SAP AMDS (Effective size of tables and indexes in the database) Table & Fields

AMDS is a SAP table coming under BC module and SAP_BASIS component.View details, Fields & related tables of AMDS.
  • Table description : Effective size of tables and indexes in the database
  • Module : BC-CCM-MON-TUN
  • Parent Module : BC
  • Package : STUN
  • Software Component : SAP_BASIS

AMDS Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
ANDATAnalysis date for application monitorAM_ANDATSYDATS
ACTIVActivation flag Application monitorAM_ACTIVSAM_ACTIVS
AMETHAnalysis Method for Collecting StatisticsAM_AMETHAM_AMETH
OPTIOSample Size for Collection of StatisticsAM_OPTIOCHAR5
NROWSNumber of rows in a tableOROWSDEC15
OCCBLUsed blocks of an Oracle tableOU_BLOCKSDEC11
EMPBLEmpty blocks allocated for an Oracle tableOE_BLOCKSDEC11
AFREEAvg. freespace in a used data base blockOAVG_BFREEINT4
CHAINNumber of rows requiring block chainingOCHAINEDDEC15
AROWLAverage row length (Oracle result)OAVG_ROW_LDEC7_S
INDBLAllocated blocks for an Oracle indexOIND_ALLBLDEC11
INDBSTotal space allocated in the B tree (ORACLE)OBTREE_SPCDEC15
INDUSTotal space used in B tree (ORACLE)OBTREE_USEDEC15