SAP TIVCN05T (Real Estate Contract: Text Table for TIVCN05) Table & Fields

TIVCN05T is a SAP table coming under RE module and SAP_FIN component.View details, Fields & related tables of TIVCN05T.
  • Table description : Real Estate Contract: Text Table for TIVCN05
  • Module : RE
  • Parent Module : RE
  • Package : FVVICN
  • Software Component : SAP_FIN

TIVCN05T Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
RECNSRELOBReal Estate Contract: Reference between objects and contractVVSMVARTINTVVSMVARTINT
RECNXRELOBLReal Estate contract: object/contract reference (long text)VVXMVARTINTLVVXMVARTINTL
RECNXRELOBKReal Estate contract: object/contract reference (short text)VVXMVARTINTKVVXMVARTINTK