RBKPB Table in SAP | Invoice Document Header (Batch Invoice Verification) Table & Fields List

RBKPB is a SAP table coming under CRM module and BBPCRM component.View details, Fields & related tables of RBKPB in SAP.

  • Table description : Invoice Document Header (Batch Invoice Verification)
  • Module : CRM
  • Parent Module : CRM
  • Package : MRM
  • Software Component : BBPCRM
RBKPB table in SAP

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SAP RBKPB Table Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
BELNRDocument Number of an Invoice DocumentRE_BELNRBELNR
.INCLUDEInvoice Document Header - Additional Date for Batch IV    
NUMPGNumber of pages of invoiceJ_1ANOPGJ_1ANOPG
.INCLUDEDocument Header Incoming Invoice: Fields for Target Amount    
RPZIELMWVAT Portion of Target Invoice Amount in Document CurrencyRPZIELMWWERTV7
DIFFMWSales Tax Portion of the Invoice Verification DifferenceDIFFMWWERTV7
UBNKMWSales tax portion of unplanned delivery costsUBNKMWWERTV7
.INCLUDEDocument Header Incoming Invoice: IV Results Fields    
ANZRPVNo. of invoice verification attemptsANZRPVNUMC3
REPDATInvoice Verification dateREPDATDATUM
REPTIMInvoice Verification timeREPTIMSYTIME
ANZUNFNumber of unsolved errorsANZUNFNUMC6
ANZLIFNumber of vendor errorsANZLIFNUMC6
ANZRPONumber of selected invoice itemsANZRPONUMC6
.INCLUDEDocument Header Incoming Invoice: Allocation Criteria    
XZUORDLIIndicates delivery item allocationXZUORDLIXFELD
XZUORDRTIndicates returns allocationXZUORDRTXFELD
XBNKPlanned Delivery Costs IndicatorXBNKCHAR1
XWAREGoods Invoice/Service IndicatorXWAREXFELD
TBTKZIndicator: Subsequent Debit/CreditTBTKZTBTKZ
XBESTCheckbox: AllocationsXZUORDXFELD
XLIFSCheckbox: AllocationsXZUORDXFELD
XFRBRCheckbox: AllocationsXZUORDXFELD
XWERKCheckbox: AllocationsXZUORDXFELD
XERFBCheckbox: AllocationsXZUORDXFELD
SELIFNumber of the selection vendorSELIFLIFNR
BNKSELType of delivery cost selectionBNKSELBNKSEL
XRECHLPosting logic for delivery items (invoice/credit memo)XRECHLXRECH
XRECHRPosting logic for returns items (invoice/credit memo)XRECHRXRECH
.INCLUDEInvoice Document Header Batch - DO NOT USE FIELDS    
REPARTObsolete: indicator for inv. verification type: do NOT useREPARTOREPART
RBSTATObsolete: Invoice document status: do NOT useRBSTATORBSTAT
MAKZNObsolete: man.-accepted net invoice diff. amount: do NOT useMAKZNOWERTV7
XRKUEObsolete: automatic invoice reduction: do NOT use!XRKUE_OXFELD
ESRNRObsolete: ISR subscriber number: do NOT useESRNR_OESRNR
ESRPZObsolete: ISR check digit: do NOT useESRPZ_OCHAR2
ESRREObsolete: ISR reference number: do NOT useESRRE_OESRRE
QSSHBOld: Withholding tax base amount: do NOT useQSSHB_OWERT7
QSFBTObsolete: amount exempt of withholding tax: do NOT useQSFBT_OWERT7
QSSKZObsolete: Withholding tax indicator: do NOT useQSSKZ_OQSSKZ
DIEKZObsolete: service indicator: do NOT useDIEKZ_ODIEKZ
LANDLObsolete: supplying country: do NOT use!LANDL_OLAND1
LZBKZObsolete: state central bank indicator: do NOT useLZBKZ_OLZBKZ
