SAP TABLO (Assignment table-orders to activities) Table & Fields

TABLO is a SAP table coming under PS module and SAP_APPL component.View details, Fields & related tables of TABLO.
  • Table description : Assignment table-orders to activities
  • Module : PS-ST-OPR-NET
  • Parent Module : PS
  • Package : CN_NET_OPR
  • Software Component : SAP_APPL

TABLO Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
AUSUBNetwork type for subnetworkCN_AUSUBSTAUFART
AUABGNetwork type of superior networkCN_AUABGELAUFART
PLNAWApplication of the task listPLNAWPLNAW
FRSPCopy dates from activity to sub-networkFRSP_TNFRSP_TN
STAOBType of relationship for start activitiesCN_STAOBAOBAR
ZLAOBType of relationship for target activitiesCN_ZLAOBAOBAR