SAP AGSTWB_ISSUE_REL (Issue Management: Relationship Table (Project, Issue)) Table & Fields

AGSTWB_ISSUE_REL is a SAP table coming under SV module and ST component.View details, Fields & related tables of AGSTWB_ISSUE_REL.
  • Table description : Issue Management: Relationship Table (Project, Issue)
  • Module : SV-SMG-IMP
  • Parent Module : SV
  • Package : AGS_SOLAR_VAL
  • Software Component : ST

AGSTWB_ISSUE_REL Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
STRUC_IDUnique ID - 32 charactersHIER_GUIDSYCHAR32
STATUS_IDUnique identifier for status informationSTATUS_IDSYCHAR32
MSG_TYPESingle-Character FlagCHAR1CHAR1
MSG_KEYUnique ID - 32 charactersHIER_GUIDSYCHAR32
MSG_KINDType of Message Target SystemBCOS_SYSTBCOS_SYST
MSG_DESTLogical Destination (Specified in Function Call)RFCDESTRFCDEST
REF_OBJECTReferenced object for nodeHIER_ROBJECHAR70
FILTER_IDUnique ID - 32 charactersHIER_GUIDSYCHAR32
NODE_IDUnique ID - 32 charactersHIER_GUIDSYCHAR32