TXKRSObsolete: exchange rate for taxes: do NOT useTXKRS_OKURSF
XAVERObsolete, no longer usedXAVERXAVER
KZZUORDLIObsolete: ID for delivery allocation: do NOT use!KZZUORDLIXFELD
KZZUORDRTObsolete: ID for returns allocation: do NOT use!KZZUORDRTXFELD
KZBNKObsolete: ID for planned delivery costs: do NOT use!KZBNKCHAR1
RCHGARTObsolete: Invoice type for inv. verification: do NOT useRCHGARTRCHGART
BNLIFObsolete: No. of vendor invoicing del. costs: do NOT useBNLIFLIFNR
LIEFFObsolete: vendor error incl. VAT: do NOT use!LIEFFB_OWERTV7
SMWSKZ1Obsolete: sales tax codeMWSKZ_MRMOMWSKZ
SMWST1Obsolete: tax amount in document currency - do NOT use!FWSTEV_OLDWERTV7
LIEFF1Obsolete: amount with +/- sign - do NOT useBETRAG_OLDWERTV7
MWLIEFF1Obsolete: tax in vendor errorLMWSTWERTV7
MAKZMW1Obsolete: amount with +/- sign - do NOT useBETRAG_OLDWERTV7
MWDIFFB1Obsolete: amount with +/- sign - do NOT useBETRAG_OLDWERTV7
FWNAV1Obsolete: tax amount in document currency - do NOT use!FWSTEV_OLDWERTV7
MWBNK1Obsolete: tax amount in document currency - do NOT use!FWSTEV_OLDWERTV7
SMWSKZ2Obsolete: sales tax codeMWSKZ_MRMOMWSKZ
SMWST2Obsolete: tax amount in document currency - do NOT use!FWSTEV_OLDWERTV7
LIEFF2Obsolete: amount with +/- sign - do NOT useBETRAG_OLDWERTV7
MWLIEFF2Obsolete: tax in vendor errorLMWSTWERTV7
MAKZMW2Obsolete: amount with +/- sign - do NOT useBETRAG_OLDWERTV7
MWDIFFB2Obsolete: amount with +/- sign - do NOT useBETRAG_OLDWERTV7
FWNAV2Obsolete: tax amount in document currency - do NOT use!FWSTEV_OLDWERTV7
MWBNK2Obsolete: tax amount in document currency - do NOT use!FWSTEV_OLDWERTV7
SOLLNObsolete: amount with +/- sign - do NOT useBETRAG_OLDWERTV7
SOLLBObsolete: amount with +/- sign - do NOT useBETRAG_OLDWERTV7
MAKZBObsolete: amount with +/- sign - do NOT useBETRAG_OLDWERTV7
LIEFFNObsolete: amount with +/- sign - do NOT useBETRAG_OLDWERTV7
DIFFBObsolete: amount with +/- sign - do NOT useBETRAG_OLDWERTV7
ZFBDTNot used. Base date for due-date calculationBDFAE_OLDDATUM
MONATOutdated: Fiscal period - do NOT use!!!MONAT_OLDMONAT
ZLSCHOutdated: Payment method - do NOT use!!!WZLSC_OLDZLSCH

RBKPB related tables

RBKPBInvoice Document Header (Batch Invoice Verification)
RBDIFFMEBatch Invoice Verification - Quantity Differences
TOBJ_D_INDEX_ARCBatch History: Atchive Index - Batch History by Batch
RBVSInvoice Verification: Split Invoice Amount
TMRM007ATax Codes: Invoice Verification/Invoice Entry (FI)
RBDRSEGBatch IV: Invoice Document Items
RBDIFFKOInvoice Verification - Conditions
RBDPCInvoice Verification: Down Payment Clearing
RBKP_BLOCKEDLogistics Invoice Verification: Blocked Invoices
RBSELTMTM Invoice Verification
RBVDMATInvoice Verification - Aggregation Data, Material
T003RNumber Ranges RE_BELEG (Logistics Invoice Verification)
T066Screen Selection, Invoice Verification
T066KWindow Coordinates, Invoice Verification/Valuation
T169SAP Transaction Control, Invoice Verification/Valuation
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