SAP AMSUR (Global Performance Analysis: Overview Summarized Log Data) Table & Fields

AMSUR is a SAP table coming under BC module and SAP_BASIS component.View details, Fields & related tables of AMSUR.
  • Table description : Global Performance Analysis: Overview Summarized Log Data
  • Module : BC-TWB-TST-P-GPA
  • Parent Module : BC
  • Package : S_PERF_TRA
  • Software Component : SAP_BASIS

AMSUR Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
DESTINLogical Destination (Specified in Function Call)RFCDESTRFCDEST
LFNUMGlobal Performance Analysis: Sequence NumberLFNUMBCHAR8
ASCHEMAName of Evaluation Schema (Global Performance Analysis)ASCHEMATEXT56
AOBJECTName of Evaluation Object (Global Performance Analysis)AOBJECTTEXT56
.INCLUDEDB Structure: Cumulated Performance Data from Trace and Stat    
TOTALEXECTotal Number of Executions of Identical SQL StatementsTOTALEXECDECI10
EXECTIMETotal Runtime for SQL Statements (in Microseconds)EXECTIMEDEC12
RECPROCNUMTotal Number of Database Records Passed to ProgramRECPROCNUMDECI10
WPROCTIMETime in Work Process (Reponse Time - Wait Time) in msWPROCTIME  
KBYTETRANSAmount of Data Transferred in KB (= Queue + Source + DSQL)KBYTETRANS  
RESPTIMEResponse Time in msRESPTIME  
WAITTIMEQueue Wait Time in msWAITTIME1  
LDGENTIMELoad and Generation Time in msLDGENTIME  
DBTIMEDatabase Time in msDBTIME  
DBCHANGESNumber of Physical Database ChangesDBCHANGES  
ROUNDTRIPSSAP Workload: Number of RoundtripsROUNDTRIPS  
INOUTDATATotal Data Volume Between Front End and App. Server (KB)INOUTDATA  
INDATAAverage Data Volume to Application Server per Step (kBytes)INDATA_P  
OUTDATAAverage Data Volume to Front End per Step (kBytes)OUTDATA_P  
TOTALEX_STNumber of Database Accesses (SEL, UPD, INS, DEL)(Statistics)TOTALEX_ST  
RECPROCNUM_STTotal Number of DB Recs Delivered to Program (Statistics)RECPROCNUM_ST  
TOTALEXEC_SAWStandard Deviation: Total Number of Identical SQL StatementsTOTALEXEC_SAW  
EXECTIME_SAWStandard Deviation: Total Execution Time: SQL StatementsEXECTIME_SAW  
RECPROCNUM_SAWStandard Deviation: Total Number of Database Recs DeliveredRECPROCNUM_SAW  
WPROCTIME_SAWStandard Deviation: Time in Work ProcessWPROCTIME_SAW  
KBYTETRANS_SAWStandard Deviation: Transferred Data Volume in KilobytesKBYTETRANS_SAW  
RESPTIME_SAWStandard Deviation: Response TimeRESPTIME_SAW  
WAITTIME_SAWStandard Deviation: Wait Time in the Queue in msWAITTIME_SAW  
CPUTIME_SAWStandard Deviation: CPU TimeCPUTIME_SAW  
LDGENTIME_SAWStandard Deviation: Load and Generation Time in msLDGENTIME_SAW  
MEMORYUSED_SAWStandard Deviation: Size of Utilized MemoryMEMORYUSED_SAW  
DBTIME_SAWStandard Deviation: Database Time in msDBTIME_SAW  
DBCHANGES_SAWStandard Deviation: Number of Physical Database ChangesDBCHANGES_SAW  
ROUNDTRIPS_SAWStandard Deviation: Number of RoundtripsROUNDTRIPS_SAW  
INDATA_SAWStandard Deviation: Data Volume to Application ServerINDATA_SAW  
OUTDATA_SAWStandard Deviation: Data Volume to Front EndOUTDATA_SAW  
TOTALEX_ST_SAWStandard Deviation: Number of DB Accesses (Statistics)TOTALEX_ST_SAW  
RECPROCNUM_STSAWStandard Deviation: Number of DB Recs Delivered (Statistics)RECPROCNUM_ST_SAW