SAP TCN51 (Version profile for PS versions) Table & Fields

TCN51 is a SAP table coming under PS module and SAP_APPL component.View details, Fields & related tables of TCN51.
  • Table description : Version profile for PS versions
  • Module : PS-ST-OPR-NET
  • Parent Module : PS
  • Package : CN_NET_OPR
  • Software Component : SAP_APPL

TCN51 Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
.INCLUDEBar for objects in a version    
FLG_PDIndicator: Project definition in a versionVSFLG_PDXFELD
FLG_PRIndicator: WBS element in a versionVSFLG_PRXFELD
FLG_NPIndicator: Networks in a versionVSFLG_NPXFELD
FLG_NVIndicator: Activity from network is in a versionVSFLG_NVXFELD
FLG_OFIndicator: PRT in a versionVSFLG_OFXFELD
FLG_OKIndicator: Components in a versionVSFLG_OKXFELD
FLG_NRIndicator: Relationship in a versionVSFLG_NRXFELD
FLG_ELIndicator: Activity elements in a versionVSFLG_ELXFELD
FLG_TXIndicator: PS texts in a versionVSFLG_TXXFELD
FLG_MSIndicator: Milestone in a versionVSFLG_MSXFELD
FLG_KBIndicator: Capacity requirements in a versionVSFLG_KBXFELD
FLG_COIndicator: Costs in a versionVSFLG_COXFELD
FLG_SDIndicator: Sales order in a versionVSFLG_SDXFELD
FLG_EVEarned values in a versionVSFLG_EVXFELD
FLG_2Version is MTA-RelevantVSFLG_MTAXFELD
FLG_3Placeholder for future indicator in structureVSFLG_PHXFELD
FLG_4Placeholder for future indicator in structureVSFLG_PHXFELD
FLG_5Placeholder for future indicator in structureVSFLG_PHXFELD
FLG_6Placeholder for future indicator in structureVSFLG_PHXFELD
FLG_LTIndicator: Long text in a simulationVSFLG_LTXFELD
FLG_DKIndicator: Documents in a simulationVSFLG_DKXFELD