.Here is the list of main adapters and its specifications and usage.These adapters can be broadly classified as three types

  • Application Adapters
  • Industry Adapters
  • Technical Adapters

Application Adapters contains

  • RFC ( Remote Function Call )
  • IDoc ( Intermediate Document )

Industry Adapters contains

  • RosettaNet (RNIF 1.1)
  • RosettaNet (RNIF 2.0)
  • CIDX (RNIF 1.1)

Technical Adapters contains

  • File/FTP(S) (File Systems / FTP Servers)
  • JDBC (Relational Database Management System)
  • JMS (Java Messaging Service)
  • SOAP (Web Services based on Simple Object Access Protocol)
  • WS-RM (Web Services based on WS Reliable Messaging)
  • Plain HTTP(S) protocol
  • WebMail (Mail Servers via SMTP, IMAP4, POP3)
  • SAP Business Connector (SAP BC)
  • mySAP Marketplace

Now we can see the overview specification of each adapter



RNIF 1.1 Adapter

RNIF 2.0 Adapter


WS Channel




HTTP Adapter

SOAP Adapter

MAIL Adapter

SAP Business Connector Adapter


All these adapters don’t need to install separately. It will be available with the standard installation of SAP NetWeaver PI.

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