SAP SAP_BASIS Tables list

SAP_BASIS is a SAP software component.Total 15725 tables are stored in our database.View these tables by main modules coming under SAP_BASIS component.You can also refer SAP SAP_BASIS transaction codes from this link

Module wise tables under SAP SAP_BASIS component

SAP BC Module ( View full 15423 tables )

STC_SESSION_BPTask List Run Breakpoint
FDT_EXPR_2610SFDT: Flow Connections
SC2_AP_CO_HEAD_TC2 Server: Business Configuration Object in Applicatn System
LXE_PCY_HD_DPCY Objects: Header Data
FDT_ACTN_1110AFDT: Action - Static method call parameters

SAP EP Module ( View full 211 tables )

FPB_LP_O_I_CAssignment of Hierachy Node -- Report Item
FPB_EXPPHHRSDOK: Use of target anchors in physical objects
FPB_EXP_CA_ITM1TExpress Planning: Texts for Elements of Context Area
FPB_EXPPHRIPRSDOK: Attributes of Hyperlink Relationships
FPB_EXP_INSTTExpress Planning: Instance Texts

SAP HAN Module ( View full 1 tables )


SAP KM Module ( View full 448 tables )

IWBUUIDVALValues with Generated Key (GUID)
KWPWNODENode Table for General Structure Storage
IWB2PDELKW: Instances of Deleted Physical Information Objects
IWB0PHREPREPF: Attributes of Outgoing Relationships for PHIOs
IWB7PHRIPREPF: Attributes of Incoming Relationships for PHIOs

SAP WP Module ( View full 28 tables )

TWPSRVOBJWP Runtime: Assignment of Services to Business Objects
TWPSRVDEVIWP Runtime: Dependencies of Services on End Devices
TWPSRVTXTSWP Runtime: Text for Services
TWPCUSTMCTText Table for Customer System Settings for Workplace
TCBRGROUPTCustomer Branding Parameter Groups
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