SAP BCST (User-specific settings in configurator) Table & Fields

BCST is a SAP table coming under CRM module and BBPCRM component.View details, Fields & related tables of BCST.
  • Table description : User-specific settings in configurator
  • Module : CRM
  • Parent Module : CRM
  • Package : CU
  • Software Component : BBPCRM

BCST Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
.INCLUDEConfigurator - settings: configurator    
CONFAConfigurator is permanently activeCONFPERMCHAR1
CONFIConfigurator is active on requestCONFREQCHAR1
CONFSConfigurator is Active When You Choose EnterCONFDFRGCHAR1
.INCLUDEConfigurator - settings: display options    
DOBJDDisplay According to StandardDOBJDCL_RADIO
DMRKMDisplay Without ValuesDMRKMCL_RADIO
DMWRTDisplay with Values and Without Page EditingDMWRTCL_RADIO
DPAGEDisplay with Values, One Characteristic Per PageDPAG1CL_RADIO
.INCLUDEConfigurator - settings: display options for decomp. hier.    
DMSTUMultilevel ExplosionDMSTUXRADI
DSTRUStructure ExplosionDSTRUXRADI
DPSEURead Special Procurement KeyDPSEUX
.INCLUDEConfigurator - settings: pricing    
PRSANPricing on requestPRSANPRSAN
PRSPEPricing shown permanentlyPRSPEPRSPE
.INCLUDEConfigurator - settings: language settings    
NEUTRLanguage-Independent ProcessingNEUTRNEUTR
LCHARLanguage setting applies to characteristicsLCHARLCHAR
LVALULanguage setting applies to valuesLVALULVALU
LANGULanguage key for configuratorSPRAS_COSPRAS
A_LANGUAlternative Language for ConfiguratorSPRAS_CO_ALTERNSPRAS
.INCLUDEConfigurator - settings: type matching    
MVANFCheck Configuration Material Against Stock on RequestTYPANTYPAN
MVPERMatching of inventoried material continuousTYPPETYPPE
NOMVFNo Type Matching of Materials Kept in StockTYPKNTYPKN
MWVORType matching of materials kept in stock: partial confignTYPSTTYPST
MWVATType Matching of Materials Kept in StockTYPSKTYPSK
MWVAVType matching of materials kept in stock: partial confignTYPSTTYPST
TYPSTType matching of materials kept in stock: partial confignTYPSTTYPST
TYPSKType Matching of Materials Kept in StockTYPSKTYPSK
UMBEWCharacteristics without valuesTYPUMTYPUM
.INCLUDEConfigurator - settings: scope    
MEMUSIndicator: Required CharacteristicsMEMUSXFELD
MEOPTRestriction for Optional CharacteristicsMEOPTXFELD
MEMITDisplay Only Characteristics with Assigned ValuesMEMITXFELD
MEOHNDisplay Only Characteristics Without Assigned ValuesMEOHNXFELD
MEMASDisplay Excluded Characteristics and ValuesMEMASMEMAS
.INCLUDEConfigurator - settings: scope of decomposition hierarchy    
IMBEWCharacteristics (scope of decomp. hierarchy for configtor)MERK_BOMCHAR1
UBEZWDisplay with Object DependenciesUBEZWX
UKNOTDisplay Nodes OnlyUKNOTX
CBAUGOnly configurable assembliesCUCBAUGXFELD
UCMPFDisplay All ComponentsUCMPFUCMPF
.INCLUDEConfigurator - settings: default values    
DVRSTDefault Values DeletedDVRSTDVRST
DVSETDefault values enteredDVSETDVSET
DVMAROnly selected entriesDVMARDVMAR
DVUEBCopy default valuesDVUEBDVUEB
DVBSTDefault values must be confirmedDVBSTDVBST
.INCLUDEEnhancement for User Settings    
DSCRSCharacteristic Value Assignment Screen: SmallDSCRSCL_RADIO
DSCRLCharacteristic Value Assignment Screen: LargeDSCRLCL_RADIO