SAP TCNVZ (Variable overviews: Displayed objects (lines)) Table & Fields

TCNVZ is a SAP table coming under PS module and SAP_APPL component.View details, Fields & related tables of TCNVZ.
  • Table description : Variable overviews: Displayed objects (lines)
  • Module : PS-IS-REP-LOG
  • Parent Module : PS
  • Package : CNVL
  • Software Component : SAP_APPL

TCNVZ Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
APPLICVariable overviews: ApplicationCNL_APPLICCNL_APPLIC
SUBAPPVariable Overviews: Sub-applicationCNL_SUBAPPCNL_SUBAPP
LSTVARVariable overviews: Overview variantCNL_LSTVARCNL_LSTVAR
LINTYPVariable overviews: Line categoryCNL_LINTYPCNL_LINTYP
OBJECTVariable overviews: ObjectCNL_OBJECTCNL_OBJECT
FIXPOSVariable overviews: Indicator: no scrollingCNL_FIXPOSXFELD
STDATRVariable overviews: Standard output attributeCNL_STDATRCNL_STDATR
COLORKVariable overviews: Color for key columns/fieldsCNL_COLORKFARBE
INTENSKVariable overviews: Indicator: Key for intensiveCNL_INTNSKXFELD
INVERSKVariable overviews: Indicator: Inverse keyCNL_INVRSKXFELD
COLORVariable overviews: ColorCNL_COLORFARBE
INTENSVariable overviews: Indicator: IntenseCNL_INTENSXFELD
INVERSVariable overviews: Indicator: InverseCNL_INVERSXFELD