SAP FMCCFBDGT_CNTRL (Customizing settings: creation of budget during ccf) Table & Fields

FMCCFBDGT_CNTRL is a SAP table coming under PSM module and EA-PS component.View details, Fields & related tables of FMCCFBDGT_CNTRL.
  • Table description : Customizing settings: creation of budget during ccf
  • Module : PSM-FM-BCS-BU
  • Parent Module : PSM
  • Package : FMBPA_E
  • Software Component : EA-PS

FMCCFBDGT_CNTRL Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
FM_AREAFinancial Management AreaFIKRSFIKRS
SENDER_FISC_YEARClosing Operations in FM: Sender Fiscal YearFM_CCF_SYEARGJAHR
FM_UPD_VALTYPFM Cmmt Carryfwd:Vlue Catgs of Docs that can be Carried FrwdFM_WRTTP_CCFFM_WRTTP_CCF
STATUSCarry forward of budget for commitments is allowedFMBCCF_STATUSFMBCCF_STATUS