SAP FAIBSV08C (Rule - Special Parameters FIFO) Table & Fields

FAIBSV08C is a SAP table coming under FIN module and SEM-BW component.View details, Fields & related tables of FAIBSV08C.
  • Table description : Rule - Special Parameters FIFO
  • Module : FIN-BAC-INV
  • Parent Module : FIN
  • Software Component : SEM-BW

FAIBSV08C Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
FAI_BSV_RULERule for Balance Sheet ValuationFAI_BSV_RULESYSUUID_22
FAI_FIFO_EXPOLTolerance Limit w/ FIFO Valuation: Calculated Price From...FAI_FIFO_EXPOLFAI_PERCENT
FAI_FIFO_ALTNTTolerance Limit w/ FIFO Valuation: Alternative Value From...FAI_FIFO_ALTNTFAI_PERCENT
FAI_FIFO_SOCLEAlernative Value for FIFO Valuation: Base Receipt RecordFAI_FIFO_SOCLEBOOLE
FAI_FIFO_LASTRAlternative Value with FIFO Valuation: Last FIFO PriceFAI_FIFO_LASTRBOOLE
FAI_FIFO_MATPRAlternative Value with FIFO Valuation: Inventory PriceFAI_FIFO_MATPRBOOLE